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under the quandong tree

This book is a fascinating integration of emotion, growth, society, culture and spirituality from the perspective of the Australian aboriginals, more properly known as Koori’s. Minmia is an aboriginal senior woman, educator and healer. She was born down the line to carry the traditional women’s lore/law of the Wirradjurri people.

Youth is Steadiness

the effulgent sai

This book abjures the urgent need to have a moral reconstruction of society, attention to the under-priviledged, and true and proper foundation for education, the goal of which is character.

Interfaith, quietly

the quiet revolution

This book surveys the landscape of the rapidly growing interfaith movement world wide, and interviews several individuals who are leading lights in this nascent revolution.

Divine exchanges

first steps to love, conversations with a spiritual master

A lively book which shows how religion has basically functioned as a middleman between humanity, and the divine. The divine is ready and waiting, only for you to turn towards love, with devotion to the loving creator, patience and selflessness.

The Divine Pen

sathya sai sath sambhansana

Written by Sri Sathya Sai Baba, this book gives Telugu scans of the pages written by Sai Baba, and then English translation opposite.

Family and Love

Three Mothers (and a camel)

When asked about her own humorous approach to her mother’s dementia, she added: “It’s funny. We must stop being scared.

“The medical lot has got their fingers into it now and are coming out with all these strange names – Alzheimer’s and Aspergers and so on.

“It frightens us all. Pay no attention. We’re all supposed to go slightly peculiar, aren’t we?”

“Laughter gets you through most things.”
She said of being a carer: “It’s lonely. It’s lonely looking after someone with dementia.”

“And we’re all living so much longer now.”

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