Looking at Climate Change – 10th House

The Tenth house is a strong house in the zodiac as it is a kendra (square), it is a wealth house (artha), and it is the signification of how wealth is earned in the workaday world. We seek to know the effects of the 10th house, its Lord, and climate change …

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Chaitra Purnima – Second Full Moon – March 2018

A full moon occurs in Sidereal Virgo on the evening of Saturday, 30th March 2018. This Chaitra full moon day is the first Full Moon in the Lunar New Year. (In Vedic Astrology, the Lunar New Year occurs when the Sun enters Pisces.) This is the second full moon for March 2018, and is known colloquially as a “Blue Moon”.
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108 Names of the Sun: Surya Ashtottara Shatanamavali #69

Om ojaskaraya namaha, Salutations to the Sun – the shining one with brilliant effulgence. This effulgence can be drawn within men and women by following dharma, which results in creative imagination. Different forms of the Divine also reveal this effulgence.
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Abhijit Nakshatra, March 2018


In the days of yesteryear, perhaps many yugas past, Vega was the pole star, and Abhijit nakshatra was counted among the nakshatras for both electional astrology and timing of events – muhurtam. It is told that before the commencement of the Mahabharatha War, the Kauravas went to strenuous efforts to prevent Lord Krishna from starting this war under the auspice of Abhijit, for it was well known that any project commenced under Abhijit would come to success.

In this day and age, Vega is no longer the Pole Star and Abhijit Nakshatra is removed from the list of the 27 nakshatras that the sun traverses, monthly. Abhijit is now an intercalary nakshatra; it is used to harmonise the calendar with the solar year. The panchang gives this Abhijit Nakshatra commencing tomorrow (Tuesday, 13 March) at times suited to your location. At another location begins at at 11:19, late morning, and ceases at 19:49pm. We recommend checking your local time here.

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Full Moon – March 2018

A full moon occurs in Sidereal Leo on Friday, 2nd March. This Phalguna full moon day which falls in the middle of spring season in India is known as Vasanta Purnima. Vasanta Purnima is very significant day as it coincides with the festival of colors i.e. Holi. As nature displays various colors during spring, Holi which is also the festival of colours synergizes with nature at the same time.
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Looking at Climate Change – 8th House

The Eighth house is the house that contains the beliefs of the masses, red tape, delays, obstructions, accidents, public works and how quickly they are implemented. It is also the house of disasters, epidemics, floods, cyclones, storms, floods and earthquakes. What then are the important matters of the 8th house and climate change?

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Looking at Climate Change – 7th House

The Seventh house is the house of relationships. Primarily reckoned as the marriage relationship, the seventh house in fact scopes to include all relationships with others, albeit in the family, the workplace, the sporting groups we participate in, the community groups wherein we serve the public good and our peer group where we mix, socialise and have fun times. All these relationships come under the auspice of the 7th House. What then are the important matters of the 7th house and climate change?

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