Understanding the Fourth Dimension

Understanding the Fourth Dimension

The 3rd Dimension will mesh with the 4th Dimension.

The Earth, the planets in our solar system along with our own Sun—along with our entire galaxy—are all experiencing a transition to the Fourth Dimension. A sun in a solar system is the centre-point around which all other bodies rotate; our own solar system rotates around a central sun of this galaxy (known as Sagittarius A – possibly a dark star) which in turn is rotating around the central sun of all galaxies and universes – this Central Sun is larger than our own solar system. It is from THIS central sun that light is streaming forth – and a higher frequency is being passed to all galaxies and solar systems. Many worlds are partaking in this transition to a higher frequency.

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The Winds of Change, Truth and Discernment

The Winds of Change

Ride out the Winds of change by connecting to the calm of God within you

Taking place, now, is an alignment of the sun, our solar sun with the central sun of the galaxy, and that with the core of suns’ also, to the core of the Creation of All (this is in the subtle universe). This is happening now.

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Cosmic Energy, Mother Energy, and the Fourth Dimension

Cosmic Energy

Om is the energy of creation, preservation, dissolution. It is an essence. It is everything. It is Absolute and it comes from nothing, it comes from the Void.

Cosmic Energy, the OM, is the basic form of energy in everything. It is in you, in your earth body and your brain. It is in your mind consciousness, your God consciousness – that is within you.

You are also easily influenced by this energy – but it is taken for granted. Everyone needs to think about this; and think about how it affects you and influences you. Everyone may acknowledge it … every day, every moment, every second of your life.

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Life on Earth, Life in the Universe
The Hierarchy, Star People,
the coming Golden Age

Life on Earth, Life in the Universe
The Hierarchy, Star People,
the coming Golden Age

Human Life

Human life has a purpose – we are here because we want to be here. We have made choices, which have become embodied as our soul blueprint.

We call come to Earth from the realms of light (the subtle universe – see Sri Yukteshwar) with a soul blueprint. This soul blueprint lays down all the peoples we will interact with in our lives. So no major events, no major interactions in our lives are unplanned. We are all here to help one another.

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The Hierarchy, Star People,
the coming Golden Age”

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