Conversations with The Master: Theory and Practice

Very early in life, most people learn that scarcity rules and money speaks all languages. Where is money and the trading of money in the stock markets in the spiritual life? Is money filthy lucre, or is money a sacred energy meant to be used for the service of mankind? Does Loving Divinity give hints about making money, trading, ending of markets, care for oneself, one’s family, one’s brothers and sisters in the society and culture? These and more questions we all have to resolve. Money is nothing to come between you and the turn towards Love, the learning of Love, the living with Love day by day. Money is an instrument, as The Master tells.

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Conversations with the Master: How I Was Making a Scientific Career Thanks to the Master

Many would think that God and Divinity is only found in so-called holy places. This is patently untrue, as The Master has been explaining in this series. Here, the Master helps one of his devotees to obtain his masters degree, and then his doctorate in areas perhaps know generally as Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. While we recognise this term, few, if any, could follow into the depths of relativity and what is being uncovered today. Our pilgrim devotee tells the story of his approaching exams and how The Master helped him progress – and pass. Yet, at the very end of this telling-of-a-story-of-putting-the-inner-voice-first-in-life our storyteller tells how he wasted time. The Master reminds us we do not know tomorrow, and there are better ways to be productive.

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Conversations with the Master: Learning Humility

The Master tells that there is no spiritual progress, no spiritual development without humility. Humility before the Master takes many forms and feelings – as we have shared before, this world is light. As God is Light, as The Master is self-effulgent Light – humility takes shape and form before our family, friends, co-workers, neighbours, strangers, so-called experts, so-called spiritual leaders and Masters, many of whom are fakes and seek to belittle us in front of others in order to protect themselves. saranagatha is the Sanskrit word; when all is surrendered up to God, there is no self left to be apart from God.

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Conversations with the Master: A Few Essential Words from the Master Before Meditation

The Master takes you, Dear Reader, along the steps to Love in Action with pure love. It is an intimacy which guides you each and every step of the way towards the Loving Divinity itself, with the care, guidance, and loving correction of every mother and father who has had a child, raised a family, and set their children along the path of life aright. We take steps with humility, the Master explains.

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Conversations with the Master: The Author Speaks

The Master indicates that it is time to move on to the next book, “Love in Action”. Here, the Master takes over and speaks of the Journey of Love to Love in Love. Is such a journey possible? The Master will take you in his arms, with pure love, and protect you with his loving gaze, right into your eyes, every iota of the journey, every breath, every step. The Master. Pure Love.

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Conversations with the Master: The Secretary writes

The Master indicates that it is time to move on to the next book, “Love in Action”. We will share excerpts from this volume regularly, at the start of the week, and we may also be sharing material from documents referred to in this volume. Love in Action is a FOUNDATION for Ascenscion, that is, living and loving daily in relationship with the Source of All Creation. In this missive the (secretary) shares an overview of this volume.

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Conversations with the Master: Prophecies

The conversation begins with citing some prophecies that seem to have come true. The Master responds about the laws of creation and the laws of the Universe. The Master goes on to tell, the media should not be telling any spiritual person what to think; the answers are inside.

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Conversations with the Master: Four Great Secrets

The task of the religions and spiritual pathways of humankind since ages past has been to show the path to oneness with divinity. Inevitably, in most human organisations, structure and order take over, teachings and ways of living – individually or in community – become dogmatic and institutionalised. Personal union with the divine is replaced with adherence to rules and so it goes. The Master – the Divine – the Divinity who loves you – however, is far beyond any structure or rule of living that humankind can invent. In this Message, the Creative Source of All offers four great secrets.

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Conversations with the Master: These Most Important Prayers

The conversation begins with asking, “What do people ask of God?” Some surprising answers are given, and an adage: if we dig a grave for our opponent, we also dig a grave for ourselves. There is nothing so simple as the turn to God with love for God. Many signs are given, many answers are given for problems. The Master tells we use reason too much and make a complex situation out of many things that confront us. We need not go through life with a deadpan face, we can smile to life, smile with The Master and turn to the Master with a Smile! There are many blessings given with smiles!

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Conversations with the Master: Talking with God, Relations with Others

Many doubt that they might ever converse with the Divine within. The Master shares that this is a skill that is built up slowly, over time, turning to Love with Love. So much of our time is taken up by the world and its never-ending concerns. First, transform yourself, then your relations with others and with the world you live in will be transformed. This can only be done by drawing near to Love and making Love your constant companion.

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Conversations with the Master: Meeting Death

Everyone experiences a death – be it a death of a friend, death of one’s parents, even separation from loved ones is a little death for us. What about Death itself? In Greek mythology, Charon (or Kharon) is the ferryman of Hades who carries souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron to Hades; in Hinduism, Yama is the god of Death. Many fear the moment of death. It is really a moment to be feared? In this conversation with The Master, our narrator explores a very surprising experience of a being – one of the Masters – whom our narrator identifies as “Death”. A stunning narrative unfolds.

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Conversations with the Master: Transformation

We are born, we grow, we mature as young adults, we marry and have children. What are the influences upon us from family, society, culture, peers? What are the subtle influences upon our minds, our character, the environment we live in. How do we acquire wisdom? How do we grow to love? How, in the midst of so many influences and demands upon us, do we become truly human, truly alive, even, spiritual people?

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Conversations with the Master: Uncertainty

Now, I have once again heard that I should start writing, asking questions and writing down the answers. This is exactly what I am going to do now. I still do not know what I should start with and what will happen next. This is an interesting moment, when we allow the mind and soul to rest in silence and become only a humble lens, through which inner Light, Divine Light, may begin to shine.

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Conversations with the Master: Should we Abandon Religion?

There are many questions in our minds about the efficiency of religion in leading humankind along the pathway to experience of the Divine. In fact, some religions never teach that one may experience the Divine. They teach adherence to rules and dogma. Some even speak of the Haram Police, the religious police who check to see if you conform to the expected behaviours. The Master has much to say about this, and how humanity creates its future.

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