Love without Limits

Love without Limits
Conversations with a Spiritual Master

(The Master speaks in blue.)

Master, what is then the spiritual path, learning of discipline, of meditation, bows, studying of books, life choices and their consequences?

This is the path leading to recollecting everything of who you are and at the same time creating a strong channel for a fuller, external expression of the Truth.

The Plan

I have heard of this concept already; personality and the body are tools of the consciousness dwelling in it.

No, they are a material and, to a degree, creators of the outside and thus of the world and even the Universe. Tool is not the right word. It would be better to say that the body and personality are the material sanctuary of the Spirit. And efficient action in the material world would not be possible without them. But remember that what I am passing on now is playing with words to certain degree; it is influencing of your mind and heart. You must find the way yourselves and experience the sweetness of uniting with love and Divinity in order to learn how it REALLY is.

I am under the impression that no special effort is needed for it, as everything exists already.

Yes and no. Life often consists of periods of great effort.

What then should we do to wake up?

To know today that you are somebody else than you seem to be, even if you do not understand it. This truth will dawn on you itself some day.

What or who decides about it?

You alone as True Beings.

Can love to You speed up this process?

Yes, it can speed up the process of waking up, because you are just Love.

This is pretty unusual, what You are saying today.

It is time to take another step towards Light.

How to do it?

Wait, this step will take some time. For today know that you should put a question mark at your thinking about yourselves and the world. You can assume and it will be in accordance with the truth that you do not understand who you are. Likewise helpful will be the awareness that mental “understanding” of which you are so sure is almost entirely fallacious. This, of course, does not diminish its usefulness in your world but puts great limitations on you if you identify with it.

It is a pretty odd hint: a hint to think of being somebody else other than you are!

You have a sense of humour. Yes, think that you have not got to know yourselves yet, you do not know and understand yourselves yet. Do not “think that you are somebody else than you are” as it is what your whole problem is. As a result of the actions of your mind you are not able to see the Truth. Leave the world and turn to me and then the Truth and Who you Really Are will reveal themselves. And you will see then that Truth and God have been here all the time, only you have not been able to notice them. And it will be the day of Great Discovery. Love will show you the Way and the Goal.

Less thinking – more praying, meditation and love. More closeness to Divinity. Begin now, at once, cuddling up to the sweet love of the Creator.

Love without Limits
Conversations with a Spiritual Master

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