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We are en-route to Prashanti Nilayam, currently at Changi Airport. Some of you might ask about the WordPress theme selected. We are all travellers, going towards destination.

Towards destination?

Letter from Sai

Click the image; the full version will load. This materialised in a fellow’s luggage en-route to a Sai Youth Conference many years ago. Here is the text:

My dear children,

Life is so complicated. I can see that all of you are going through various stages. The awakenings are there. Remember something. Enjoy every single second, yet know your priorities. You can do everything in life. With good time management and love you can achieve great feats. Make the most of your time. Do the things you want, but also share the worlds of your friends, brothers and sisters.

There are no such things such as my or your world. Know how each of you are and try to be one with each other. I am your Guru, Father and Protection. I love you and I will guide you. Remember, that life is like a highway. There are all kinds of signs and indications which show you the ways.

Many roads can lead to the same destination, but when the roads cross, this is where the minds and the worlds meet. Life is like the slopes of a mountain, you always climb up, but sometimes you may fall, but always remember, that you have got the power to stand up on your feet again.

Towards destination
God’s Guidance, Love and Protection

On that journey towards destination, we are all carrying luggage of one kind or another. We began dragging that luggage around when we chose separation, and the journey into separation, with all the experiences that separation brings, emotions, thoughts, actions, aspirations, delight and sorrow. Birth and rebirth.

Yet, we are all blessed, we are all called, we are continued to be called, to love, to transform our hearts, to discover the inherent divinity within. So we are called to Puttaparthi, to the kshetra (the field, the place of action) of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the place wherein the formless took human form, was born into a family, promised his mother he would never leave Puttaparthi. This would be the new kurukshetra (the field, the place of the battle) where dharmakshetra (the place where right conduct occurs, in action) was embodied, fostered, and went out to the whole world via the thoughts, words and actions of His devotees.

We return to Prashanthi exactly one year after our last visit. Since then, it has been a long story. A story we all know and never imagined would take place. Yet, we return, with wonder, with imagination, with longing. We remember the evening of that day when the return to formlessness took place:

I have not gone anywhere!



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