The Zeta Message

The Zeta Message is the story of contact and interaction between star people and humans. It is the story of two friends, their families, their interactions with the star people, and their learnings from the star people. It is extremely useful reading for people who work with “upstairs” or call themselves “lightworkers”; there is much to learn, and much confirmation from the stories, narratives and reflections in this book.


Judy Carroll was born December 1, 1952, in Queensland, Australia, into a Creole, English and Romany (Gypsy) family. Fifty-odd years of ongoing and sometimes fully conscious encounters with off-planet visitors have given her deep insight into this amazing and widespread phenomenon.

Her lifelong encounters have always been with those known as “Greys” or “Zetas,” and she received her first information on them from a Romany Elder. For years she was too scared to go to bed alone, which embarrassed her until she heard of other “Experiencers” and came to know how common this phobia is.

At 30, she had a fully conscious daytime encounter, which was frightening because it started with total body paralysis, but then two Visitors appeared beside her bed. As soon as she saw them, her fear disappeared. She recognised them and felt a real sense of “family” with them.

Soon she felt driven to learn Tai Chi and meditation, and life began changing dramatically. Many years of hard training and study followed in both disciplines and for eight years she took part in a weekly meditation/psychic development group where she learned to do automatic writing, through which her Grey Friends conveyed a series of spiritual teachings. In 1989 she qualified as a Tai Chi Instructor, and in 1993 she became a Reiki master.

In 1995 she had an incredibly profound Encounter Experience at a Sacred Site in England, during which the Visitors requested that she start writing books about ET/Human Contact, but told entirely from their perspective. In 2000 she helped a family come to terms with their frightening encounter experiences. The mother, Helene, eventually came in as co-author of the Zeta series.

According to Judy, humanity has been subjected to a massive disinformation and fear campaign in connection with ET visitation for the past 60 years. Numerous messages from “Pleiadians”, “Sirians”, “Space Brothers”, “Ascended Masters” and “Arch-angels” have repeatedly warned of “end-of-world” scenarios that have not occurred, mass appearances of star ships that have not occurred, and the invasion of Planet Earth by negative gray aliens, which is just one more distraction and disinformation tactic designed to keep humanity in a state of fear and distrust. These messages are often channelled through unsuspecting psychics via remote mind control techniques.

Some Reflections

Understanding is an important issue, for we use words to communicate thoughts, ideas, intuitions and experiences. On this website we use the term starpeople. Judy Carroll uses the abbreviation ET, by which is meant extra-terrestrials. There has been much contact, channelling and encounter over recent years by Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Leonines, Ascended Masters and other members of the Hierarchy. We do not use the word alien, for this has energetic and emotive associations with threat, fear, terror, the unknown, conquest of Earth, etc., etc. Our own messages on this website always uses the term “starpeople”, varia, star-people. These (starpeople) are beings with consciousness, with self-awareness, awareness of oneness, and pose no threat to humanity nor to those with whom they interact. Judy Carroll gives the same message, they are here to help.

For human communication, we use speech, body language, the written word, the texted word, telephony, image, cartoon, rock art, engravings, and energy – emotional energy. We have face to face communications, we Skype, we message, text, and use emoticons, icons, photography, like this. The play, the actors, the film, the pantomime, all these we use for communication and telling our story with feeling. We seem to think there is a continuum of communication which the starpeople can seamlessly take up and use.

In the starpeople world, there is telepathy, there are energetic signatures, there is symbolic communication, there are the three higher levels of communication above human speech. Judy Carroll had to bridge the gap so to speak between human communication and communication by her ET friends. There is little that is the same between human communication and starpeople communication; words and feelings don’t always get understood. Star people don’t have names but are recognised by their energetic signatures. For the benefit of humans, they give names which resonate with their energetic signatures.

The Myths

Unfortunately, much of this field of contact, interaction, sightings of UFO’s and the “Greys” is littered with deliberate misinformation, fear generating data and military malice. Cattle disembowelings, physical implants, so-called abductions are not the activity of the star people, but rather, misleading intentional frauds with the goal of generating fear and terror about the starpeople. Starpeople were there at the moon landing – there were so many UFO’s around the astronauts at the moon landing site; curious, they had all come to have a look …

Printed matter is available as well about the “Greys”. Much of this is hyperbole, speculation, inconclusive, condemnation and full of false expectation appearing real. Much of this material generates uninformed prejudice about the starpeople. Prejudice – and unfounded fears – halts further investigation, blocks the use of reason and application of systematic common sense to these matters. Many have been taught clear thinking, debating skills and Socratic method in examining and evaluating data. Beliefs – however unfounded – generate fear and fear abandons all clarity and use of the intellect. Such misinformation about the star people makes their work harder with humans; fear gets in the way.

Much is made about abductions and stealing of spirits, stealing of souls. It is impossible to steal a soul from a body nor an astral body. Spirit is the amalgamation of soul, intellect, mind, attitudes, character of a person. Spirit may be likened unto an atom, the proton and the neutron revolve around the electron; as such, it is inseparable. So also, spirit cannot be separated from the soul, and none can take the soul. Star people are here to help humanity develop their higher essence, their higher skills, which have been dormant since the Fall of Atlantis. Now that the Earth has crossed the plane of the elliptic (of the Milky Way, our galaxy), new energies stream to our Sun from the Central Sun of our universe, which in turn receives the new energies from the Central Sun of all Universes.

In Judy Carroll’s narrative, the star people inform that humanity is ascending to a higher dimension on what is called the Human Ladder. The Zeta star people explain that Human Evolution is connected to what they refer to as the HUMAN LADDER. This is a path or cycle of human evolution through the Universe. It is a series of ascending levels or layers of expanding Mind/Conscious Awareness through which ALL HUMAN-TYPE BEINGS pass, gradually moving upwards in their soul growth to increasingly higher vibrations.

The Human Ladder to Evolution.
Source, Judy Carroll,

It is important to note several helpful points given by Judy Carroll in her book. Whilst she had a number of experiences as a child, her growth and evolution was aided by her learning and practise of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Reiki. These energetic skills aided and assisted the flow of energy within more than likely leading to reactivation of “junk-DNA” and unused, dormant capacity within the mind to work with higher energy levels. We all have chakras, we all have energy meridians, we all have piezoelectricity within. Learning to flow with energy, harness energy and channel energy does much to help control the mind when experiences and events flow out of our known field of experience and startle us. We may be quite easily hijacked by the amygdala in the brain if we are not activating and managing our internal capacity for higher energies and 4th-5th dimensional skills. When we are hijacked by the amygdala, we go straight into fight-flight response where we may be needing to connect to the higher levels within and without.

More than learning skills, we need many supports around ourselves and our families. We need friends with whom we may talk, and receive support and help from. Judy tells of Ben’s trances (separated from his astral body, he responded a child would, and confused parents have to help)(and it is important for such parents to have help as many star-children, blue children and rainbow children are being born at this time). Keeping a diary helps to have perspective; attending circles and spiritual groups helps with learning more background to the esoteric arts. Ascension, as Judy Carroll points out, is non-physical at this level of evolution (and will be non-physical for some time – even though our light bodies are being activated and our higher skill-sets are being reactivated within).

The star people tell Judy Carroll that their purpose is to assist humans to know and experience the following:

  • Firstly – To understand the Universe in terms of Oneness.
  • Secondly – To understand the Universe in terms of Energy; and
  • Thirdly – To understand myself in terms of Oneness and Energy, thus enabling me to choose Love over Fear.

Noted Depth Psychologist Carl Jung often said that “You cannot lead someone down a road you have not walked yourself“. In this regard, this book is a pathfinder, a trailblazer for people who are walking down the same path, as many, many rainbow children are born, misdiagnosed autistic, aspergers, ADD, ADHD, like this. Lightworkers, parents and people who are unafraid of the star people phenomenon will find many sensible principles and explanations in this book. There are also explorations of the history of Reiki, the higher attunements and their source in certain Buddhist mandalas, the proper use of symbols, sources of Reiki as connected to Egypt and India and other historical enquiry and advices from the Star Peoples. .

For people who are embarking on the road to higher knowledge and understanding – taking up the changes since 21 December 2012 (which this book mentions often), there is a lot of background knowledge.

For people who are working with “upstairs” in any way, there is much guidance to understanding the world of upstairs and how the star-people interact. A critical principle given by Judy Carroll is that there is no compulsion, no force. Star people float ideas around the people they are helping, they never say “you must do this”, they never force imperatives onto people, they never take control. If any of this happens, then it is the work of lower entities in the 4th Dimension. There is much assistance given to Kira, the teenager when her friends implore her to play with them on the Ouija boards, and there are clear consequences of calling in uncontrolled spirits. Note that the star people are absolutely clear that abductions, implants, probes – these are the work of human directed agencies in the third dimension, designed to elicit fear, panic, terror, misunderstandings among the masses.

For people who are working with indigo children, blue children, star children, rainbow children, there is heaps of support for parents and carers. There is a wonderful narrative of fulsome support between Judy Carroll and Helene in this book.


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