Light and Lightworkers

The energy we create around ourselves is most important, for it makes the world we live in. Yad bhavati, tad bhavatum, as Swami often told in his discourses – as the feeling, so the result. We also apply this to the principle of timelines and how everyone will get into the Golden Age as per the teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

You know, things are so much more gentle and humorous in the ashram. There has been a seva dal changeover (each state in India does 30 days seva), and during festivals, I think Andhra Pradesh [the local state] boosts the numbers as needed. Just like the last bunch of seva dal, these fellows are a cheerful lot, and give you lots of Sai Ram!, and smiles. I always like to say something to them, offer a quiet blessing and Sai Ram, for I know they sometimes get the short end of the stick from devotees in a hurry. Have a laugh, and share love with them. They remember and they smile when they see you again.

Sunday evening darshan, all students in the hall, it is a bit warm and sticky like the days of yore, and the bhajans are fast and loud. I am told that on Thursday and Sunday, the last bhajan was just the students; well this happened this evening – a bit of a scratchy start – then the students got into a really catchy, cheerful tune, and I was somewhat taken aback by the real discipline and love evident in this bhajan. Think of massed students singing together, crisp, loud, disciplined, and full of devotion. Like this, this really catchy bhajan, Sai Light (or something like that) was sung. The lady students got into it as well on the chorus lines. It was good, I wanted more, but alack, that bell started to ring … and we were into mangal arathi.

I spotted the small bookstall just beyond the South Indian Canteen ticket shed. I had a feeling I was going to explore this place this evening, so I did. Lovely, gracious and patient seva dals working there. It was a bit warm in there, but they had a nice selection of Video and Audio CD and DVD, along with a small selection of books in multiple languages. I am looking at the vedam book, ‘Sruti, which I am considering purchasing. A seva dal comes over to explain. You get this book, and this book – points to Volume II of Veda Pushpam and this audio CD which has all the vedam in this. These two books, you take to the mandir, you will be able to follow the Vedam. Oh, Thanks. (I’ll definitely get these once I replenish my store of dhana, wealth, I tell him.)

It is quiet as I walk down Canteen Avenue and walk past the Darshan hall. The curtains have been drawn, yet the lights are still on within, creating a nice orange montage as the curtains drape the Samadhi. Walk past the dark and silent hall, just this light emanating from the Samadhi. Ladies stop, turn, and offer a prayer.

I confess that my legs ached so much that I got up and sat on the benches, this morning. Ugh. What I really need to do is go for a long walk either in the mornings or in the cool of night and get a bit of strength and toughness into those legs and feet. (Mind you, tonight is not very cool …) It was a bit different sitting over on the benches. I could see the entrance to Yajur Mandir, and yes, there were garlands and pretty flower pots at the entrance, along with some lovely looking palm plants at the entrance. It is so lovely to see that this is being kept up.

Listen to Vedam; some folks sit, chant vedam and fan themselves at the same time. Hmm, I wonder about that. Others sit, chant vedam from memory; others sit, chant vedam from books. All chanting vedam, nonetheless.

It is different sitting over here. I seem to keep looking across at Poornachandra; the roof, and my mind sort of becomes still and empty. Blanked out. It was then that I noticed how easily I am distracted, how easily I come back out to the world and its mundane matters. Yes, simplicity and stillness matter, nothing else.

We had one discussion after darshan, a seva dal, another devotee who has resided here for many years. We were talking out how we feel Swami’s love in our hearts, here in the ashram. Funny thing, that – we all said the same thing, in different ways. All laughing and smiling, and promptly agreeing with one another. Love, love, love, this is what we have come for, this is what we feel, this is what we take with us in our hearts.

One lightworker I have known for many years called in this afternoon. He is a gently spoken person, not full of dire predictions and disasters, but rather, hope, joy and great anticipation at the wonders which are coming for us. He told of some dreams with Swami, Swami gave him a golden key in one dream. “This is the key to the Universe”, Swami told.

You know, thinking back on that extended conversation, there was only one place of concern, one issue which raised doubt. This was the issue that goes something like this: “Not everyone will make it!”

We spoke of timelines; this seems to be the solution, for Sri Sathya Sai Baba frequently told, “No worldwide disaster”. The Golden Age is being given to every rock, every insect, every plant, every animal, every human being. So what of those human beings that do not seek the path of Truth, Goodness and Beauty? I thought of what Swami told, “No matter what people do, every human being is seeking peace in their hearts”. The have their own “key to the Universe” and they can turn the key in the lock; turn to the left, they have the world; turn to the right, they have peace in the heart.

So we explored timelines, and we also explored that many lightworkers around the world were beginning to assemble the pieces in the jigsaw puzzle; a coherent, unified message is finally being given worldwide from the “Councils of Light” (as it were; call it what you will, but the Divine is sending aid and legions of Angels and higher beings to help all. I like to think that Swami says, “Call me by any name, I will come!” )

So this gentle lightworker told of how all the messages are beginning to converge; that there will be changes, and the road through those changes is largely a function of personal choice – those who see gloom and disaster, will create that experience for themselves and travel those timelines – and those who see love and light, happiness and peace, will travel those timelines. Much assistance is being given – and I found it immensely cheering that he echoed the message of Sathya Sai Baba – that the angels and higher beings have no abode but may be in any place at any time and immediately give help and assistance to those who but call for this. Light is there, it is only for us to avail of it.

Another day dawns, the newspapers tell me 21 by Celsius to a maximum of 38 by Celsius, so greetings from a rather warm Prashanti Nilayam.


The Harmony between Religion and Science, a ceiling fresco of the Marble Hall at Seitenstetten Abbey (Lower Austria) by Paul Troger, 1735. Source: Creative Commons



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