Amma’Na’Tha is a first person narrative of Mary Magdalene, and her relationship with Yeshua, who was her husband. Mary Magdalen has been a much maligned figure in Christianity and has borne the dark side – the shadow – of the Church and its attitudes towards women.

St Luke’s Gospel mentions Mary Magdalen many times and says that seven demons had gone out of her. Perhaps the idea of demons millennia ago might be better captured by the internal enemies within: desire, anger, infatuation, jealousy, greed and possessiveness. What remains when evil is removed is purity of mind. Therein lies the question: why has Mary Magdalen been reviled after healing by Jesus? We can only say – and history proves this out, that Mary Magdalen carries the shadow, the dark side, the unredeemed consciousness within those who revile her.

That Magdalen was married to Yeshua is an idea that has gained ground and acceptance rapidly over few short years.

That Magdalen was a teacher and carried on with the mission of Yeshua is now being discovered by researchers. In particular, the “Book of Love”, a treasury of the teachings of Yeshua in the care of Magdalen is well known.

That Magdalen travelled to the south of France after escaping the pursuing forces is well known; the Evocation at the Bay des Maries re-enacts the Gypsies welcoming the travellers on the boat – Mary the mother of Yeshua with her two daughters, Mary Magdalen, James the Brother of the Lord, John the Divine and Joseph of Arimathea were all in the boat.

Mary Magdalen had one life on Earth and she has not returned. Through highly advanced application and use of her many KA bodies, she can communicate with many beings on Earth. Bear in mind the clarity and merit of channelled information is relative to the evolutionary state of the channel. That is why channelled material varies so much in quality.

This is a first person narrative of the life and times of Mary Magdalen, who has asked that her name not be spelt with the traditional “e” (as in Magdalene) so as to distinguish her from the trashed Magdalene of history and revilement by Pope Gregory.

This is a narrative written for the people of this day and age, full of gratitude, humility, passion and serenity. Generation X, Gen Y and the Millenials will appreciate this narrative.

The Afterword mentions the discovery of the Gnostic Gospels at Nag Hammadi, and the recovery of the lost story of Jesus and Magdalen. The Afterword references Magdalen’s work in founding the Egyptian Coptic Church and the travels to the region of Languedoc in South France, and the secret societies that carried on the teachings of Magdalen, the Albigensians, the Cathars (Cathares, Cathari) and their brutal suppression by the Church as it could not withstand the presence of variants on the Gospels nor the teachings of Jesus as they possessed in their dogmas and creeds.

Gnosticism – wisdom teaching – was always regarded as heresy and those who held same to be truth were victims of a ferocious reaction by the Church with thousands being burnt at the stake at Montsegur and the last stronghold to fall, Queribus. The Fisher King mythology of the Grail is referred to and the need to understand this as a mystical narrative rather than a physical journey is told. Readers are urged to consider the Gnostic Gospels and A Course in Miracles, both of which contain much of the teachings of the Magdalen, and re-invoke the feminine aspect of divinity in Christianity.

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