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On this day, we start a new series of posts on this website, excerpts from the Conversations with the Master series by a Polish ascetic. We choose to post these excepts for we find the unique inner signature of the Divine in these conversations.

As you read on, you will discover that the author has a very humble relationship with the Divine, whom he calls “Master”. The author is also very, very human, and has his ups and downs in life. Sometimes he is reluctant, sometimes other pressures upon him cause him to put his pen down, and at other times, what comes out of the pen excites his enthusiasm and takes him to new vistas of experience of the Divine.

The Master: How can we describe The Master in these conversations? The Master answers questions. The Master can leave you dangling in the air gasping for breath and understanding. The Master is a loving parent, caring, guiding, protecting and drawing the reader (whom He and She addresses often) along the many paths to Loving Divinity. We leave it to you to have your own experience of the Master in these guided selections.

At the beginning I would like to tell everybody how happy I am to be able to share my experiences and wisdom flowing from conversations with the Master with so many like-minded people.

This book is the fruit of spiritual love and writing it down has been accompanied by many wonderful moments for a very long time. I thank the Master for these moments and for consistently sharing His unusual love with me for years and with everyone who will resolve to turn towards Him. I wholeheartedly thank Him, because, as far as He let Himself be known to me, He is the most feeling-filled and loving Being in the world, always ready to render assistance without any shade of personal interest. I thank you, dear Master, once again.

It started a long time ago. A certain turning point came, when one of my mundane teachers taught me how to listen to an inner voice, overcoming the limitations of time, space and mind. After many years and with a plenitude of experiences it turned out that it was only a prelude to something much greater – the arousal of love towards Divinity and coming closer to Divinity.

I hope that this book will constitute a useful source of guidance and inspiration for spiritual seekers.

When I talk with my conversation partner I frequently address him as Master or Baba – the latter being of Sanskrit origin, the holy language of India and means ‘Father’.

I have been asked many times about who I think the person I talk to is. I am leaving that answer to your ability to surmise, your sensibility and intelligence, my dear reader. Yes, I am asking you to think it over carefully and find out for yourself. This will be much more valuable than my telling you my answer, which for you does not carry the needed profundity of meaning, happiness and love. Find the answer yourself and above all the feelings that accompany this. They are most important, being our best guide, because the best thing that leads us towards Love is just love. You will recognise the value of these messages from fruits they will bear to you.

I am inviting you to make this journey with me and share in discovering all this, what has always been here and with its fullness of wonder and uncommonality, which surpass everything we have known so far.

I know that many issues touched upon here will seem strange to you and some of these you may regard impossible. However, I will now answer these doubts in the following way: There is an unusual wonderland that opens out right next to you, and it is literally within your arms reach. Moreover, you do not even need to look for it in any special manner, it has always been and it will always be here. I was astonished myself when the loving Master started to uncover it for me. This is a land of unusual events, of edifying inspirations, the land in which, when it is penetrated, we experience deepening happiness and gladness, the place where love reigns supreme – pure, hot, sensible and near love.

It is the land where you can meet the One, who has been here since the beginning of time and is waiting for every our good thought, act or word just to be able to give us His love in return. At the same time, contrary to what we were taught, all this is available within our arms reach – here, now, not somewhere far away or only after we die. It seems that in my current life I was allowed to discover this hidden door, the door behind which the contact, access (whatever we call it) to the most wonderful mystery of this world (and possibly the entire Universe) can be found. The Creator who loves us is this amazing Mystery of Mysteries. Believe me, my dear reader, I am writing these words with great consideration, awareness and responsibility for what I say.

I know that you may yet not believe me today. This is only natural, but I am asking you to wait and check it out for yourself what is real and what is not. This is the reason for this book, for describing events as well as giving explanations for many important questions, which have been delivered to me by the Loving Master. This book presents evidence that has been shown to me and provides hints for you to find your own. Obviously words alone, despite signs that have accompanied them (and usually accompany them), are not yet the proof. On what then, is my (and possibly your) proof based?

I was led to find an extraordinary and miraculous key to the reality of love. And now as per the wish of my loving Master, I am passing this golden key to you along with a handfuls of advice from Him on how to find the door. I am asking you to open your heart and mind wide and let the Master’s words and above all His Love elevate you. Perhaps very soon you will understand that you do not need the key at all, because the door has always been open and the only limitations are those which we have forced on ourselves and to which we stubbornly keep holding on.

I am passing this book to you with the best wishes and the best thoughts, and now I am letting myself become silent to allow the One in the presence of whom all who already know Him stay silent, yielding to the great power of Love and Happiness emanating from Him, speak.

Dear Master, please take my love as the simplest expression of my deep gratitude for your gifts, for your Love, for the fact that you exist and for who you are. I love you. Let all the readers be happy. Let all beings be happy – very, very happy.



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