Conversations with the Master ~ The Path to Love

We live in a world which harrows us – literally hoes into us and demands our attention, our participation, else, we become a non-entity in the fast moving lane of modern culture. The Master tells that we need love, and that requires that we turn towards love, within.

To be honest I am not really sure if I should be writing my experiences and conversations down. The years that have passed have given a very personal spirit to meetings and conversations with Him. I lost interest in many things, although they might possibly be of interest for others. These include life in other planes and on other planets, the workings of healing energy and healing with energy; the life of the Masters and such. Time has wiped many answers away, which, from another point of view is a rather positive effect. For many years my Master has been returning to some matters, showing their different facets every time. There are other matters the Master equally omits, refusing to answer.

I do not know whether anything valuable will result from this work. Time will show. Thus I am inviting you on a journey into the unknown. We do not know where we are, or what the goal is. Forgetting worldly matters, off we go.

You really wrote at length. You wrote a good preface.

I do not know. It came on its own, without a second thought.

This is a good way to break free of your own concepts.

And I am feeling turned off; simply nothing is coming to my mind – complete silence.

And that’s what it is all about. When the mind is quiet, there is a silence, in which you can hear the Voice. The Voice constantly speaks, speaks about love, about unity of all life. It shows you the path, on and on.

You say constantly?


Master, why are you laughing?

You are asking me if I speak constantly. Yes. Just think. The whole universe is my discourse. It is an expression of Myself.

An incredible statement.

In addition, it is true.

You told me earlier that one purpose of this book is to pass hints, so that anybody who wants to find your voice would be able to do so. I mean direct communication here, like that between us.

This is a good reason, but I would make one amendment here. Hearing my voice is not as important as approaching Divinity, experiencing its love and transformation in your life. You have probably realised from correspondence with people that there is a danger of my message revealed here being reduced to some technical trick, giving information about unknown areas of the spiritual world. For your good I would prefer to avoid this. Merely hearing my voice is not as essential as transformation of life, which will come about thanks to turning towards Love. The rest can wait for the right time. Begin with the most important matters.

Isolation, Seclusion and Books

Many communities live in isolation, e.g. studying the Bible or other holy books. What would you say about it, Master?

Isolation is good, if it eliminates all that stands in the way of your spiritual development towards goodness and love. Even you need it, provided you understand it as limitation of contacts with the world to an indispensable minimum. The limitation refers to studying the papers, watching TV news, or being interested in politics or world events at large. By avoiding these, on the one hand you have more time for doing useful things or for an active recreation, and on the other hand you eliminate interference due to external energies. In fact this is an even bigger issue, because being interested in world and its affairs gets you entangled in group karma and the karma of other people.

There are doors that a patient man can open with love for the Creator, with prayer, doing good for others, offering the results of actions to the Highest. The study of scriptures can be and is helpful. The word ‘scriptures’ should be taken to mean a very wide variety of things, and not only the Bible. Many people find their paths studying other works. The heart will show you the right path.

Love for your loving Creator is the golden key to opening the door wide to spiritual development. This is achievable through approaching Him every day and even every moment, carrying on all works with thoughts about Him, dedicating results of all activities to Him. Books are a help at the beginning; they became an obstacle shortly after. Remember that they are only guideposts on the path to God. They are neither the path nor the goal. If thanks to some book you are learning love, it means that it is good for you. However, see beyond words, see beyond subject matter, look into Divinity and turn to it. Divinity does not need any book to lead you to itself. Instead of spending so much time on studies, focus more on Divinity and you will benefit a hundredfold more. Many people give priority to scholarship over love. Later, this leads to many years of discussions about the meaning of some statement or comment. Such discussions, believe me, are barren and lead nowhere. They are not going to change you in a positive way, even to the smallest extent. They will teach you only word-playing and will arouse many antagonisms.

People are looking for a validated path. They are afraid of getting involved in a cult or something similar.

Seek good things and you will find them. If you are looking for safety, self-satisfaction, sense of membership, feeling of being chosen, this is exactly what you are going to get. If you seek God and His Love, then this is precisely what you will receive. So think carefully about what you really want. If you clearly define the goal and keep holding on to it, your journey will be safe. You will not run the risk of getting trapped by desires.

With all your heart pray to Divinity to be shown a path to it. This is the best method.

The safest way is to turn towards Divinity, which resides in heart of every man. Speak in silence—the One, who is Love, will respond.

Speak in silence—the One, who is Love, will answer you.

Now, let us get back to the main subject—the hearing of God’s voice. The first step consists in turning away from world, at least a partial turning. Reduce the hours spent on reading of newspapers, watching television, listening to the radio. This will bring you a lot of peace. Do this intent on spending the time you thus saved for the pursuit of deeper values, for following the path of Love.

The second thing is meditation and prayer. They will bring you a lot of positive changes and blessings. Set aside part of your time exclusively for focusing on the Highest and for learning how to love Him. Brush all thoughts aside and turn all your being, all your heart solely towards Him.

Thirdly, watch what is happening around you—‘coincidences’, unusual events and answers to your prayers and requests. This way you’ll become convinced about reality of the Path of Love, and certainly about Love, which the Creator has got for you.

you’ll become convinced about reality of the Path of Love