Conversations with the Master: Wise and Loving Power

There are questions about just how much the world can offer us. Can it offer us growth and progress along the spiritual path? What, exactly, helps us along the spiritual path? The world clamours for our attention and participation. What would happen if we gave – say 30% of our time – away from the world to Loving Divinity? What would happen?

Let’s get back for a while to turning away from events of this world.


Many people believe that they should know what is happening in the world, with the stock market, the exchange rates, who has died …

Yes, but take a look at the effects. Ask yourselves the question: “Are you happier? Does this huge amount of information make you better? Can you love more? Does reading newspapers and listening to the news provide this deep calmness and relaxation to you, which would further give you a drive to work that would bring you joy? Are you learning something valuable or edifying because of that? Is your life easier?” Ask yourselves these simple questions. The answer to them will put a big question mark on your daily habits.

Thank you Baba, for these wonderful questions. Thanks to these, for the first time I understand that what we do should bring ourselves or others some benefit, something good.

Rather, we do not become better persons for watching the TV news or other programs. Many groups are trying to win our support to their ideas and they do not hesitate to overstep the mark in using social engineering techniques, utilising somewhat perfectly, the art of mind control. In the disguise of facts, they send messages of dislike, enmity, of prejudice. Everyone wants to secure our support to their own ideas and business. Nobody wants to do anything really good for us.

My goodness, after writing this I burst into laughter. The media hand in hand with doing good! These two are opposites. The media do not add to peace, do not add to love, do not add to relaxation, do not make life easier. These are only commercials, persuasions to spend money and consume. There’s only one conclusion, at least for me—waste of time, waste of life. Time is running away and never comes back.

From time to time it is good to take a look at your life and inquire about the value of different activities. Would Love like them? Do they lead to good? Do they bring any value to you or others?

Love comes from outside of this artificial world. Happiness flows from experiencing Divinity and co-operating with it. Devote thirty percent of the time that you spend on your interest in worldly matters, for interest in Divinity, and life will change right away. Here is this huge gold mine worth exploiting.

Divinity never errs. It watches over the perfect course of all matters, so what would the media need your attention for? You usually are not able to do anything anyway and even when you are, you don’t do it.

Leave this whole world to God and turn your thoughts towards Him. This is the only good way to improve the situation—yours, every other persons’ and whole world’s situation.

The world does not need any changes after your fancy at all. It needs Love. Love incorporates abiding and affirmative alterations. What you do is usually incomplete and temporary.

How wonderfully and without any effort on my part daily situations arise! I meet people I should talk to, while earlier, ‘without apparent reason’ I read a book and the information found there becomes the subject matter of conversation … You know about everything and You take care of everything.

People call it variously, chance, coincidence, luck, fate. Those who know say that behind all those seemingly unrelated events, there is a wise and loving power. And they are right.

Then it means that wherever I look as a matter of fact I see You. Computer, desk, walls, trees outside—all this is You.

Yes, all that exists is Love. Look through a window. The wind of love lashes trees woven of love. Swayed by its Creator, the grass heaves in gentle waves to the rhythm of the quiet song of love. Water lovingly touches rocks, flows around them and proceeds towards the ocean, far away.

Love is the Creator and Substance of the Universe. Everything has emerged out of Love and everything takes place in it. You are immersed in it over your head and ears. Live with this awareness. Talk to people and animals nicely. Do not think badly about anybody and anything. The beginning and end of all events are in love.

On the one hand You are so tender and loving. Your modesty has made an enormous impression on me many times, but on the other hand You can also be hard like a diamond.

I am all you mentioned. I am pause and silence pointing to these, too. I regard humble people. This is a very valuable and rare feature today. You will give me joy if you start cultivating it.

Master, what could we do about it?

People should start by realising the necessity of being humble.

Humbleness towards God is a sister of spirituality. There is no spirituality without humbleness. The universal recommendation is to ask God, to pray to God for help in development of this trait. Hundreds of problems every day could be avoided if people were only a little bit more humble and did not exult in their egos.

The result of promoting ego is that you do not see anything except yourselves. Joy, happiness, love—everything slips away from you. You sacrifice these on the altar of your egos. Your way of behaving, dressing, decorations in your homes, all so called achievements of civilization, are set up so as to emphasize and strengthen the ego. The path to God leads in the opposite direction. Puff some air out of your inflated egos. Allow yourselves, each other, Me and nature to take breath. Do not feel so important for, honestly, there is no reason for it. Personal achievements, inventions, new ideas, education and properties—all this you have received from God. So too, you got the earth with its goods to manage, the sky to stare at and stir longing for the Infinite Universe, to explore and bring goodness and love.

Have more humility, more modesty, my children. Heed my words, because I have touched upon a very important issue here.

I will give an example of this using an equation:

Me + you = 1.

This equation tells that if you are there, I must be zero. In other words, the more of you, the less of Me. And, of course, the other way round, when the little ‘I’ disappears, space opens, the heavens open, I come into view. There comes Wisdom, Love, Power, God Himself.

This world needs love. It will revive you and carry you through and over every adversity. The ego denies access to Love by you thereby causing unnecessary suffering. Turn to Love to take care of this state and to transform this state in its own way. Everyone’s life will become easier right away. And this is what matters. Be happy.

I am aware that we lack humility and modesty very much. How can we learn them?

Remember that the Teacher has always been with you. Remember that your Teacher is Love. He is there and watches and He is going to help you in every matter whenever you turn to Him. Remember, it is said, “Ask, and it shall be given to you”. Ask then. Ask with love. The Loving Creator is, sees and hears. Usually He does not respond immediately, although sometimes this also happens. He responds through a situation, a coincidence, a dream, a book, a meeting. This is the way Love works and these are its signs. Listen and you will hear the answer. Turn to God with love and He will not deny you help. He never denies it.

Many years ago you taught me this obeisance. I was prostrating physically and mentally, privately and in public places, in churches and in museums. People had fun. You used to ask me to bow to You at a particular time and place, wherever I happened to be. Be it a big square, I cast myself face down on the ground, forehead against the pavement, time after time. Today, I am looking back at these plays with amusement.

These were very good plays, as you nicely worded it, and you gained a lot. You got rid of most of your haughtiness, which had been handicapping you for years.

On behalf of readers, I would like to ask You if prostrations and bows to You are advisable, if they are beneficial or bring us closer to You? Will they, in Your eyes, draw people nearer to You?

Everyone will be blessed. These practices may help you shake off the burden of ego. Do bow to loving Divinity. Ask for love and devotion. You will immediately see how much easier your life has become. And of course, you will come closer to Divinity. Everything you do with the positive intention of getting closer to Divinity will bring beneficial results.

Everything has emerged from Love.

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