Spirituality, Human Purpose and the Coronavirus

Yin YangThe novel coronavirus has captured attention and garnered responses – both positive and negative – around the world in every nation that is affected. Perhaps the only places not to be affected might be the Arctic and Antarctic. We look to spiritual responses to the coronavirus, and to a channelled message reminding us of the nature of the Source and human purpose and how we engage with Source energy.

What is the meaning of the novel coronavirus event and how should we look at this event from a spiritual perspective? Is it possible to apply spiritual intelligence to this phenomenon sweeping our planet, knocking people down with illness and for some, death? What of all those who stand by and observe the illness of those whom they care for, even those they love? How do we make sense out of the fear and panic that captures people via the media – television, internet and social media? And what are we to do with the fake news, the myths about novel coronavirus which, if followed, are actually killing people? Where is common sense here?

We ask if it is possible to apply spiritual intelligence and common sense to the coronavirus, however it impacts on us. Intelligence is problem solving skill. Does spirituality have a capacity to solve our day to day problems? Research found five core components: Mystical Experiences, Transcendence, Sanctification, a resource to solve problems, and ethical and virtuous behaviour. The more we engage these elements in our daily life, the stronger they become, like a spirit bank which we can fall back on in times of challenge, in times of stress, in times where hope is necessary. Our experience in prayer, meditation, our daily and weekly spiritual disciplines form a solid foundation wherein we may face the challenges and vicissitudes of life.

In a time of media overkill, saturation from every media perspective, governments telling us that matters will only get worse before they get better, and ordering people – even nations – into quarantine – is all for the protection of the community as a whole. This is proper ethical and virtuous behaviour by those responsible for the well being of their citizens and visitors. Watching the daily numbers of those infected and the death rate is not propagating inner peace. Blaming others – or an invisible force or cabal – does not bring peace, either. We are the local village, the residential estates, the town, the city, the region, the nation – and other nations as well. What we do, what we think and feel, affects others. Thoughts go out into the aether and collect together to form thought forms – huge astral clouds of negativity and fear which other people tap into and get dragged down. Is this what we offer to our fellow man, woman and child?

We can do better. We can manage our minds, we can manage our thoughts, We can take up our common sense, we can rely on our spiritual intelligence to manage ourselves and hold the energy, frequency and vibration for others. We can be oceans of positivity, confidence and encouragement. We can look forward to and even expect to manifest the day when this virus no longer threatens our planet, our homes, our hospitals, our fellow men and women.

We can take time. Do not haste, waste, worry.

Remember God.

Calmly examine the situation and discriminate right and wrong.

Change your thoughts and make your world – and everyone else’s world a world worth living in.

Judy Carroll writes:
Yin YangWith all that is going on in connection with the corona virus, my Grey Teacher, Maris, has sent a message through, as follows:



Everything in the universe is energy, Therefore, everything that manifests in the universe, whether perceived by Earth humans as ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ comes originally from Source. To understand the reason why seemingly negative events occur, such as this virus, there are 3 basic facts that need to be taken into consideration.

Firstly, Source (God) Energy is non-polarized. It is neither negative (yin) nor positive (yang), but rather composed of BOTH polarities held in a state of perfect Oneness/Balance. However, once Energy moves out from Source and transmutes to a lower frequency, and most especially on a highly polarized planet such as Earth, separation and polarization occur. One aspect of extreme polarization are the illusions of ‘good’ and ‘bad.’ In the Greater Reality, these opposites do not apply, all is Oneness and Balance, but in 3-D Earth-plane manifestation, yes, such states are a subjective reality.

Secondly, death is an illusion. What Earth humans perceive as the greatest tragedy that can happen – the death of a human being, is simply a prime opportunity for spiritual growth and evolution. The death of the physical body, which is nothing more than a container for the soul, frees the spirit to enable it to focus on higher learning. It can then choose whether to reincarnate back to a physical life on Earth or elsewhere, or else to progress to a higher, less physical level of the Human Ladder.

No death is ever ‘accidental.’ Every soul freely chooses in its pre-birth state when, where and how it will make its transition at the end of the coming life.

Thirdly, the Planetary Shift from 4th to 5th World Consciousness. We have discussed this in the past, and it is most important to understand that, when a planet is going through an evolutionary shift, as Earth is doing right now, those souls who are not ready or able to consciously make the transition in synchronization with their home planet, take the opportunity to make a timely exit through ‘death,’ so that they can then partake of higher learning between lives. They can then either reincarnate back again in step with their higher-evolved planet, or else to another version of the planet that is more compatible with their energy frequency. Remember, planets, as sentient Beings, are multi-dimensional, so in the Greater Reality, there is an ‘Earth’ to suit all tastes. This is the reason why mass deaths always occur around the times of planetary shifts. Death is not an ending, but rather a beginning.

We are quite aware of the myriad conspiracy theories doing the rounds on Earth in connection with COVID-19, with certain ‘negative’ agencies being blamed for creating and spreading the virus. Earth humans are always happiest when they have an ‘enemy’ to blame for their woes. The bottom line, however, comes back to the personal ‘Armageddon’ you are all facing as a result of the changing and evolving planetary energies – that is, the choice between Love and Fear. It all comes back to this!

The occurrence of COVID-19 is providing a major opportunity for spiritual growth. You CANNOT evolve spiritually if you are not provided with this all-important choice, so, in reality, the ‘negative forces’ down here are doing you a great favour. In a way, they are your Guardian Angels! The choice is yours to make, each and every one of you. Are you going to be pulled into the ‘herd instinct’ stampeding into fear and panic, trampling over others around you in your terror? Or are you drawn to a more evolved-human energy of love and trust, caring for others, and knowing that, no matter what, all is well, and even death is not the end, but rather an opportunity for evolution to a higher state.

Lastly, a point to consider if you really can’t get past your fear of potential death. Fear has a very detrimental effect on the human immune system, so keeping positive is a great preventative medicine to help you to stay healthy.


Yin Yang
Yin and Yang energy is necessary – in balance