Conversations with the Master: Transformation

We are born, we grow, we mature as young adults, we marry and have children. What are the influences upon us from family, society, culture, peers? What are the subtle influences upon our minds, our character, the environment we live in. How do we acquire wisdom? How do we grow to love? How, in the midst of so many influences and demands upon us, do we become truly human, truly alive, even, spiritual people?

Master, I want to thank you today for your closeness and tender love that have constantly accompanied me. What are we going to talk about tonight? Most of you seek satisfaction, love and happiness in life. Yet, you have no idea how many barriers divide you from a clear and full feeling of satisfaction, joy and love. You imagine that every newborn child is an empty page on which, in an ideal situation, the loving parents will write valuable and edifying things.

Your civilisation knows very little about the workings of subtle energies. You are submerged in their field and are transforming them with the body and mind all the time. Society influences a man from the moment of his birth. Its energies and problems entwine parents. In an invisible way these energies penetrate young bodies and minds. In this way they shape the mentality and sensibilities of man. During the adolescent years, while growing up on your own, you are in contact with the energies of the ‘world’ and your hitherto acquired inner state becomes further consolidated.

You already understand that cigarette smoking or drinking of alcohol by the mother during pregnancy can be dangerous to the health of child. You still do not understand that contact with certain energies is equally destructive for young minds and psyches that are still in their formative years. You should give more consideration to having contact with positive energies and ideas. Avoid aggression, violence and negative ideas of all kinds.

Being an adult you live burdened with loads laden onto you by your parents and society as well as all those of your own that you have brought through death and birth. If you want to progress and change your life, then the only good path is through turning towards and devotion to Divine Love. Your conscious effort directed towards love and good is necessary. True changes in you will take place in silence. The Creator Himself will bring these about.

Could You point out, which elements of our behaviour are the most important for this transformation towards You?

These will certainly be the concentrated meditation with love for the Creator, striving to attain positive changes of character and inclinations, and avoiding of negativity in all its various forms.

Master, you are talking about meditation with love; what should it look like?

There are a lot of techniques. The simplest one consists in approaching Divinity in such a form that you would most easily fall in love with, and showing this form your love and devotion. Love is made up of tender words, of coming near, touching, hugging a friend. At the same time it is the respect flowing from knowledge about the greatest value in our lives we are dealing with. In this meditation we connect to the Source of all values, so our attitude towards loving Divinity should be proper.

The second issue You mentioned were positive changes of character.

These are efforts directed towards goodness. Try to see good and only good in every situation and in every man. Avoid looking at and revolving around what you believe is bad. Keep turning to everybody as visible embodiments of goodness, irrespective of who they are. Make efforts to do good, to share with others, to support the needy and do all this for the Loving Creator, understanding that you work in His Divine garden. Do everything with smiles and joy. Do good for the highest and most loved Good.

The path of love is such that it will unfold itself in front of you, showing the next steps for you to take. Trust Love, surrender to Love. Then all the rest will be set aright without any effort by you.

Master, the last point you mentioned is avoiding negativity.

See no evil. Shun violence in thoughts, words and deeds. Speak no evil about anyone. Speak no evil to anyone. Avoid anger. Limit the number of programs watched on TV and carefully choose their quality. Select the programs that your children view, watching that their minds do not get soaked up with violence, aggression, and arrogance. Eschew speaking evil about anybody, irrespective of who he is and how he behaves. Speak positive. Think positive. Replace sorrow with a smile. Avoid focusing on problems. Focus on the solution. Loving Divinity is the solution. Ask the Creator every day to help you in this process.

Some of us are very zealous in making changes.

Zealousness is good, but love is better. Keep avoiding impatience. Replace it with sweet waiting for goodness, which will come from the Creator. You are not able to do a lot on your own. Therefore, wait with devotion and trust in the work of Love. Keep turning towards Love every day, every moment.

While treading a path we often make mistakes and stumble.

This is natural and even necessary. Mistakes make you aware of your imperfection and of the necessity of turning towards the loving-you-Perfection. Every observed mistake is like the shadow that shows the direction of light. Turn away from the shadows and go towards Lightness. Go firmly and without stopping. Do not ponder your mistakes. They are not as important as the time dedicated to love and spiritual journey. Concentrate on the most essential things and leave the rest, with love and best intentions, to their own fate.


Do not ponder your mistakes. They are not as important as the time dedicated to love and spiritual journey