Conversations with the Master: Meeting Death

Everyone experiences a death – be it a death of a friend, death of one’s parents, even separation from loved ones is a little death for us. What about Death itself? In Greek mythology, Charon (or Kharon) is the ferryman of Hades who carries souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron to Hades; in Hinduism, Yama is the god of Death. Many fear the moment of death. It is really a moment to be feared? In this conversation with The Master, our narrator explores a very surprising experience of a being – one of the Masters – whom our narrator identifies as “Death”. A stunning narrative unfolds.

Many years ago I was sitting in the study room and reading a book about death and dying by a Tibetan lama. It was evening, all was quiet around me and no one else was home. Sitting in a cosy armchair and with the mind settled and void of thoughts I naturally entered the state of meditation. In fact there was one thought hovering in my mind. Influenced by the contents of the book I kept thinking about death, about what death is.

All of a sudden I felt that I was not alone. In the lounge where I was sitting, 4 to 5 metres away, somebody was there. I felt his inner radiation extremely clearly. It was increasing with every passing second. I was flooded with a wave of incredibly soft love. It was such a tender and inexpressibly caring love, love that sees everything and understands everything …

I never am fully sure what I see in my inner visions. This time it seemed to me that the guest was male. He stood looking and emanating a wonderful power of love. And I was aware He was the very Death. It was an unbelievable phenomenon, an incredible feeling.

I am not claiming here that I understand what I experienced. On the one hand there was very clear presence of somebody, who each cell of my body recognised as Death, and on the other hand, a wonderful love was flowing from Him – love so alive, so inspired, bestowing such an incredible solace and deliverance. I bowed down to Him and asked for a blessing. He did not make any gesture, but His love was telling everything. It was so intense and so warm that I literally felt Love opening my heart and flowing into the abyss in a broad stream. The visit of this unusual guest lasted for three days. It took me some time to realise and understand that only somebody loving so warmly can play the role of companion during the transition to the other side. I know that I will follow Him there someday and it will be a day of great joy and wonderful love.

As a matter of fact, I still do not know what happened and whom I saw then.

You saw Death and know that it is a very rare thing to meet it while still alive.

It is strange that He was a person, a male …

No, it only seemed that way to you. He/She does not have any gender.

But is He a living being? A man?

Yes, He comes to complete the bodily existence of beings and to tidy up whatever is possible in order for the departing person to have the best possible trip to the other side. So that the untrammelled person flies freely on wings of love, leaving behind all past issues and states, right into the arms of the loving and caring Creator of the Universe.

Many depart suddenly in accidents or suffer for a long time.

Death for many people is breaking free from suffering, from struggling against oneself, from constraints. And the state they experience immediately after getting to the other side is incomparable with anything else.

On ‘this side’ the border of death means a lot, but on the ‘other side’ it is not so important. A wonderland is spreading right from this border.

A thought about this land alone makes me thrilled and impatient in joyful expectation. I would like to see it. Surely it is incredible.

Yes, it is really ‘incredible’ for all of you. But do not long for it, for everything will come at the right time. Another warning, desiring to learn about this or that other world is not an important desire. The desire for serving others is much more valuable and the desire for love and union with the Highest is the most precious of all. Take my words to heart.

I feel that I am not afraid of death. I am rather looking forward to it with interest. I know that I am going to see You then, my dear Master.

It’s true.

And it will be superb.

Oh, yes. You do not even have the faintest idea how much.

Is it known when it is going to happen?

To the hour, accurately.

Good, I like precision. Excellence expresses itself by exactitude, I think.

You have a sense of humour.

It must have been inherited from You, Father.

You haven’t called me like that for a long time.

True, some time has passed. Do You mind? I shall gladly conform to your will.

No, not at all. Yet ‘Baba’ is sweeter.

Sanskrit is a strange language, inspired.

Inspired by me.

Can I still ask you more questions about my visitor that night?

Of course, go ahead.

In our culture death is usually a woman and here, a male has appeared. He was handsome and somehow very tender.

That’s the way it has happened.

Why did he appear in this form?

That Master has chosen such a form, because it was adequate for you. You might have misunderstood, had it been another way.

I did not feel he was a Master. Instead I clearly felt he was Death.

You felt piercing love and this was just his visiting card. He was one of the masters who serve as a guard between the worlds, the one who helps dying people to the other shore.

Could you tell me about this a little more?

At some other time, not today. Knowledge is not as important as love, and one should never replace one for the other. If you have a choice to follow the voice of mind and knowledge or to follow Divine Love, always choose the second one.

Death is a part of life. Your life continues beyond physical world. Existence never ends. When you come to me you will recall everything. When you all come to me you recall everything.

We will have lots of things to discuss.

Conversation of hearts goes on without words. The topic, now and through all of eternity is…




Death is a part of life. Your life continues beyond physical world. Existence never ends.