5G and the Human Body

No to 5G

Hello Rhonda,

I don’t know of your awareness of 5G – or whether you are aware of 4G, which your mobile phone uses.

5G is coming. It will bring, allegedly, faster streaming and faster downloads. 

5G is the fifth generation network of cellular mobile communications, intended to replace 4G, first set in March 2019. Improvements include new, higher radio frequencies. 

Definition Expanded:
The frequency spectrum of 5G is divided into millimetre waves, mid-band, and low-band. Low-band uses a similar frequency range as the predecessor, 4G. 5G millimetre wave is the fastest, with actual speeds often being 1–2 Gbit/s down. Frequencies are above 24 GHz, reaching up to 72 GHz, which is above the extremely high-frequency band’s lower boundary. The reach is short, so more cells are required. Millimetre waves have difficulty traversing many walls and windows, so indoor coverage is limited.

Here is what Scientific American had to say about millimetre waves:

The latest cellular technology, 5G, will employ millimetre waves for the first time in addition to microwaves that have been in use for older cellular technologies, 2G through 4G. Given limited reach, 5G will require cell antennas every 100 to 200 meters, exposing many people to millimetre wave radiation. 5G also employs new technologies (e.g., active antennas capable of beam-forming; phased arrays; massive multiple inputs and outputs, known as massive MIMO) which pose unique challenges for measuring exposures.

Here’s a video about all that comes with 5G today:


Millimetre waves are mostly absorbed within a few millimetres of human skin and in the surface layers of the cornea. Short-term exposure can have adverse physiological effects in the peripheral nervous system, the immune system and the cardiovascular system. The research suggests that long-term exposure may pose health risks to the skin (e.g., melanoma), the eyes (e.g., ocular melanoma) and the testes (e.g., sterility).


5G antennas
5G will require cell antennas every 100 to 200 meters, exposing many people to millimetre wave radiation

Conclusion by Scientific American:

5G will not replace 4G; it will accompany 4G for the near future and possibly over the long term. If there are synergistic effects from simultaneous exposures to multiple types of RFR, our overall risk of harm from RFR may increase substantially. Cancer is not the only risk as there is considerable evidence that RFR causes neurological disorders and reproductive harm, likely due to oxidative stress.

Of course, there is the Bruhaha from the BBC, of all places:

100 times faster
5G will also run faster, a lot faster.

Prof Tafazolli now believes it is possible to run a wireless data connection at an astounding 800Gbps – that’s 100 times faster than current 5G testing.

When Samsung announced in 2013 it was testing 5G at 1Gbps, journalists excitedly reported that a high-definition movie could be downloaded in less than half a minute. A speed of 800Gbps would equate to downloading 33 HD films – in a single second.

I’ll be fair, you can read about 5G and the “internet of things” here: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-30224853

In the European Union, there are also concerns:

In April, the Belgian government halted a 5G test in Brussels over concerns that radiation from the base stations could be harmful. Members of Parliament in the Netherlands are also calling on the government to take a closer look at 5G. Switzerland is taking steps to monitor 5G’s impact on people.

In the US, New Hampshire is considering establishing a commission to study the health effects of 5G networks. Several leaders in Congress have written to the Federal Communications Commission expressing concern about potential health risks. And in Mill Valley, California, the city council blocked the deployment of new 5G wireless cells.

These kinds of worries aren’t new. Consumers for years have been anxious about possible health effects of radiation in everything from microwaves to cellphones, prodded by claims that radio airwaves cause brain cancer, reduced fertility, headaches in children and other illnesses. Source: (I am giving the source so you see that we are not cherrypicking the bad news)

Millimetre Waves and the Human Form
But, given the information about millimetre and penetrating the cornea and human skin – and given that we in Australia are fully aware of the horrors of the hole in the ozone layer and all the skin cancer this caused – and the skin protection we have to engage in to this day in the summer – it is only decent that you are forewarned about 5G and, perhaps, what you might do about this.

The Scientific American Article: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/we-have-no-reason-to-believe-5g-is-safe/

An article about protection: https://www.purahome.com/blog/how-to-protect-yourself-from-negative-5g-and-emf-radiation/

and the advice of Valerie Barrow about products for protection (via Andromeda Val): https://www.valeriebarrow.com/?p=5172 (see the addendum) 

What do I do? Well, I received an inner impression some months ago, about the dangers of 5G, and I purchased one of the orgone products mentioned on Valerie’s page. I feel confident now, but I am shocked to see what the dangers of both WiFi and 5G will do to the human person. I turned the WiFi off on my modem until I received the Orgone product in the mail. 

I am not yelling “Wolf, Wolf” here, I am just sharing a concern.
With the number of corneal transplants you have had, I am concerned for your welfare.

(Rhonda is my sister; she has had 5 corneal transplants. )


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