Conversations with the Master: These Most Important Prayers

The conversation begins with asking, “What do people ask of God?” Some surprising answers are given, and an adage: if we dig a grave for our opponent, we also dig a grave for ourselves. There is nothing so simple as the turn to God with love for God. Many signs are given, many answers are given for problems. The Master tells we use reason too much and make a complex situation out of many things that confront us. We need not go through life with a deadpan face, we can smile to life, smile with The Master and turn to the Master with a Smile! There are many blessings given with smiles!

Master, what would you like people to ask you for?

Me? I have no desires…

You tease me. Let me restate the question.

There is no need. I was joking. What would I like them to ask me about? There is such a thing, very, very rare… I would like you to ask Me for love for Divinity and the ability of turning towards it. It is a golden key to liberation from participation in the Play. The Play is love and liberation from it is love, also. Everything is Love. When the curtain is drawn, you become one with Love.

Master, how to do this? I mean how to ask You, what words can we use?

Utter words of love that flow from heart, words directed to somebody loving and loved, who is close and dear. Ask with tender words that are used by people when they love somebody dearly. Ask with words full of friendship and love.

Divinity answers such words immediately. Come closer. One step each day and soon you will live surrounded by love.

Please, start treating me well, finally. I deserved that a long time ago. I am giving you everything you really need. I take care of you every day. I am the most devoted companion and even your servant. I have been serving you for thousands of years. I deserved better treatment a long time ago. Grant me room in your lives, smile at Me more often. Keep coming with requests for advice, guidance and help. Ask for Love; ask for light for you, your kith and kin, and for all beings. Thank me sometimes for all the effort I put into actions in your favour. Gratitude is a very good feeling. It enables your spiritual development and this is the only reason why I ask you for it.

I am the servant of humanity. I fulfil your wishes. Begin asking for good things today, good things for everybody.

Master, what do people ask You most often for?

Are we starting the thread, ‘Some statistics’?

Do not answer, please, unless it is instructive.

The most common requests concern health and wealth. Then there are professional matters, and success in love, in this order. These are most important for you. Of course, there are strange requests too, like “may misfortune befall an enemy or a neighbour.” The bad wishes for others amount to about 3% of all requests. Women make requests more often – almost twice as often as men. 10% of women ask for a good and understanding partner. Women have better developed intuition. They know that I Am, they sense me.

Three requests for misfortunes in every hundred? That seems a lot.

They do not know what they are doing. People often act out of infatuation, anger, and are driven by hate. Then, they wish others evil, but as an effect they suffer themselves, becoming ‘victims’ of their own deeds. The outcome is their bad frame of mind, oppressing thoughts, and sometimes, illness. The principle of the Universe is clear – what you do to another man, will come back to you. This is exactly what perfection is. Learn how to do good, think good and speak good, and your life will be full of goodness.

Could we harm another man by ill-wishing?

No, you do not have such power. Well, maybe some do. But they will meet the effects of their actions anyway. Do not think ill about anybody. Do not wish misfortune to anybody. Ask for Love and happiness for all. Pray ‘May all beings in all the worlds be happy’, Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu.

Beautiful words. Powerful mantra.

Sometimes it is difficult to detach from thoughts about others. Notably so when they have done a lot of bad things, and particularly so when they had done bad things to us.

You should detach from those thoughts as they are related to inferior states of the mind; they diminish loftiness of feelings and the brilliance of the mind. To get over your bad feelings and eliminate ‘post traumatic effects,’ you received the ability to forgive. Pardoning liberates, because it breaks the spiral of karma. This is why you should forgive. Grant a pardon to all who in your understanding, did something wrong to you. Do not get attached to them, nor to negative states of mind. Do not entertain an idea of doing harm to anybody. This has a destroying influence on the delicate tissue of your life. There is the institution of the ultimate justice that is going to equalize balances with ‘the other side’, that is, with your brother or sister. Learning how to love is the goal.

In other words, our harms shall be revenged …

Interesting point of view. If you look for retribution, you dig two graves — one for your ‘opponent’ and the other for yourself. Divine Justice is not meant for revenge, but for love. It teaches and reclaims the right path. This is a certain novelty for you, because you think justice is a must, what is often equivalent to destroying the ‘opponent’.

Divine justice stands guard over the laws of progress and makes out a bill for the deeds in order that everybody understands their deep meaning, and thus turns towards the higher values. Such justice serves love. Hence, there is a gentler run of life events for those who get on the path of love. It is gentler compared to that they would have experienced living for matters of this world only.

Observe life. You will see the direct effects of your deeds more and more often.

Everything serves love. Why, you may ask. The answer is simple: because everything is Love. And the law of cause and effect must work, since this is how we have settled it together.

Master, how come ‘we have settled it together’? Who do You mean?

‘We’ means we all, that is Me.

Your love evinces more and more frequently in my life. I feel You clearer and clearer amid everyday affairs. That love of yours is inconceivably sweet, elating and inspiring and so modest at the same time.

You got it well: love and elation, inspiration and modesty. It’s true, gospel truth.

Who are You really? Can You tell me from where You came?

No, not today. Maybe one day, in the future we will talk about it more. A few words that would be said today, would carry an inner meaning well beyond the ability to grasp by most of you and thus would appear lacking meaning. And importance is in the meaning, not the words.

Words have magic power over you. They influence your perception of the world so strongly that one may say they create your world. Therefore, with respect to this subject, let us leave them for the present. For some people it suffices to whisper one word, ‘God’ and they start to soar sky high in the ecstasy of love, by the side of the loving Creator. They are catching the meaning on the fly.

Today, I prefer to talk about practical issues, akin to your experience so that you are able to take advantage of my instructions. I try to avoid topics that you would subject to intellectual processing and be contented with. Theory pales in comparison with practice. Practice frees. Too much theory puffs up your ego as well as is inviting further troubles.

You ask many questions and would like to know a lot. But it is not knowledge that counts, but the work, taking new steps towards Love every day. Only then, will life and this book make sense. Concentrate on the right purpose or goal. The task is to learn to constantly turn towards Love. After that, the goal is to find Love and to live with it.

Let us get back to the thread of requests to You. The Bible says “But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” How would You comment on that?

The Kingdom is the state, wherein all its residents, all beings are happy and live near to the Creator. It is a state of happiness, joy and love for everybody. Desire this state, ask and pray for it to come. Entering the Kingdom is the liberation towards love, the freedom from egoism and attachments. Pray for freedom and love for everybody. Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu.

Give Divinity and Love the first place, the rest will be taken care of by somebody else.

Today, the Bible is one of the most often read books and many people are still not able to penetrate it with spirit and fathom its meaning.

This is another revolutionary declaration.

Considering state of your minds and spirits there will be much more of such declarations. For, what is the substance of religion? Do reason: what is the purpose of religion?

To find You in life and follow your voice.

To teach man love towards the loving Creator, and the art of leading his life along the lines of love in relation to others, to animals, and to Nature. Religion is a signpost that should point out the right goal to you.

Each of the Scriptures can be useful as a signpost, but they are to be approached the right way. If you have a problem and you want to solve it, you can seek inspiration and guidance in the Bible. Turn towards God, pray and ask for His answer, and then, for example, open the book at random.

This is exactly what many people do. And it works.

Now I will give a word about certain dangers that lie in wait. They are of two types. The dangers of the first type are due to the fact that a given scripture has for centuries been subjected to intense ‘processing’ and many of the original messages have been distorted. Secondly, human mentality keeps on developing, so that some of the old hints lose validity or should be interpreted anew according to what flows from the Spirit of Love.

One of tasks of religions should be delivering the essence flowing from Divinity, adjusted to the present day mentality. Religions evade this responsibility, searching for inspiration in books instead of seeking it in the Spirit, which had once been enlivening these books and from which one may draw anytime, today also. This is of course an ideal. Sometimes the sole concern of religion is using established patterns of wielding power over people.

If you are interested in the importance of the Bible then know that it is one of many signposts. And please, do not mistake the signpost with the goal of your journey. If, with its help you are able to find the voice of God in the heart, then it has fulfilled its purpose. If not, you may look for other inspirations, in other books, in other religions, in other spiritual movements. You may even make one of these other movements your starting point. There is no single rule.

However, at some stage there comes the time when you follow the voice of Love, the voice that flows from heart, leaving all the books and teachings of others aside. Submit yourselves to Divinity, trust in it, and not the books. Later we shall return yet again to this matter.

Then, Master, there are not any religions ‘better’ than others, are there?

Every religion is as a different language, with which you can utter the words of love for Divinity. You may say ‘I love you’ in Polish, English, Spanish or Hindi. Does the question of one religion being ‘better’ or superior to another make any sense? Is Spanish better than French or the other way around? And even if it was the case, does language matter when love is the gist anyway, and not the words or rituals with which it is being expressed?

Love towards God and living with Divinity on familiar terms is the goal of religion. Guides and signposts that are written in Japanese or Norwegian are useful for the Japanese and Norwegians. But what counts is the goal of journey, the love. You pay excessive attention to differences while you should be seeing all life as being united in a loving God.

But let me note that doctrinal differences are somewhat wide and fundamental. For instance, Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah and Saviour; believers of Judaism maintain that He is one of the prophets, and Mohammedans believe likewise. Yet Eastern religions, (at least some of them) claim that Divinity is not a Person. We have impersonal Brahman, from which Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva have emerged.

I understand that you want to force me to definitively settle this issue.

Well, maybe not in so many words.

This matter is so important for you that it is worth saying a few words of commentary. You live in a world of variety and you are used to specifying yourselves by what divides you, and not by what you have in common. However it is the principle of unity or oneness that lies at the base of all differences. You reach this principle through the paths of religions, or at least you should do so.

Everything has emerged from this Oneness. Accept differences, but do not think that you are better, that your understanding is better and your religion or whatever else is superior to others. In fact, you are one big family, which can share among its members all the best of what it possesses. Emphasising differences and on this account, building beliefs of supremacy is the favourite play of ego that does not want to waste any opportunity to put on airs. Only a short distance separates putting on airs from humiliation of others, from contempt for the ‘strange’ and misunderstanding their customs, and finally, from aggression and violence aimed at establishing the order known to oneself.

So from now on resign from putting airs on yourselves, your race, religion and even your ‘own’ God. Divinity evinces in all forms and in all religions. Accept Divinity’s right to this and its choice to appear before those children who are thirsty for love in the way they are able to comprehend and then fall in love with it.

Abandon the conviction about your personal superiority, superiority of your own culture or achievements. Such conviction is the source of superstitions and leads to much, much suffering.

Every day, when you meet a neighbour or somebody whom you do not know yet, say to me gently in your thoughts “God of Love, I am greeting You in this man” and only after that, start conversation. Remember that although outwardly you may be not aware of this fact, I am everywhere, in every man and in every being. I am all what exists. My name is Love. Respect this fact.

Thank you for this beautiful explanation, Master.

I would like to get back to one of your thoughts for a moment—about the fact that religions should be providing the real meaning flowing from the Spirit of Love.

Yes, this is one of its tasks.

But how could it be accomplished technically? Should old contents be worked out anew?

No, not necessarily. All the great Masters, who at one time have been living on the Earth, in reality have never ‘left’ and their spiritual power grew even after departing their bodies. Besides, Divinity exists and you all know that it is omnipotent. In other words, it can do anything. If so, then it is also able to speak to you again and continue sending guidance that will let you live better in your world. Is this not so? Isn’t this simple and logical? Will a loving father deny his children help?

What you are saying, Master, is simple and most logical. Why has it not been instituted in practice?

Because of fear, mainly. Fear, hesitations and doubts make you prefer staying with that which somebody recognised as valid and the one and only path. In this manner, adhering to apparently sure teachings, you turn away from their Source and depreciate it. And it is the Source that matters, not the books and the teachings contained in them. Love that can and will lead you in life matters. Seek Love’s paths but not necessarily in these old books. For it is everything.

As an old Sufi saying has it, when a sage points at the moon with his hand, the fool looks at the finger. But as You say, it is the fear of deviation from the rule, the fear of error that prevents people from unconstrained studies in the spiritual domain. They fear punishment, misfortunes and failures.

You will never be ‘punished’ for seeking Light and Love, for seeking paths towards God. There is not the least reason to be afraid of trying different approaches, seeking ways of communicating with loving Divinity and carrying its advice into effect. Have some trust in God, in His Power and Love, and go ahead.

How could existing religious organisations incorporate your guidance into daily life?

In a very simple way. Firstly, bring yourselves home to God’s omnipotence and His love. Full of trust, turn towards Him as you would to a loving Father and Mother.

Afterwards ask Him to prepare or appoint persons, through which He would like to pass His messages to you. It does not have to be one person. There can be many of them. Ask Him that He choose the form of communication that He thinks is proper. There are lots of ways and means. Let us mention dreams, the possibility of your spiritual insight obtained in response to a fervent prayer.

Pray and ask Him to express His opinions about issues important for you as well as anything else He may wish to express. Later, you may compare the answers obtained through different persons.

I think members of the institutions and congregations would be worried by the fact that they would in a way become dependent on their ‘transmitters’.

Why depend on an intermediary? Rely on God and His word, not on people. You can all serve God better this way. And this is what matters, not loyalty to old writings but the present turn towards Love and Truth. Today Divinity can also express itself freely in written messages, in dreams and thousands of other phenomena, as in fact this happens every day. Everything is in God. If you ask God for help, He will never refuse to grant it to you. Start doing what I say and you will find out for yourselves. The subsequent situations and experiences will show you the path.

It really works. If I am not sure, I may invent or choose some special sign, e.g. a character, phrase or something else, and ask You that it be included in that message of a collection which at the moment is of real import to me. Then it remains for me to only check which message contains my sign.

This is the outer path too. If you indeed respect or love Divinity, your heart will tell you what is right and good. But, of course, in times of uncertainty or deep mental stress one may resort to the solutions you talk about. Divinity will kindly bless them.

Great religions surely have many adherents devoted to Divinity to the extent that they are able to minister with God’s word live, so to say. They constitute the perfect advisers for those managing congregations. Am I right?

Yes. There are such people.

Yet, somehow, I have never heard that any of the current or past ‘rulers’ have used such means. The East and India are exceptions in this respect. There, rulers had their spiritual teachers that were advising them about issues concerning administration and religion. I have not heard of any similar case in the West.

But they are there. You do not have to know who this ‘transmitter’ is. Rulers can also ask Divinity that it gives them such an advisor whom no one else would know about. In any case, the matter is much simpler. If you have a problem, you may always turn for help to your loving Father. He will answer through somebody, through a movie, a show, an article in a newspaper or via a dream. Keep turning towards Love.

May I ask You one more question? How should people use hints found in books to solve their current problems?

First of all trust God, not any book. Books and similar divinations are just technical matter. The most important thing is that you ask your loving Father and Master for the answer. Of course you can ask for a hint or guidance for what to do and then take a book, open it at random and start reading. It is possible that you will find something that just fits given situation.

But this is not a one-solution-fits-all rule. The answer may not be needed or things will go their own way, independently of your decisions and conduct.

If you start getting attached to this form of dialogue, the answers will cease coming. The key to receiving a good clue is your state in which you ask a question. It should be the state of love and devotion or at least humility with respect to the Higher Powers.

Besides that, I am advising you to have a much more relaxed approach. More joy, more smiles. Do smile at me. It costs you nothing but gladdens me. This gladdens me incredibly.

So there is another path to You: ‘Path of smiles’.

Oh, definitely yes! I like this path very much… The smile helps to live.

There are not many so called ‘serious problems’ in life and you like to make all of them complex and treat everything in a deadpan manner. More ease, more smiles in daily life, and at once you will see how much easier and more pleasant life is. And more importantly, God is much closer, too. God loves your rejoicing and smiles. I am a full-of-life-and-joy-Being. Do not forget this.

And here is My new blessing: “Blessed are those who smile often, for pure rejoicing is what God likes.”

Thus we have the ninth blessing.

Here is the tenth: “Blessed are those who have learned how to love God, for He will change their lives into spiritual paradise on Earth; and everywhere they happen to go, He will guard them and look after their development until He brings them to unity with Himself in love.”

Here is the eleventh: “Blessed are those who have learned how to love God, for their lives will become easy and full of joy; and Divine love will be granting Itself to them at every moment in which they decide to turn towards It”.

Here is the twelfth: “Blessed are those who have learned how to love God, for God will bestow upon them happiness and prosperity and will grant them the greatest gift — Himself, and will help them to understand oneness with Love and Himself”


Smile, and the Universe smiles with you

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