Kabir Jayanti 2020

Kabir Das JayantiSant Kabir Jayanti is observed on the Purnima or full moon day in the month of Jyeshta (May – June) as per traditional calendar. In 2020, the date of Sant Kabir Jayanti is June 5. It is believed that Sant Kabir Das was born on this day. The birth anniversary of Sant Kabir is observed in India and around the world. Meetings, satsangs, and recital of Sant Kabir’s poems are held on the day.

anāth Hin. m. anātha San. n. unprotectedness; helplessness; an orphan; those with no master, no one to care for or protect them, no guru, no guide – the destitute, bereft of companionship.

Who is Poor?
Kabir was a poor weaver who eked out his livelihood by weaving clothes. Though he was poor, he was always blissful. Mistaking him to be an anatha, the king of the land sent him wealth, through his servants. Kabir, who had just returned from a bath in the river, noticed the wealth in front of his house he asked the servants, “Who has sent this wealth?” “The king has sent this wealth”, the servants replied. “To whom has he sent this wealth and why?”, queried Kabir. “The king has sent this wealth because Kabir is anatha”, said the servants. “Who is anatha? I am not anatha since my ‘Natha’ (master) is Sri Ramachandra. Since I have a master I am not anatha. As Lord Rama has no master He is anatha and all this wealth should be truly offered to Him”. (Summer Showers 93)

kabir poem serve the poor

Serve the Poor and Humble
Respect all with equal vision
Such a man stands big and tall
Infused with hearty disposition

Good Company and Bad Company
Kabir looked at good company as well as bad company and said that both of them should be respected. At this, the disciples questioned him how it is that both good company and bad company deserve to be respected. To this, Kabir replied that there is some trouble to the world from the bad people and there is trouble to the world also from the good people. In order that there is no trouble from either quarter, he is paying respects to both of them. The disciples then asked how any harm can result from good people. Kabir smiled and said that association with bad people causes great discomfort. On the contrary, separation from good people also causes great discomfort, and therefore, he was praying to both.
There should not be separation from good people and there should not be association with bad people. You must always be praying that both these things may come your way. (Summer Showers, 1973)

kabir poem about company

Kabir stands in marketplace
With good wishes for everyone
Neither steeped in friendship
Nor enmity with anyone.

The Gift of a Good Wife

Kabir is an example of another godly man in a different situation. Unlike Tukaram’s wife, Kabir’s wife was highly devoted and faithful, totally dedicated to serving the husband and obeying him implicitly. One day Kabir was plying his handloom, chanting as usual, the name of “Ram” all the time. Suddenly he called his wife and saying that one thread has snapped, he asked her to bring a lamp. It was noon and when she brought the lightened lamp, Kabir asked her to take it back as it was not necessary (because of daylight). Any other wife in her position would have retorted, saying, “Have you no eyes to see the daylight? Why did you waste my time and effort by unnecessarily asking me to bring a lighted lamp and to take it back? Do you think I have no other work?.” etc. But Kabir’s wife was made of a different stuff. She silently took back the lamp, without a murmur or uttering even a single word of resentment. Hence, with such a dutiful and obedient wife, Kabir was able to develop his devotion unhampered, and expressed his gratitude to God for His Grace in giving him such a good partner in life. (Summer Showers 90)

kabir poem about ignoring abuse

A verbal abuse is one
Responding to it makes it manifold
Says Kabir, never respond to abuse
Let it remain one untold.


Kabir Das, the weaver


kabir poem about meditation

Learn to meditate as such
A steady flow without strain
Learn to die a death as such
Never to die again.