Ashram Visit: 22 September 2001

Business with SaiIn Yesteryear, after darshan was completed, I would sit on the benches – right where I could see all the way down the verandah and the interview room door and take notes of what Swami did “after darshan”. A lot of mornings were what I called ‘business’ mornings where ashram staff, teachers, college lecturers, President of this state, that state’s seva convenor, would get called into the interview room for ‘business’. I’d write the times down. 2 – 3 minutes, they’d be out the door and walking off the verandah to do the task allocated. It is like this with Swami, he notices everything and takes care of it.

Evening came, and morning came, it is raining gently. I walk on sticky wet sand, sticky footapath, wipe feet on a sodden hessian bags that make a walkway up the the metal detector. The Seva dal directs me to another where I am Frisked Very Thoroughly. I say “Thank you” after they finish frisking, they are simply doing their service and protecting us all and enabling a good darshan for us all. The chandelier lights are on inside, and it is dark outside. Looking toward the Stupa, I remember Christmas Morning, waiting in the darshan hall, under the lights, the darkness outside. The ladies are doing nagarsankirtan. It is quite penetrating and pulls me from my silent sitting. It is strong and clear. More chandelier lights come on. I can hear the men singing, not far behind the ladies. Continue sitting.

Swami gives darshan. Control the senses, focus on Swami alone. No problem, men get up and block my vision, I still focus on him and wait patiently. Now the crowd has increased appreciably (buses arrived yesterday) and there is some energetic shoving toward the front. Swami ignores those shoving and walks past. I observed him quite deliberately ignore some pushing – shoving men and their letters. He patted his hand, sit down! A little further on, He stops in the middle of the carpet and simply stands still, holding letters. I get the impression of an enormously powerful cosmic generator of love simply radiating love, love, love, every which way. To every level of existence. Generator – Organiser – Destructor.

Afternoon darshan

Swami comes out at 2.25. Moves about the ladies side. Stops and talks. Does not pass the men’s side, instead he directly goes from the Ladies side straight up to the porch. Seva Dals run down and roll up the carpet. Two women who have been sent up go in. Music stops. Men stand and look at each other. Many men remain sitting and meditate. Other men stand around, talk, muddle and huddle and finally leave. 3.10 the women come out. Swami appears briefly, and sends three men in. Students arrive. I think about that, seeing Swami briefly. CIA is what I need, Constant Integrated Awareness. Men come out, Swami closes the door and stays inside. 3.45 he comes out, calls students to the verandah, blesses prasad offered. Students return to their seats. Swami reenters the room. 4.15, Swami comes out on the verandah, speaks to some men. Makes vibhuti. Moves his head from side to side while talking. 4.30, Anil Kumar emerges quickly from the front of the verandah. I think Swami has spoken with him, I may go to the talk tomorrow and listen. 4.45 Swami comes out onto the porch. I can’t see him, pillars in the way. 5PM, the flutes start. 5.15, the Oms come over the loudspeakers. The interview room door is open, I can see the light on inside. The darshan hall is a bit lopsided, most of the men are sitting on the left side to see Swami in his chair during bhajans. Robust, loud bhajans. Arathi. Swami emerges, clutching his robe. Bell rings. Swami lifts his hand in blessing for all the people at the end of the path immediately he gets outside the darshan hall. Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu. Men rush to get in the queue for short meditation in the Mandir. Sundown drifts into the hall slowly. A long day in the Ashram is nearly over.

Sai Ram to you all from the abode of Highest Peace.


Business with Sai



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