Conversations with The Master: Theory and Practice

Very early in life, most people learn that scarcity rules and money speaks all languages. Where is money and the trading of money in the stock markets in the spiritual life? Is money filthy lucre, or is money a sacred energy meant to be used for the service of mankind? Does Loving Divinity give hints about making money, trading, ending of markets, care for oneself, one’s family, one’s brothers and sisters in the society and culture? These and more questions we all have to resolve. Money is nothing to come between you and the turn towards Love, the learning of Love, the living with Love day by day. Money is an instrument, as The Master tells.

Hello Master. Over past days I have picked up the book “Love without Limits” a few times and heard You telling me to open it on page numbered 72 in Polish edition. The part in question always makes a great impression on me. It concerns your general hints about life and business in particular. I see that in my current situation it applies to me.


Can I quote it here? I would like to ask You for a comment.

Of course, you can.

I was just thinking that You could suggest me a series of bets and by then I would know how to use them. It would suffice to know which shares will go down and which go up. Starting with a small capital of ten thousand, for example, you can exceed one million within two weeks…

Yes, and even more. But tell me what for would you need this money?

Well, I did not think about it, I have just hit upon this idea.

The idea is good, but not quite. It has a crucial gap. People would have far more resources if they knew exactly how to use them to a good purpose. Then, at appropriate time such hints are possible provided there are no karmic obstacles.


Will assuring You, that earned money will be down to a cent used for a good purpose, draw or can draw closer your hints?

Yes and no. It depends on situation. You cannot consider only at a part of the whole, like “I will give money to a shelter for animals; I am waiting for guidance to earn one million dollars in a week.” If you live decent life and suddenly receive, for example, five million dollars and even if you spend them all on the intended purpose, your life will never be the same. If someone learns of it, for example your family – you may add the rest yourself. After such a step you will have even more trouble than before.

Unless one will keep a part of the money for himself.

There is another article for this case… But I can see all of your intentions. Also, it may surprise you that I can see the future and I know how it will end up in the tiniest detail. You can deceive others, you can deceive yourself. I am the only one you will not be able to deceive.

So You rarely suggest.

Not as often as I wanted and could.

Does it mean that you would like to do this more often?

Yes. Do you see anything unnatural in it? If your child does not understand or cannot accomplish a task because it exceeds its capacity, you do not wait long and give advice or solve the problem yourself.

Does that mean that You want to prompt us in different matters?

But of course, I do!

It is not written anywhere that I remain silent and indifferent. The truth is that I am sensitive and loving, and if a man asks me, he is provided with special care. This is written in each of your holy books.

Well, but so far I did not think that one can simply use your tips on such matters as dealing in a stock market.

You can, for I am there in order to make your life easier. Just ask me.

The stock market is not any unusual place operating according to some special rules. There are people everywhere and they need Love everywhere.

Perhaps the problem consists in that on the exchange market there are involved strong, and additionally low emotions, such as lust for possession, fear of losing.

My help is needed there all the more, and sometimes an intervention in order that a man does not lose the capital of his whole life as result of events that are in store. People do not listen to me, their eyes being fixed on their own ideas, fears and plans. And know that I speak and very often, at that. I give hints what to do, when to get on the market, on which one, and when to withdraw. Only that people believe more in their own theories and analyses than in what Divinity tells them inside. But I am not going to force myself upon you. The end result is that many investors end their careers bankrupt. This is not necessary; many people do not need it. The turn towards Love and hints will appear by themselves, as if from “nowhere”. Let us begin to cooperate.

Learn putting a ceiling on your desires. Learn how to put a stop to the lust for profit, greed and all low instincts. Allocate part of resources to selfless service to others. It is movement, and not accumulation, that the secret of success lies in. Accumulation alone only causes stagnation; therefore, learn doing something good for others. Learn to give.

I think that this topic will arouse the interest of many!

We will continue it at another time.



While reading a passage from the previous book for yet one time yesterday I suddenly understood that there is something improper in my approach to work, to business. There is too much involvement and concern about what I do.

Despite of my education, I have a bent for trading. My blood circulates more jauntily when I prepare sale strategies or send an offer and negotiate the terms. I like doing this! Yet I understood yesterday that this is the problem as this engagement moves me away from You. And this means a step back.

It is so indeed. We are getting back to the topic of reincarnation and your previous lives. What you call a bent for trading came to existence many years ago as a natural evolution of other abilities.

You used to find a great pleasure in fighting, in expeditions around the world and exploratory activities. You sought adventures and, often with arms in hand, were given new orders which were far from mine. After numerous confronting and challenging experiences you turned away from violence and became directed towards more peaceful and civilized arenas of activity. You were also a merchant carrying goods between India and Holland and this is where your relations with the two countries come from.

Now the time has come to offer everything you do to me, and this also includes your professional and financial matters. Now, there exists a limit beyond which you should not go, even if you feel like doing so and it entices you when “something is happening.” Already, this limit is present. Always ask me for an opinion – this is the simplest and easiest way. This way you will move forward fastest.

Recall what I told you today.

Excuse me dear Master, in what matter?

About clearing accounts of your past and about what liberation is.

I apologise again; my memory sometimes fails. Here I am, you told me that liberation towards Love is not only the meditation, but also full settlement with the past. Then, I was curious whether it was possible to burn out this karma some other way, so that one could devote oneself to You and your Love only. You answered that what is necessary must happen and there is no cancellation of it, and that everything serves me and my progress. Thus it is better for me to work and take on tasks that confront me. It is the best way of taking another step towards You.

I understand that I have to be on guard and not enter further karmic ties, but to turn towards You in a greater degree in addition to following your suggestions.

Yes, this is what I referred to. Add to it often asking me for an opinion about every issue you deal with. Ask what exactly you need to do, how to behave, when to take action and when to draw back. More listening to me than letting things taking their own course. Do not act any more like you have so far – not as you like, but according to what I tell you inside. This is a new task for you.

Leave yourself and come to me, and then all problems will disappear.

Thank you for these wonderful words. I will take appropriate action at once. I will write it down so as not to forget and will be putting it into effect.

Love is truth, love is life, and love is the goal. Love is second to none; love equals love alone. Only through the path of love can you reach the embodiment of love, which is God. It is not physical or worldly love. It is not “pravritti prema,” which is external, but it is the “nivritti prema,” which is eternal and Divine.
Sathya Sai Baba [August 14, 1998]

As usual, theory differs from practice…

Do not view changes as an isolated event. Making decision and immediate result? It does not work that way.

You take a few steps in the right direction, then something happens, you fall into traps of desires and go back. After some time you sober up and turn towards me again. It makes sense.

Do not worry about so-called “failures” – they are inevitable. You learn another aspect of yourself, your limitations and continue the march. In the meantime, the transformation constantly goes its own way.

Today’s reflections led you to interesting conclusions. You have noticed something essential. Let us talk about it.

I suddenly realised that there exists certain dissonance within me. I earned quite a lot yesterday on one transaction and it was charged with intense emotions. Today, while analysing the situation I noticed that, on one side, while dealing with business I am rather radical (if not tough) and, on the other side, under your influence I am becoming more and more gentle and nice.

Thank you, Master, for the possibility of having the choice which way to turn to. Earlier, I was not aware of it. Now it seems to me that I can always be gentle and calm, without being attached to effects of actions – at least as much as I can. Until I fall into something else again.

As I have said, this is a process, not a single event. We are taking small steps in the right direction. It is based on meditation supported by love towards the Creator plus integration of the new vision with everyday life. New situations will come soon and we will take up something else and you will take another step towards me. This journey really never ends.

This dissonance was sharpened by strong contrast between nervousness and emotions during the transaction and love that accompanies turning towards your perfection, towards your Love. I wonder whether it is possible to always remain turned towards You and to never leave this state.

Yes, it is possible. Keep trying and one day you will wake up and it will be there. It will become everyday life.

Everything requires maturity.

These days I have continued to come across this particular passage as though by “accident”. I am just preparing another project. It will probably be very profitable. Practically every day I open the book in this very place, so it cannot be an accident. I see I should ask You for a full comment. Master, how should I spend the money that will come?

This money, in the part I will specify, you will spend for others who cannot do what you can. You will lend them a helping hand as they found themselves in need and they lack resources for basic needs. At the right time you will learn whom to pass them on to. For the time being do not think about it. But remember that we have an arrangement in this regard.

Master, in such case I would like You to tell me how much money, or what percentage, and till what date I should carry out our agreement.

Within three months give out twenty percent for purposes I will name. Use the rest for other purposes we will talk about later. Many people ask me for help and I decided to help them in just this way. They need to be helped without them giving anything in return; simply to do them a favour. While giving money or anything else think that you are giving it to me. After all I am everything, am I not?

Such behaviour does not carry karmic effects forward; everything comes from me, through me and gets back to me.

And what do You, Master, think in general about the projects I carry out now? There are four of them at the moment. I know this is a bit too many, even as for me.

Everything will get settled at the right time – you can be sure of that. Commitment is the only problem that arises. You get engaged too much in what you do but it is not necessary at all.

Give me back all the results that will be brought about and stop worrying about them.

There will be what it is to be and it will be fine, regardless of what will be. Nicely said, isn’t it?

Yes, of course, a cool sentence.

Everything in due time, everything in my time. There will be what it is to be and it will be fine.

Put Love in the first place in life.

At every moment and every place you have a door right next to you, the door that, when you open it, will lead you towards Love.

The world you know is only a part of truth and there is that part that is a lie. This is the world created by minds distorted by fear and lust.

Do not stop on the outer world; pass by culture and religion and make sure that they do not have any shattering impact on you. Direct yourself towards Love. Leave the rest out of the way.

Your focus in life is on yourselves and family, but take into consideration the fact that you are Divinity that is not attached to anyone or anything. As children, particles of the Loving Creator and as He Himself, you are always free.

It is the wrongly shaped mind and warped character that make you identify with the body and the world of matter. Scenes from life are being played on the arena of mind and the mind follows them and mistakes them for reality.

Point the lens of mind towards Divinity and, with time, you will discover who you really are.

Learn to act as a representative of living Divinity on the earth.

Master, as I understand, You are calling on us to perform a specific action, but tell us please what “pointing the lens of mind towards God” means. How should it look like, technically speaking?

Love for the loving Creator is the best route. Do not think about special techniques, they are good but only up to a certain time.

Keep turning to Him with love, every day, every moment if you can.

Ask Him for a chance to turn towards Him.

Ask Him for bestowing on you love that you could offer Him.

Ask that He blesses you with His grace of transforming you into a person devoted to Him and His Love.

Be blessed you who seek Love. The Sweetness of the Prize surpasses everything else.

Liberation is just the awareness of Truth, the falling off of the scales of delusion from the eye. It is not a special suburb of select souls; it is not a closed monopoly of expert saadhakas. Like the Godavari river losing its form, its name and its taste in the sea, liberation dissolves the name and form, aptitudes and attitudes. You are no more a separate, particular, individual. The rain drop has merged in the sea, from where the drop arose. Of course there was no bondage, at any time, and no prison; there was only a fixation in the mind that one was bound, that one was in prison, that one was limited and finite!
Sathya Sai Baba [March 2, 1965]

Coalitions and oppositions criticise each other. These who govern manipulate and exploit others. What is left for the opponents is to show anger within generally accepted norms or beyond them. Society sympathises with one of the sides and either succumbs to manipulation or draws satisfaction from blunders and negative assessments issued by more courageous opponents.

This is politics. Where is room for love here?

You either support those who manipulate you for their own ends (certainly not for the highest good), or get angry at them and those who are in opposition. Which of these two groups do you want to belong to?

Therefore, I tell you to leave politics, watching it, listening, reading and talking about it. The Quality of your life will improve right away.

Keep turning towards the loving Creator and His love, and not towards the world and politics. Politics is like partly spoiled food. It appears to stimulate and cause strong reactions, but in the final analysis it always brings harm. As time goes, the Creator will let you have a look at the politics and the pathetic state of people involved in it with His eyes of love.


 Therefore, I tell you to leave politics, watching it, listening, reading and talking about it



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