Ashram Visit: October 2001

verandaI sat in the nearly depleted darshan hall (not many here at the present moment, but then that is due to change, the Sai Paduka Trust is coming up from Madurai next week) I looked at Swami as he began walking down the red carpet from Poornachandra to give Afternoon Darshan. Yesterday I was reading Paramahansa Yoganananda and Sri Aurobindo on Avatars. I began to think about Swami as Avatar as he entered the hall. Swami is not what I think about him, Swami is what I know about him and that is based on my experience.

As Swami came closer, closer, the music took on an incredibly peaceful ambience; Silence began to surround me and my thoughts stopped as I observed Swami in silence. Peaceful silence. I see him smile, nod his head from side to side as he talks. His very peace keeps men from getting up, he simply pats the air with his hand and blesses. Men remain seated, offering letters. Peace, peace peace. His face is so close, I see the mole and the soft brown skin, eyelashes, the edges of his crown of hair distinct. I noticed the two gold studs in his robe. Oh, this is a new robe, somebody has given Swami a robe and he is wearing it for the first time, it has a very high neck and at the back, a raised (collar)(yoke)(whatever) almost so it touches his hair. Lovely crisp fresh robe, it gives Swami a most comely appearance. I checked the front of the robe, yes, its right up to his neck. Looks nice.

The peace continues as Swami walks on. Moves further up, and by this time I became aware that my mind had stopped completely as I was observing Swami. It was a distinct stillness and peacefulness. My chatterbox silent, my energy rich and vibrant yet quiescent, my presence complete, in an oddly manner. Hard to say. Am I describing sat-chit-ananda? Perhaps, as that is the question I began with. How do I know Swami? By his own quality of Sat-chit-anand as he has just revealed in this darshan.

It seemed to me afterward that Swami heard my question and answered it.

Now we will be taking a break from writing of Ashram visiting, and resume when the inner resident prompts.





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