Conversations with the Master: Vision of God – How Would God Like to be Perceived?

A great depth psychologist of the last century once said that the great sin of modern humanity was that they had recast God in their own image and likeness (Carl Gustav Jung, Memories, Dreams and Reflections). It is a challenge for any person to surrender and allow the Divine to reveal itself as it would do so for that person. It is somewhat like NDE’s, near death experience, where everyone encounters something beyond human categories of experience and expression and all come back and say a different thing. Here, the Master tells how God would like to be perceived.

Divinity is the sweetest love and good. Divinity is happiness and joy, soaring towards the highest value of surrendering oneself to the Highest Love. Divinity is the undercurrent that invisibly pervades the Universe endowing it with existence and happiness. Divinity is like a powerful river where-from every being can draw any time, whenever it wants. Divinity always is near, nearer than anybody suspects. Divinity is love that surrounds with care. Divinity creates and protects forms until their assigned tasks are accomplished and so they may be left off. The two worlds that you still perceive as separate are in reality one and the same — there is only One. This thinking, related to bodily sensations divides the Indivisible, believing that it is separate from ‘I’, and as a Being it is distinct from the Universe. Yet, even the perceived distinction of objects is not true. There is no multiplicity; there is no trace of separation. The manifold variety is just shadows cast upon a paper screen – a screen that simply disappears, consumed by the fire of love.


There is no shadow, nor screen; there is no multiplicity, nor distinction. No distance, no separation — nothing that the mind could follow exists. There are no beings, nor phenomena. This state of being is the highest Love. In Truth that’s what Man is – the true and the only. One Being. Divinity as It Is. Lightness. The Source of the Self — unblemished, primordial. Supreme God in His original Essence. This is Primeval Word, which was there at the beginning and still sounds creating the Universe and lending it the Meaning. It is the top of tops and the valley of valleys, and everything in between and also something beyond. You are That. You are the Earth, the Sun and every one of the distant stars. You are the unimaginable spaces of the Cosmos filled with nectarine love and devotion. You are oneness, the Fullness that was there in the beginning, is Now and Will Be at the End. You are Eternity, Light and Wisdom. You are the silence of centuries, vision that does not need eyesight, Power that marvels at Itself creating new beings, phenomena and Universes. There exists hundreds, nay, thousands of Universes being created in the eternal Now, beyond this time and this space. There exists unimaginable beauty and it is just you who are It. Continue journeying from Love for Love, keep changing yourself to discover the Unchanging. You, man, are All That. You are not different from the Supreme Divinity. You and I are One. This is the Truth from which other truths derive, the mother of all truths praised by sages of all times.


  Power that marvels at Itself creating new beings, phenomena and Universes …

(source: nasa)


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