Conversations with the Master: Meditation and Love

Meditation comes in many forms. It has been said that a day without meditation is a day wasted. Medical and scientific research into meditation shows that it significantly reduces ageing, risk of heart attack, occurrence of dementia and is observed to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. (For more information, check the back issues of New Scientist, e.g., May 2017). Here, the Master shares a new meditation which will most definitely lift one into loving closeness with the Beloved.

We are beginning to write a new part of the book. Are you glad?

Oh yes! I am very happy. You will bestow upon me your hot and very sweet energy of love again. I love You, my dear Master.

And I love you. The first subject that we will examine concerns love and meditation.

Meditation is the basis of spirituality. It is not possible for man to evolve in today’s world if he does not know how to meditate and to draw inspiration from the insights and experiences of meditation. Meditation is not limited to mere silencing the mind and calming it down. It is dynamic contact with your own interior, with the God of love who dwells there. Meditation is a process that allows the inner Love to speak.

These are beautiful words, but I do not want the reader to think that they are unrealistic. Thus the question: do they have a practical facet?

Of course, they speak of most concrete and tangible aspects. I am talking here not about things that are inaccessible for you, but exclusively about these that you can apply in a practical manner in day-to-day life and benefit therefrom.

That is …

That is about a certain new technique that will serve you as a bridge leading to joy and Divine love. Do you want to learn about this?

Oh yes! I believe I can say this also in the readers’ name.

The meditation that I will describe aims at making you more susceptible to connecting with Love, to getting closer to it and, in effect, spiritual cleansing. The more joy and love you win as a result of these exercises the closer you will be to the Creator. Remember, He is Love and Joy, so smile to Him often. I am telling you, He is worth it!

I love You for your words full of love. They are so much heart-warming. I love You.

Wonderful words of love open you in so many respects. I like it when you speak to me that way. I like it very much.

And now about the meditation. It is very simple and can be practiced without problems by believers of any religion.

Imagine a Form that is, according to you, the embodiment of loving Divinity; the pure and true representation of Supreme God. Imagine that it stands in front of you, fully alive. This Form is a personification of every goodness, happiness, love and joy that are in God. Imagine this very vividly and clearly.

It is very important that you not see Divinity in that Form as a sinister and powerful Being, but as Love, as your closest and most dedicated Friend – male or female. Firmly believe and know that the Form is a living embodiment of goodness, love and wisdom, and that besides these qualities, it does not have any other aspects.

People have false ideas deeply imprinted in their minds; therefore from the very beginning I am bringing the proper approach to your attention. Remember – only love, only joy, only happiness; joyfulness, ecstasy of happiness. That is the Creator. He is not fear, threat nor haughtiness. He is delicacy, love, subtlety, the very beauty and truth. Keep coming back to these words often and think them over deeply. Simply brush all other notions aside.

When we know who we are in contact with, we approach Him (or Her), embrace, hug and snuggle up to as someone very, very close, who is loving and dedicated to us, someone we love and who loves us. Hug this Form with your whole self, embrace your loving Father, your loving Mother, your closest Friend. Continue to stay in this embrace.

Substantially, meditation consists in approaching and remaining close to loving Divinity. It is learning a lesson in love for the Creator, to Love. Let love be your guide in these wonderful efforts.

Thank you, Master, for this wonderful meditation. This is like meeting someone we haven’t seen for a long time, for whom we yearn for deep in our heart, who loves us, whom we originate from and to whom we will return one day.

It is indeed so. You originate from and return to Him or Her. Thanks to this meditation beloved children are coming back to their home to be taken under the wings of parental and family love.

Master, I would still like to ask You about the Form of the beloved Creator. Which is the best?

Choose the one that is closest to you, that you are able to love, and that does not breed fear. The Creator is the most loving and loved Being in the Universe.

Can Jesus, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Divine Mother or Sathya Sai Baba be taken as the Form of loving Divinity?

Yes, yes, yes. They all come from the One, from Love.

How long should such meditation last?

At the beginning let it last for about 10 minutes. When you establish yourselves firmly in it then you may try to continuously stay with God and keep turning to Him for love, inspiration and any help – continuously, ever.

You may start right after waking up. Turn to Him with love, then sit for a few minutes in meditation. Learn to turn during the day with smiles and love for Someone who, although not seen, is always present.

If you forget, do not worry. Just keep coming back to Love, with joy, with smiles, in good luck and bad luck, in health, but also in sadness and illness, in difficult situations or very difficult situations; when everything goes exquisitely well and when everything around collapses. Whether you walk or drive a car, or go window shopping; whether you are busy working or sitting in front of a TV set, whether you eat breakfast or talk on the phone, you can always take a deeper breath and come back, even for a moment, into the embrace of the loving Friend. Always, forever remember that there is Someone who is waiting for you with love and you can turn to Him. He is always ready, always waits—always. Because He is the true Friend.

Thank you, dear Baba. This is simply wonderful meditation. You are so close and loving in this meditation.

I have always been close and loving. Because I myself love. I am Love. Thus you should think of me. I am LOVE.

Wonderful feelings emerge during this meditation.

It is so because you are approaching me. Come closer, embrace me and stay that way. There cannot be any simpler meditation. Love and meditate, meditate and love. It will be the source of many wonderful events and experiences for you. Your life will change unrecognizably. I love you. I am always with you, in you and around you. Love is all that exists. Love is God. Continue staying in the sweet embrace of love.

This morning I sat in meditation. I had barely asked the Master for help in approaching Him and guidance when a clear picture appeared instantly. I was in the mountains in a cable car going to the top. I was looking through the window at the wonderful snowy peaks and the breathtaking scenery. Outside the calmness of a sunny winter day in the high mountains prevailed, accompanied by a feeling of great and deep joy. In childhood I have always been cheerful when coming back to the mountains. I glanced at the floor, where there were about a dozen pairs of shoes. They were the kind used for mountain hiking, all brand-new and of very good quality — male, female – and some were quite small, child-sized. I have a hunch what these images mean, but I will not deny myself this splendid possibility of asking You a question, beloved Master and Friend. Please, if that is also your wish, explain to me what message the images convey.

Meditation leads onto summits, beyond this world, where few trek. This meditation freely and easily leads you over and above all the difficulties and efforts that accompany mountain ascents. Here you are being carried, without any exertion on your part, above Apollonian but dangerous mountain paths.

The many pairs of shoes in all sizes indicate that the meditation is suitable for anybody at any age. The quality shoes adapted for walking in the mountains signify good preparedness for the part of the excursion that you should cover on foot. And, as it can be seen, someone has already done the needful, carrying you towards Himself and providing everything needed on the way. This is the way friends do.

Thank you, beloved Master, for this wonderful explanation.

You need not thank. Continue writing down my words so that they may reach those I love — reach you – who reads these words at this moment.

From the perspective of time I can say that this meditation is really, very powerful.

Powerful is not the right word. It induces love in man, love towards Divinity, tender and sweet feelings leading to union with the Creator, toward gaining readiness in serving Him with devotion.

This is a meditation of love, not of power that you perceive as something great and separate from yourselves. Meditation of love teaches that somebody whom you have recognized so far as very distant and superior, is in reality very, very close, tender and loving. This is the Truth about God. Remember this forever.


Meditation leads onto summits, beyond this world, where few trek. This meditation freely and easily leads you over and above all the difficulties and efforts that accompany mountain ascents. Here you are being carried, without any exertion on your part, above Apollonian but dangerous mountain paths. …



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