Conversations with the Master: Subtle Energies

Some might expect that the question of subtle energies is about acquisition and mastery of siddhi energies leading to materialisation, bilocation, walking on water (yes, this can be done!) and so forth. Others recognise subtle energies as energies that surround us and penetrate within such as mass movements, chaotic nodes or thought-forms that seize our consciousness, our minds, even our feelings. These too, exist. Here, the Master is speaking of subtle energies that we have dragged around embedded in our souls lifetime and lifetime again. They are useless, they do not serve us, they tie us to this physical domain, where we do not belong. We belong – in Love – beside The Master, the Creator of the ALL who is Love, Love, Love.


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Master, what is the role of subtle energies in the process of spiritual development?


It is crucial. Subtle energies spread out “from here to Divinity” in a fluid bridge between the Highest and the outer world. Do not think, however, that you are separated from Him in any way. Love pervades everything. The whole Universe and every man is in it and even he is it itself, constituting unity with the Loving One.


Every one of you has the power of creation, the power of wielding energy, which results in effects in the outside world. Let us take the simplest example: you think of something, create a plan and then make this object, be it a drawing, a pizza that you will prepare or a book you will write.


Focusing of consciousness gives rise to mental waves which with time get transformed into thought forms; these in turn attract energies of other, lower kinds. This is how ideas arise and then manifest in a physical form.


During centuries of existence every one of you has collected many such ideas, which have not been able to manifest themselves so far. They stay in you as “unfinished works” waiting for their time. This is why it is so difficult for you to break free from the physical world.


Thought forms filled with energy keep your consciousness in the sphere of material matters. You have to keep coming back to the Earth to in order to “complete” something. For many, many of you the returns no longer make sense; you belong elsewhere.


Additionally, the thought forms from the past are not anything valuable. They are the desires of possession, of being somebody, the desires of showing oneself off in certain situations, the desires of fulfilment in profession and in life, the desires of possession of fortunes and of life at one’s own discretion.


Trivial thoughts and desires have such a great influence on your creative power that you consider it appropriate to keep coming back to Earth time after time to indulge in unnecessary and meaningless pleasures.


Today I am directing these words to many, many of you: I am ashamed of you.


You do not have to stay in this world any more. You may live in constant love right by the Creator’s side. The time has come for leaving the field of physical impressions, for coming back home and taking on new tasks.


A focused thought has great power. From now on begin using it more consciously. Start turning thoughts and desires away from physical matters. Do not spend so much time on thinking about things you would like to have and on states you would like to find yourselves in.


Each such thought attracts energy and begins revolve around you in the sphere of aura. It waits there for its time to manifest. Especially strong thoughts tie you with them so firmly that you keep coming back to them habitually. These are the habits of thinking of yourselves, about others, imaginations that you are such and such, that you like this and that is repellent to you. With time, the habits become a lasting characteristic of your mentality. This way character gets created. Thoughts get transformed into tendencies and these with time into personality traits.


We say that someone is of good or bad character. Remember that just like you have created it, you can change it too. You have it all the time in yourselves, all of you have this power of controlling energies and it is a particle of the Divine power of creation. And if you make a decision about the change, you are able to bring about changes in yourself today – you have no idea of the extent of this power within you. There is no habit or even personality trait that you would not be able to change thanks to focused effort.


Master, it is widely believed that each habit can be changed within 21 days by working with affirmations and visualizations, for example.


Yes, this is partly true. In this period the first distinct changes in the mental spheres occur. However, one should not confine oneself to such short time. The true and lasting transformations take place over one to three months. After this time the new programming begins to operate. The time is needed for complementing thoughts with appropriate doses of energy, for consolidating and integrating with existing qualities.


My goal is to not to make you grow attached to earthly matters, but to take you to union in Love with the Creator. It will be good for you to know about these mechanisms from me and in case of need, be able to use them in order to create in yourselves – or others – desirable tendencies, habits and ultimately, good personality traits.


Working with these energies resembles raising children. It requires firmness, patience and consistency in action. Liquid mental matter will give in with time and take the desired shape and form.


Patience and firmness?


Patient forming of new habits; resolutely turning away from old habits; and consistently moving forward – are three stages of bringing about these changes within yourselves.


Learn raising yourselves up. Knowing how to do it – and doing this – will give you certain gifts; you practice this and you will have fewer problems with others, including children.


See how nature works. A tree seed falls into the soil. It sprouts, it comes into first leaves, then intensively grows to reach – sometimes after many years – full maturity and size. All processes in nature require some time. We call this law the law of growth. Be patient.


Small steps lead to the same goal as big steps do – but they are less risky.


Love is the astrolabe of the secrets of God. Whether being a lover is from this or that origin, eventually it is our guide to that Divine Origin. For although the explanation of the tongue is an excellent illuminator, yet Love expressed without the tongue is much clearer.

In attempting its explanation, the intellect lay down like a donkey stuck helplessly in the mud. Only Love itself spoke the real explanation of both love and being in love. The Sun is the demonstration of the Sun: if you need proof, seek it from the Sun and don’t turn your face away!      Mevlana Rumi

Taken from Conversations with the Master, Book 2, Love in Action. refers.


 See how nature works. A tree seed falls into the soil. It sprouts, it comes into first leaves, then intensively grows to reach …