Words about a time of debilitation, retrograde and self-care

debilitationDebilitation: The depletion or sapping of strength or energy: attenuation, depletion, devitalization, enervation, enfeeblement, impoverishment. As we have three debilitated planets at this time, along with significant transits of some planets, a word may help you understanding yours and other’s behaviours.

During late October, we will have a situation of three planets being debilitated. Debilitation means that a planet is unable to give all of its energy and magnetism as it usually does as it traverses the zodiac.

First in this triple debilitation is the Sun. The Sun is debilitated in Libra (the sign of balance) from 16 October through 16 November. Normally, there is a cancellation of this debilitation with the help of Venus, who is often in Leo at this time and able to exchange lordship with Sun (called parivarthana). This year, no cancellation is available, as Venus is about to enter debilitation. The Sun is significator of your Soul, your personality, your health, and the light within you. If you know your ascendant, then you can work out the particular challenges you may face with this debilitation. Nonetheless, this is happening in Libra, the natural 7th house, so time to move cautiously in the public domain, and to exercise caution in all your dealings in public. (7th house is all the relationships we have, both personal, business, commercial and spiritual).

Second in this triple debilitation is Venus. Venus will enter Virgo on 24 October, where it becomes debilitated until 17 November. Venus will exchange lordships with Mercury at this time, for Venus is in the sign of Mercury, as Mercury is in the sign of Venus. This exchange can bring positive energy and benefits, it can bring either increase or decrease, depending on which houses Virgo and Libra represent for you. As Venus is the love planet and the planet of positivity, and positive relations, at this time Venus will have you feeling critical, worried, perhaps feeling unsupported or not valued in your relationships. Virgo is an Earth sign, take steps to keep yourself grounded at this time and chant some positive affirmations to counter-balance this feeling of unloved, unwanted, no-friend-of-mine that may arise. Repeat, “I am a strong and worthy person, I give and receive love and affection freely.” Repeat until feeling good about self and others returns.


Summary: the debilitation of Venus will bring challenges about caring for yourself, caring for others

Third in this time of triple debilitation is Jupiter. Jupiter will be debilitated from 19 November through 4 April 2021. Jupiter will soon enter into a grand conjunction with Saturn. (More about this later). Up to the time Jupiter is conjunct Saturn, Jupiter will give poor results, particularly in the area of social media, personal rank, status and actions by governments.

While Jupiter usually charges into signs with the wealth of reason and philosophy, religious belief, articles of religious veneration and worthiness, it is a time where belief in our own selves may feel challenged, not valued, discarded, left behind. We may be filled with the Fear Of Missing Out. We may be feeling worthless about our designer clothes, haute couture accessories and other “bling” we may have. Take confidence, things get better after the Grand Conjunction when Jupiter gets past Saturn.

At this time, Saturn is in dignity and offers to cancel the debilitation. However, Saturn calls for

  • that which is lawful
  • truth
  • discipline
  • restrictions on house activity (meaning restrictions on activity that Capricorn represents for you)
  • Jupiter will multiply strength of Saturn on these issues.
  • Choices are important, however, Saturn will give restraint on these choices
  • Consider this a time of lawful patience, restraint and exercising caution
  • After the conjunction, Jupiter will give better results.

You will experience restraint during the time of Jupiter debilitation. Forewarned, you can exercise personal restraint and not expect so much (by way of results, action, outcomes) of yourself or others at this time.

Retrograde Planets
We have two retrograde planets at this time, Mars and Mercury.

Mars has moved (retrograde, backwards)out of its home sign of Aries into Pisces, where it will be stirring up strong emotions, strong responses to others, and perhaps, at times, inappropriate (vehemence) (intensity) (forcefulness) in thought, word and action. We don’t mean to do this, it just emerges, it just explodes, it catches us awry when the word, the deed, the thought escapes beyond the inner self into the world. Emotion is energy set in motion, and it may help to recall that you always have a choice about what you are going to do.

Take time, do not haste, waste, worry.

Do not seek an urgent result to your desiring.

Remember God

Calmly examine the situation and discriminate right and wrong.

Mercury will be in Libra from 22 September until 22 November 2020. During this time will will retrograde, and go combust, as the Sun will be in Libra during part of this time as well. Mercury in Libra exercises sensitivity to maintaining social harmony. Mercury in Libra creates agreements, contracts, pairings, exchanges, balance and equitable relationships. Mercury in Libra is a successful negotiator in matters both public and personal.

On 14 October, Mercury turned retrograde, and Sun entered Libra on 18 October. When Mercury is within 12° of Sun during its retrograde phase, it turns combust, exhausted of energy. The combustion phase occurred on 20 October and will continue until Sun is 14° or more distant from Mercury. This will happen 2nd of November. This will cause Mercury to be burnt out, communications exhausted, balance lopsided, negotiations and speed of results from other persons to be off the radar, irritating and downright annoying.

Might be time to take a break.

Might be time to give yourself a break, daily, of some kind.

Might be time to take extra care of yourself, particularly if Mercury is an important planet for you.

We have often said, “Life is a balance of work, exercise, prayer and relaxation.” Well, it might be time to shift the focus – perhaps make a promise to yourself – and shift the balance away from work and do one or another of the other “balances” to give yourself a decent break and let the pressure go. So, from 20 October to 2nd November, consider your balance!

Mercury will go direct on the 4th of November.


Haute couture
Haute couture is high-end fashion that is constructed by hand from start to finish, made from high-quality, expensive, often unusual fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable sewers—often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques