Should we Make Parents, Society and God Happy?

Billions live on Earth at this time. For each birth, there is sufficient food. How many live their lives with goodness, beauty and truth? We may not know about others, but we can certainly fill our own lives with these qualities. Should we keep other people happy? Should we make God happy with what we do? Are we meant to spend our lives pleasing others we like and avoiding others we judge to fail the integrity test? The Master has some words of advice for us all.

Should we Make Parents, Society and God Happy?

The whole of our spiritual and secular culture is based on the assumption that you must deserve, that you must do something to please parents, society and God.

You do not have to do anything to please me, because I am always satisfied and even more, I am always happy, and still more, I am the very bliss. This is why you do not need to do anything to be attractive to me.

The only thing I desire is that you become as happy as I am. Because I love, and love is sharing with beloved ones.

I am Love and I love each one of you, without any exception. I love and accept you the way you are. I am Love, I am Joy, I am Happiness. And now I am telling you all to start waking up and understand. Love, acceptance, rejoicing in life and happiness without any reason, are your natural state. You and I have this in common.

Your Loving Father takes note of what you do only because of your well-being and sometimes reacts one way or another. Yet, this does not change his love for you. Your mother accepts and loves you without reservation and even if sometimes she rebukes you, this does not change her love for you. I am Love equal to the love of millions of mothers and fathers. Billions. This is what I am.

If I did not accept you the way you are and did not love you without reservation, then this would mean that my love is conditional, depending on your behaviour and thinking. But it is unconditional and has always been such. Those you condemn as the greatest criminals have the same right to my Love as your saints.

Does this mean that You have not condemned Stalin, Hitler nor Pol Pot?

No. I do not condemn anybody. I am Love, which accepts, embraces within itself, loves and waits for you to come back to me.

Maybe this is the problem of this world. Is it not the way it is, because You did not opt for any side, You did not opt for the side of what we call goodness?

Oh, be careful. You are getting into a dodgy area! First of all you are pretty much my family, my children and, as I have already mentioned, your deeds do not affect my love. How then could I opt for any side?

Secondly, you take for goodness what the verdict of history tells based on seeing actions and their results from the perspective of time. Your judgement is not unambiguous as in the times these men ruled, for they had the support of many millions of people. Many were praying for them in good faith, believing that they were doing good!

Thirdly, your civilization seen from the perspective of time is also critical, and many of your current leaders will be condemned by future generations. You will be judged also for what you do with your planet, although today you are not paying attention to it.

Fourthly, you would like me to opt for one or another side, but you are not able to unambiguously and unanimously establish on which side the Western world has got its preferences, which side the preferences of the Arabic world fall, and the Far East is yet other situation.

Fifthly, you do not know what is destined for you due to karmic consequences from your past. The way this law of karma works here is to a large degree of your own making and serves as a means of learning to manifest love. This is why you, as spiritual beings, accept wars and disasters. They work for your settlement of accounts of the past and walking your path forward in difficult conditions. And it is only because of ignorance that you maintain that laws linking causes and effects do not exist.

Sixthly, were I to judge and condemn individuals not according to their deeds but according to their character (something I could do naturally knowing your inner selves), I would have to condemn you all, for in each one of you there are small particles of those qualities, which led to the rising of personalities like Stalin or Pol Pot.

This is why it is better to take a look at yourself, instead of judging others. Be advised that there are many among you who in favourable circumstances would gladly implement the rights of the stronger and would start to physically eliminate their opponents. Do not condemn anybody — neither others nor yourself. If I were to apply to you the measures that you suggest, this planet would be empty within a month.

Seventhly, the earth is more like a school and a hospital than a law court or a prison. Those who are unaware need to be instructed, the sick need to be healed, and not judged and penalised. This is what ways of love are like.

Thank you for the explanation. I really understand better now that we should take a closer look at ourselves and be more careful while judging, for, among other things, it leads to division into good and bad and thereby causes conflicts and misery.

You have hit the jackpot. When you turn to me seeing distinctly your moral and intellectual weaknesses, humility is being born. In addition, there arises an understanding of the need to depend on somebody else, not only yourselves. And this is a good moment for me to come in and inspire you with something entirely new. Do not judge anybody since you do not know their past or their background.

Summing up what you have said, dividing things into good and bad is relative.

No, it is not relative, but it is improper, because you are not able to see and understand the full picture of human fate, nor the lessons and spiritual strengths that you learn and build up as an effect of going through different experiences. Do not judge so much, leave judgement to the courts of law. Take care of your path towards Divinity, because only Divinity can lead you to the light, to understanding, to Love and to a much, much better life.

More humility towards life and everything will get simpler right away.

More humility towards God, this is how it needs to be said, and life takes different turn. Humility and modesty are preludes to love.

New questions are coming to my mind, many new questions.

Ask, then.

Prostrations to an impersonal Absolute can pose a difficult effort for many. Can we bow down to You as Jesus? Since I know who Sri Sathya Sai Baba is, I have been bowing down to Sai.

Loving Divinity is an essence of each Form as well as of the Nameless, Formless Absolute. Bow down to Love. Love is the Creator.

The Form is a bowl, into which enters Love, and then radiates towards devotees.

The older I am, the more markedly I feel and even see the beneficial results of meditations connected with bowing to embodied Love. Man becomes ‘lighter’. Instead of the importance and the power of the personal ‘I’, calmness of thoughts come as well as joy and often, Love. Resistance and focusing on oneself disappear and God becomes closer.

However, some idols or images of saints do not radiate much. They are lacking lightness, joy, elation, which I see in Sai every day.

See beyond the form, then. Do not worship the statue, but Love. It will elate you over everything. Do not mistake a signpost for the goal. ‘Get into the darkest chamber’.

Do you mean meeting You privately?

You have a wonderful sense of humour. Privately, of course. Speak quietly. I am and I listen. It is enough if you whisper. Speak to me in the silence of your heart, in silence of the mind. Speak to me lovingly. The One who knows your quiet words uttered in secret and who is going to answer to them is God.


It seems to me that world attracts more and more people and interferes deeper and deeper into the mind and soul. It is more and more difficult to stop this process. What would You advise for this?

There are no barriers for Divinity. If man is ready for the spiritual path, Divinity can arrange his fate in a way that he could follow. You certainly don’t think that world is stronger than Divinity is, do you? That would mean ignorance. You are dealing with outward reality more and more, and so you mistake occasional impressions for truth about me, about the world and about our mutual relationship. The world is part of me and it is my gift to you. What happens to each one of you happens according to my intention, which is dictated by the need resulting from important causes of a spiritual nature. The world is a stage whereupon wonderful performances take place. You are the actors.

You are the director.

We direct it together. We are Oneness. The world is a manifestation of Love, its expression. Love gives it sense in the smallest detail. Start day with love for God, fill day with love for God, end day with love for God—this is the path towards Light.


stage with lights
The world is a stage whereupon wonderful performances take place. You are the actors.