21 December 2020: The Great Conjunction

Meditation and the Flower of LifeMany persons – Light-workers, Spiritual guides, Astronomers and Astrologers have given out prognostications about the forthcoming Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the day of solstice, 2020. We have provided some observations about the so-called advance warnings, and some observations based on vedic astrology. We now include the general topic of Ascension into matters surrounding this event.

Spiritual Seekers:

If you come to this website, then you are a spiritual seeker or adherent of one kind or another, and we welcome you, gladly. We put this information in front of you so that it may provide an aid towards your spiritual advance. You do not have to do anything we propose here. Rather, we ask you too look to your own inner guidance, your soul – which is the base and support of all that you are: a body made of the five elements with the instruments of action and the instruments of wisdom – and check out internally within you what works for you and brings you peace.

The Source of The All wants that you have balance, steadiness and self-confidence: faith, in any other word. The Source does not will that you have fear, trembling nor shakiness / uncertainty about the future. On other websites, information about the future of this planet has been given out since 2008, and we have part of that process and giving out of information (about the spiritual advance of humankind). Information designed to inform, raise consciousness and the new Golden Age, suffused with peace within the soul, peace in the home, the society, the nation and the world.


As many of you know, Ascension covers many topics. In the main, it is a long-term event over many years that portends a raising of consciousness, a positive outcome for all on our planet. It is an event of service to humanity, eliciting love, forgiveness and peace. It is also the time that the people from the stars make their presence known and understood. They are not any threat to humans nor the Earth at all.

Ascension is also inclusive of talk about dimensions: the raising of consciousness to the 4th and 5th dimensions. It is also about the re-activation of junk DNA in the human which is a part of the rise of consciousness. Everything on Earth is magnetism, and the structure of the atoms and nano particles in the body admit a crystalline structure as well. All is light, and transformation to Rainbow light is also taking place.

In a very special way, animals are taking part in Ascension. Many people have companion animals, and the use of animals in the public domain has widened far beyond the ‘seeing-eye’ dogs. There are now comfort dogs, companion animals, rescue animals, court dogs, the role of the animal world is expanding to bring light and love and loyalty to the human.

Another part of Ascension is that which is non-visible: here we speak of Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and guides that are being channelled and giving advice to many. There are the Arcturians, the Hathors, the blue people from Venus, Saint Germain, the Archangel Michael (sometimes called Mikael) and the Goddess – All Mother Spirit has been channelled. The mathematical nature of the Universe, the fractals and the Angle Beings have also been revealed at this time.

One final aspect of Ascension: All children born since the year 2000 have access to the full spectrum of light, access to light frequencies that the Boomers and Generation X do not have. This includes the Indigo children, the Rainbow children, the Crystal Children, the Diamond Children, and many of the hybrids that have been born, also. They have a special role – to take their elders by the hand – and lead them gently into the era of Ascension and the Golden Age.


Uluru on a cloudy day
Uluru on a cloudy day – placed at a point where ley lines cross over the Earth; said to be the Solar Chakra or Heart Chakra of our Earth; Home of Rainbow Serpent and Alcheringa, the Oversighting Spirit of our Home

The Shift

There are many groups worldwide that anticipate this conjunction and solstice day is a sacred occasion, for the uplift of humanity. Many groups are meditating online, all around the world, holding activation ceremonies, meditation, some focussed on Uluru.

Uluru (formerly Ayers Rock) is the home of Rainbow Serpent, one of the Creator Spirits of Earth. It is also the home of Alcheringa, the oversighting spirit of this neighbourhood called Solar System and the Milky Way. If wish to read a history of our planet, and the evolution of man (there have been at least two genesis events on Earth – the first resulting in a reptoid human species, the second resulting in a primate human species) then we suggest you read this post on Valerie Barrow’s website.

Some call Uluru the solar chakra of our planet; others say it is the heart chakra of the planet. Language and terms aside, Uluru is recognised and honoured as Sacred Space. Around the world, others are focussed on Stonehenge, or the Great Pyramid at Giza, or the mysterious obelisk type monoliths that have been appearing on Earth. We keep in mind that the intentions are sacred, the goal is the uplift of humanity. Here, we share one such channelled commentary.

Question: What about the activation, the meditation ceremonies about Uluru or at Uluru on this day, 21 December 2020?

Answer: The Energies that are entering now, leading up to this date are ever-increasing. Leaving, possibly, one out of sorts, almost dizzy, as they increase in POWER. Be kind to the self as they are absorbed.





For those who are already awake, they shall notice a Lightness within themselves. (It will be) different from that which they know.

Within this Energy (there is) coming through – POWER of/to/through/as – the self shall be noticeably felt and recognized.

Dearest Souls, by this time, there shall be much turmoil around your Planet – much confusion within the unawakened.

THIS ENERGY that is to enter in, shall act as an activator yet, also as a soothing balm on troubled waters – to those/for those – who are struggling.

The Androgynous Human

Ascension has a wide scope and in some respects, it is about the return of balance within the human. We all have 22 x and y chromosome pairs – and the final 23rd pair determines our gender. The composition of the human has both male and female within. Carl Jung wrote about masculine and feminine within us, and how we suppress one part of our balance and act out externally according to our gender roles.

Gender roles are transforming and changing much of human activity, in the home, in the workplace, in entertainment and in the Arts. Ascension gives a message of HOPE to the LGBTIQ community (many of their young are leaving the body due stigma and oppression). The LGBTIQ community are part of Ascension – no one is excluded. Just as the Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and Angels present themselves to us with gender specifics, they are in fact androgynous. Gender and male or female externals have nothing to do with consciousness. Everything we experience is about consciousness. When we pass over consciousness prevails and is our central identity and experience upon passing over.

The LGBTIQ community get in to Ascension. They present a challenge of Tolerance to us all. They announce the Golden Age of humanity with the embodiment of Androgyny. What they present is not about sexual activity nor perversion. They face us with our own consciousness: it is about who you are.

We mentioned a ‘message of hope‘. That message of hope for our future also includes the Indigo, Rainbow, Light, Crystal and Diamond Children. We all have the capacity to have the same faculties that these children have. It is like the skills and abilities we acquired in past lives, in other worlds, other dimensions. If we focus on a skill we have learned in a past life, we can bring it into this life.

A word about the HYBRIDS. Hybrids have capacity – and what the Source of the All looks for in men and women (and those who are androgynous) is CAPACITY. Hybrids have capacity; they are born without negativity, without inbred violence, born without the genetic modification introduced into the primate human species, the Leonine DNA. This does preclude Hybrids taking action in the public domain. They lead in the non-violent protests, the peaceful responses to issues affecting humanity. You find hybrids in

  • Black Lives Matter
  • Save the Planet
  • Save the Environment
  • Human Rights Movements
  • Freedom for Asylum Seekers / Refugees
  • Mediciens Sans Frontiers, Journalists Sans Frontiers, etc.,
  • Save the Children
  • Climate Change

Hybrids work without negativity in their DNA, without dark emotion, without warring intent, and seek the betterment of humanity in many, many areas of human life. There are many, many Hybrids. They are part of – and usher in – the Golden Age.

Life After the Great Conjunction:

One K-POP group sings ‘Life goes on and on; I won’t cry for long‘. Even youth and those who like to do gigs, rage and get into action remind us that human life is time, and we must do things. There is a SHIFT. There are changes to our DNA. There are changes to perception and awareness that will happen for many. Life will go on, with subtle changes.

Life will go on, and the changes to human character are important: human integrity, the unity and purity of thoughts, words and actions will rise and become prominent in human endeavour. The Great Conjunction and all that it brings in its retinue does not absolve us from being good human beings seeking our own welfare and the welfare of the many.

Being a good person and practising virtue no matter what our station in life – whether we are students, householders, retirees or in a reclusive life – will continue to be important. There will be suffering, there will be poverty, there will be mental illness, there will be young people experiencing depression and mental health issues.

We have kosas (sheaths around the body); we have an aura; we have energy fields; we have thought-forms that can go out from us. We can change the world and make it a better place for us all, with our thoughts and actions, with our words and our life of virtue. When we follow dharma, we raise the dharma – the field of righteousness – for all. We do this when we practice charity, respect for property, discrimination, acquiring knowledge by proper means, control of our senses, practice of truth, patience and fortitude, inner and outer cleanliness, steadfastness and a life sans anger.

The practice of these virtues, the life of integrity, the emanation of positive energy and positive thoughts going out from us are just as important in making Ascension present and a lived reality for us, as it can be for others who are suffering. When we help young people with mental illness, when we take action to help women experiencing domestic violence, when we feed families that have no food, when we sit and give time to those who are lonely (and there are many) we are making this world become the Golden Age.

As much as the Golden Age, this time of Ascension lives in our hearts, we make it present in the hearts and minds of others with our aid to our brothers and sisters. It is not about magic boxes, broken rites, great flashes of light, spikes in the Schumann Resonance, and the arrival of Spaceships in our skies. Ascension is – and always will be – about Help Ever ~ Hurt Never, Love All ~ Serve All.


Jupiter with four of its moons, and Saturn
Looking through a telescope: Jupiter with four of its moons, and Saturn