Conversations with the Master: A Few Essential Words from the Master Before Meditation

The Master takes you, Dear Reader, along the steps to Love in Action with pure love. It is an intimacy which guides you each and every step of the way towards the Loving Divinity itself, with the care, guidance, and loving correction of every mother and father who has had a child, raised a family, and set their children along the path of life aright. We take steps with humility, the Master explains.


A Few Essential Words from the Master Before Meditation

I will tell you about a dozen or so meditating techniques in a moment. Some of them are very powerful and bring serious changes into the mind and heart despite their innocent appearance.

Approach them with open mind and heart as it is the only way to receive many blessings they carry.

Approach them with humility since everything you do in life without humility becomes difficult and dangerous.

Humility is the jewel that adorns foreheads of the true believers. Master who watches everything sees your love and humility. There is no spiritual development without humility. I repeat: there is no spiritual development without humility.

Be quiet, modest and humble. Ask the Master from time to time for help in forming these great virtues in you. No matter what “achievements” you have got, if you do not have humility and devotion to the Creator in your heart, you are in the cold desert of ego.

Begin the day with humility and your life will be much, much easier. It is good from time to time to get back to the exercises described in the chapter about learning humility. Each of these will give you a lot.

In concluding this preface I will explain why I have gathered so many various meditating techniques in one place, whereas it is not recommended for pupils to change methods of spiritual exercises too often.

Firstly, know that in essence it is only one exercise that has many varieties. Your life itself is the exercise – one uninterrupted, continuous lesson that is happening every day, every hour, every second.

Every one of your days – Dear Reader – every moment is an unceasing dialog with the loving Divinity. You can experience Love constantly, every day, practically at any given moment. It can be as easy as breathing is today. Begin turning to the loving Divinity and you will see the effects soon. I promise you that.

Secondly, you all have different spiritual needs and everybody needs something different for the Master to be able to give you more of his grace. Here, in one place, I am gathering the most important methods that are used by Masters guiding people towards Love and liberation.

Thirdly, know that if you ask I will show you which of the techniques described here will suit you best.

You will find traces and variations of the techniques described in every tradition that you call esoteric. Generally, they were not passed outside as they were based on the succession of disciples – usually a concealed matter. A part of these disappeared long ago and other techniques underwent unnecessary metamorphoses.

Some important techniques are missing here and they will be described in the following works. I am talking here about meditations taking your sexuality into account. They require more preparation, understanding and openness of the heart on the loving Divinity and therefore I will tell about them later.

Remember that it is not the number of meditations that allows you to take another step. It is the Master’s grace that allows the taking of steps. So do not pay too much attention to the methods. Keep turning towards Love and let all such methods constitute help on the path, and not an obstacle.

We begin from the meditation of closeness of the Creator. This was already described many times in the previous tomes. This meditation teaches devotion and staying in closeness with the loving Divinity. Humility, love and devotion are the right attitude in this. You can practise this meditation any time, only be careful to maintain the proper attitude. Begin from humility – this is the safest way. Continue towards love and stay in it; stay in the closeness of the Creator.

The second meditation is the meditation of unity with the loving Creator. We go one step further here and introduce learning of meditation in union with the Only One. This is a very important technique and quite difficult for many people at the same time. It is difficult because it requires much purity and devotion for it to proceed properly.

Before the meditation of unity ask the Master if it is the right time for it. Abstain from animal meals, alcohol, tobacco and all stimulants affecting consciousness. I am warning you, if you ignore my word there will be troubles. This meditation brings powerful, positive changes in the mind and heart; therefore it should be practised at least twice a month, even by beginners.

Remember to stop the meditation at any time you notice there are negative side effects. Leave it for a few days, for some time. Do not do anything by force. Meditation should help you in life and direct it on the right track, and not constitute any source of suffering or struggle. Take my words to heart. If you think that something strange or improper is happening, turn with prayer to the Creator. Ask Him for help and hints what to do next. I, the Master, the loving Divinity may tell you “Don’t do anything”.

Many of you will meditate without having a qualified teacher beside you. Remember that I am everywhere and I am your Teacher. Be careful and reasonable. Keep constantly turning towards Love. Move constantly forward taking small and safe steps. Start early, drive slowly, reach safely.

Constant, daily, (even though small) efforts towards Light are a hundredfold better than great spurts and a flash in the pan. Take a small step towards the Creator every day and you will surely please Him.

The third meditation is the meditation of humility. I gave a few exercises in this that you can do unaided. First begin from the real bows, later move on to bows in thoughts. From time to time come back to the physical bowing in the silence of meditation. This is a very good learning and reminder for the body and mind.

Remember that humility and devotion are the basis of spirituality and their opposite is capable of killing even the greatest spiritual gifts within you. The opposite of humility – insidiously creeping into your hearts and minds – has led to the ruin of thousands of people devoted to Divinity. It pushed them for long years aside from the spiritual path. Be smarter; learn from the mistakes of others.

Thanks to humility your path becomes safe, simpler and smoother. With real joy welcome disasters, humiliations and disappointments sent down to you by the world. This way it prevents dangerous qualities from developing within you.

Beware of pride that hides behind success – success of any kind. Learn turning in concentration and humility to the Master, asking Him for protection and guidance. Ask for warnings and guidance on the narrow path of perfection to the very top of the mountain.

These three meditations make up the basis of the path and it is recommended to limit oneself only to these for the first few years.

God is all-powerful; God is everywhere; God is all-knowing. To adore such a Formidable Limitless Principle, man spends a few minutes out of the 24 hours, and uses a minute before an idol or image or picture! It is indeed ridiculous, it is practically futile. Adore Him so long as you have breath, so long as you are conscious. Have no other thought than God, no other aim than knowing His command, no other activity than translating that command into action.
Sathya Sai Baba [February 23, 1971]

(to be continued)


Remember that it is not the number of meditations that allows you to take another step. It is the Master’s grace that allows the taking of steps.