Full Moon, January 2021

Pink MoonThe January 2020 Full Moon occurs on 28/29 January (depending on your location on our planet). The Full Moon will be in Cancer, which is the home of the Moon and thus heralds an emotional tide for the forthcoming month, strong feelings under the influence of Mars, Saturn, Sun and Venus. This dutiably influenced Moon brings both comfort and a heightened self-control in the forthcoming month, function of aspects from Sun and Saturn, and Saturn ruled nakshatras.

The January 2021 Full Moon will be in Cancer; the Moon is opposed by Venus, Saturn, Sun and Jupiter, all sharing the 1st house. This places Moon in the 7th house, where we all have relations with everyone: our social circle, our family and friends, our peers and workplace, our business and commerce relationships, in fact, anyone we may have any relation with.

Text and Context: Sun and Moon

As the Sun represents the cosmic masculine force, the Moon indicates the cosmic feminine force. The Sun is the God or Deva and the Moon is the Goddess or Devi. The Sun is the spirit and the Moon is its creative force, which becomes matter; the Sun is Shiva and the Moon is Shakti. Together, they represent the great primal duality as masculine and feminine, active and passive, mind and body, day and night, will and love. As the Sun is the Divine Father and creator, the Moon is the Divine Mother and creatrix. As the Sun rules time, the Moon governs space; as the Sun rules fire, the Moon rules water. (cfr Pdt. Frawley)

Here, the Sun opposes the Moon, which suggests, the Sun being the significator of personality and in the first house ruled by Saturn (which indicates the Sun will behave a lot like Saturn) that the Sun (and Saturn, who is also in the first house) will be applying limits, slowing events down, and creating conditions where Moon – significator of nurturing, caretaking, protection and defence – may have to put responsibilities and duties ahead of said nurturing, caretaking, protection and defence! Where the Moon seeks to be a custodial type of protector, a giver of shelter and territory, and a culture-rooted caretaker – attention must be paid to the boundaries of giving care in the current circumstances – circumstances bounded by government responses to Covid 19 and protection of the community. Sun and Saturn put the brake on heart-felt caring and require dutiful attendance to the guidelines.

The Moon is in Pushya nakshatra, which is owned by Saturn – so the strong Saturn restrictions hold sway. Pushya nakshatra maintains the status quo; it is tamasic in nature and so won’t be taking up nor encouraging any new innovation nor warrior-like activity. Pushya nakshatra follows Dharma, and has Brihaspati as the Deity. The focus is knowing your circumstances fully, and having full awareness. This gives rise to a philosophical / spiritual acceptance of matters as they are, fruit of said nakshatra. Instead of bucking the rules and creating challenges, we may take up nourishing and soothing activity and care for ourselves – and our important others – in this environment.

The first house is Capricorn where we have five, the Ascendant, along with Venus (who has just entered this sign), Saturn, Sun and Jupiter. On the day after Full Moon, Mercury will retrograde from Aquarius to Capricorn, thus making five planets in Capricorn plus the Ascendant. Crowded house. We have to trika planets in the crowded house; Sun is Lord of the 8th house, and in the 1st. Jupiter is Lord of the 12th house and is also in the 1st. This means there will be some threats: in the field of mundane astrology, the first house represents the Outlook, condition of the country, state of law and order, public health, government, reputation and position of the country in the world.

All planets except Venus are in Shravana nakshatra, ruled by the Moon. Lord Vishnu is the deity, and the symbol is the ear: Shravana nakshatra symbolises passive, intuitive listening. It is the nakshatra for any of the listening, counselling and pastoral care professions. It can also be an inspiration for diplomacy. The kind of diplomacy we might say of the sage giving advice to King Bali about the dwarf avatar Vamana approaching and demanding a gift. Failure to listen may have unexpected results, for the other symbol of this nakshatra is the three steps. So the call of the First House is to pay attention to things that matter. Have none of this TL:DR glossing over materials place before your good self.

In the navamsha (relevant for those aged 48 and more) we have Sun and Moon in a 2-8 axis, Taurus – Scorpio, Taurus being where the Moon is exalted and Scorpio where the Moon is debilitated, which is what we have here. Once again, we have Saturn conjunct the Ascendant, in the sign of Mars. As Saturn and Mars are enemies, an uncomfortable transit for Saturn, and Saturn in indeed aspected by Mars from Virgo, being the 8th drishti of Mars. More than uncomfortable time for the aged, perhaps a personally challenging time (1st house is the personality) of slowly dragging out the results, of slow compression and restriction due the coronavirus and restrictions on Aged Care residences? This first house may be making a strong point for the Aged.

We Jupiter is conjunct the Sun in that Sun and Moon Taurus – Scorpio axis. This means Jupiter will be aspecting Moon and as Moon is in a kendra to Jupiter, there will be a yoga in place, Gajakesari, where Jupiter smiles on the Moon and gives strength, speech, eloquence, high status and fame to this debilitated Moon!

The Moon is in Anuradha nakshatra, owned by Saturn. The Saturn influence is strong at this time of Full Moon, in the birth chart, and the navamsha! Anuradha has intimations of social order restored by force, Scorpio being the sign of Mars (the warrior). Consider matters such as parenting, care of elderly, and habitual rhythms of life, and the “end of things”. Much care must be taken of the elderly and those convalescent Covid-19 in this hard times. It is a time of hard-bargains, follow the rules, wear the mask, keep the social distance, and due the elderly, wear the hard restrictions in order to protect those who do not recover well from viral infections. (We are speaking navamsha, for those aged 48 and more…)

Shakambhari Purnima

This full moon is also known as Shakambhari Purnima. Shakambhari Purnima is a Hindu festival primarily observed in India, celebrating the goddess Shakambhari. It is observed in Paush month, which normally comes in January. Shakambari Purnima is the last day in the 8-day long holiday of Shakambari Navratri (9 nights of the Mother Goddess). It is explained in scriptures that “Most Navratri begin on Shukla Pratipada except for Shakambari Navratri, which begins on Ashtami and ends on Purnima (Full Moon) in Paush month.”

Full Moon Meditation:

On this website we have addressed the issue of managing our inner self-talk and how important this is for human integrity and purity.

In this wise, we must recall, “As you think, so you become”; we must recall yad bhavati, tad bhavatum, as the feeling, so the result. We must also watch our words, for words affect the cells in the body; what we say out loud becomes a spell that affects every cell, every electron, proton, neutron in the cell. Words are powerful. In Sanathana Dharma, we have the principle of true humanness, which is built on trikarana suddhi, the unity of thoughts, words and actions. This is human integrity.

For the full moon meditation this month, we recommend inner chanting of the following mantra. It recalls your I AM essence, that is, the essence of the Soul. It recalls the statement that the universe is based on truth, and therefore, your life is based on truth. It reminds you that you are an embodiment of love, and that you carry the eternal love of the Creator within your heart. It states you are light, you emerged from light, that this world is light, light, light. Share your light with others, let them see the light within your eyes.

Repeat this mantra with inner chanting any time of your day, start the day with I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM. Fill the day with I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM. Spend the day with I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM. End the day with I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM.

You will change this world, you will raise this world to the light. You will raise this world to the Love. You will raise this world to the truth.







line of candles
Many candles can be lit from just the one candle – your light can be shared around like so.