Steadiness in a time of mass confusion

soulIn these days of confusion about which vaccine is effective – in which country – we know that many experience anxiety and confusion about the vaccine, when they will get it and will it be effective? In this time of Ascension and The Shift, we need to recollect ourselves and remember who we are: we are Embodiments of Divine Love. You are One with the Source and you can never be separated from the Source of The All.


Many spirit guides endeavour to share with humanity that the Earth – and all who reside upon her – are going through a transition to the higher dimension, the 5th dimension. There are many here to guide us; there are many here who are watching. In this dark corner of our galaxy, a divine plan is being played out: a planet that was taken over by those not of the light will return to the light and become the Garden of Eden it was always meant to be. We have been told that all life on all the worlds yearns to be born here on Earth, for it is on this Earth, with emotion and feeling, that we may burn out the candle and merge with Source in one lifetime. This is what they all yearn for.

Ascension is moving to a higher energy / frequency / vibration. It is awakening the multidimensional heart, it is awareness that there is no past, no future, and only the moment of now. The Present. There is no past life; they are simply parallel lives in parallel dimensions. We have been given mantras that will help us rise in consciousness when we are disconsolate; we have been given codes to protect us from the vaccine. (See below)

The Shift occurred on 23 December 2021, on the Solstice day, and accompanied by the Grand Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter.

Night of Solstice Ceremony

On the night of the Solstice Ceremony – held in the National Park at 7:32pm on the evening of 21 December, some 280 people gathered on the red sands and meditated.

This is what appeared in the sky after the ceremony:


Portal of Light
A portal of energy – represented by different coloured light – among the sunset clouds, at Uluru, 21 December 2020

As you can see, it is sunset, and the clouds are illuminated by the setting sun. There is another light source emanating among the sunset clouds. Those present told that this was a “portal” opening – streaming in – the new energies of the higher consciousness, the higher energies.

Here are some more images of this event:


A portal of energy
A portal of energy – represented by different coloured light – among the sunset clouds, at Uluru, 21 December 2020

In this photograph, you can see that there were many witnesses.


Energy Portal at Uluru
Conference delegates viewing the portal of energy – represented by different coloured light – at Uluru, 21 December 2020

This is a time of a Shift to a higher vibration, a higher energy for all who live on Earth. Those who do not wish to engage with the Shift will engage their own journey into their own future. This is a time of reactivation of junk DNA, the inactive strands. People have reported seeing rainbow DNA in their bodies, and in their chakras. Higher energy, higher frequency, higher vibrations are felt within the body.

The Lockdown

The Lockdown, enforced by authorities, has been taken up in pursuit of public order and public health. This is the task of good government, to provide protection of the community. It has, unfortunately, wrought close of businesses, loss of income and loss of jobs. The gig economy has fallen over, and many people will not return to their former employment: it has gone, forever. Despondency, depression, desolation fills many minds. Money problems take centre court, and fill the left and right sides of the brain.

Pressures are building up in the mind. Mental health consultations have arisen. Particularly among young people, who have nothing to cling to, no belief, no recourse to self confidence, no recourse to a spiritual source within, without. Family violence has increased exponentially; Apprehended violence orders are given out by the police, the estranged partners return to kidnap children or murder their ex-partners. Mothers who see no future worth living for kill their children and then suicide.

The right royal road is:


See no evil, see what is good
Hear no evil, hear what is good
Talk no evil, talk what is good,
Think no evil, think what is good
Do no evil, do what is good.


The Shift is a time of Change. For many, lockdown has inspired creativity and new options for activity, working from home, learning from home, creating new lifestyles. The fruits of lockdown have raised issues of social justice and the aged and how we care for the most vulnerable in our community. The lockdown has inspirited (yes, spirited activity) appreciation of those who serve us, those who stack shelves in supermarkets, those who drive the goods and foodstuffs to our stores; those who work on the front line of protection, the nurses, the healthcare workers, the doctors and the protective services who enforce quarantine at the border and at the accommodation. Nothing is perfect, all struggle to serve better, to find better solutions for protection of the community and a return to everyday life without the pandemic. We have gratitude, we have creativity. We have sincere thankfulness in this time of Ascension and The Shift.

The Shift is a time of transformation, of changes to attitudes towards girls and young women and femininity; of recognition of the roles of women and the leadership women provide. The interior resilience of young women enables them to compete on a level playing ground in the former exclusive strongholds of “men only”.

The Shift – and the Lockdown / Pandemic has been a time of transformation, an time of emergence of strong character. This is reflected in the increase of capacity illustrated in the creative solutions brought about by those forced to stay at home. Stronger character is shown by those who generate alternative solutions to their problems, set personal goals and undertake self-audit of their progress. Social and emotional resilience are highlighted by those who create positive relationships that include sensitivity to the feelings of others. Strength of character is exemplified by a well formed conscience including a sense of obligation to do the right thing in a time of extreme challenge on many fronts.


We speak of Ascension and a time of The Shift. The higher energy / frequency / vibration also has access to codes (energy that goes to the heart and is manifest in the body, in the aura, in the sheaths around the body) that can restore a despondent heart, that can provide protection from virus and vaccine. There is no point in worrying about past or future. A smart and intelligent person thinks and works in present.

Peace is another name for the steadiness of mind. Peace is a sacred virtue; it is the embodiment of the Self. It is an ornament to man; the heart of the selfless one is its abode. Losing this sacred ornament of peace, which is eternal and everlasting, a person falls prey to agitation and unrest.

If your mind wavers from moment to moment, how can there be steadiness or stability in life? Every one must endeavour to develop the courage to face the vicissitudes of life, joys or sorrows, gains or losses, with equanimity.

The following mantra has codes to uplift mind and heart and grant protection from negative thought forms:

Your heart can transform you with three deep breaths and three rounds of the mantra!

I am the light. I am the love. I am the truth. I am.

I am the light. I am the love. I am the truth. I am.

I am the light. I am the love. I am the truth. I am.

The mantra is designed to strengthen. The mantra contains so many codes in order to help see you through. The mantra is your upliftment and encouragement!

The Divinity present in man and God is the one and the same. Though the bulbs are many, the electricity is the same. The bulbs differ in their radiance due to the difference in the voltage of the bulbs. Some people complain that the Divine radiance in them is dim. In these people the Divine radiance is dimmed by narrowness of mind. The Divine radiance shines resplendently only in those who have a broad mind. But many people today are selfish and narrow minded and their concern is limited only to themselves and their family. Unless their concern envelops the society and the world, the Divine radiance can never burn resplendently in them. The cultivation of a broad mind and a broad heart enables one to have the vision of one’s self.

The Soul does not undergo any change but remains permanent, steady, pure, selfless and firm. Truly, our body goes through various stages like boyhood, youth, adolescence and old age. Unless you have a steady mind, you cannot understand matters relating to the Soul. You can make your soul shine greater brightness, you can make your soul shine with greater self-effulgence by focussing on your soul with love and light, by deep breaths directed straight to the soul itself.

Some people complain that the Divine radiance in them is dim. YOU can reverse this and make your soul shine with greater effulgence, with greater love and light, with steadiness of mind, with breathing light and love to the soul, by sharing the soul’s light with one and all.

When you chant your mantra, chant it not for your own self: chant it for all who live on Earth, for all life forms. Let your light, let your love, let your truth, let your I AM radiate outwards from yourself to cover all with the blanket of love and light and truth. For you are One with All that Is.

Your heart can transform you with three deep breaths and three rounds of the mantra!

I am the light. I am the love. I am the truth. I am.

I am the light. I am the love. I am the truth. I am.

I am the light. I am the love. I am the truth. I am.

Vaccination Transmutation Code

Passing on Codes (not allowed to link to video)
– to prevent virus
– to eliminate need for vaccine

Vaccination Transmutation Code – channeling frequencies and codes
This is an environmental energy transmuted code for all vaccinations

Covid vaccinations – channelling this code
easiest to feel it – code will be felt in the chakras of your hands
raise both hands
ask for vaccination codes to be received
code will be downloaded into your heart
and be felt in hand chakras.

Once you have this code, you can transmit to anyone else. Code is a copy and paste, once it is downloaded to your heart, it can be given to anybody.

You may also pass on the code to another person (without explanation or teaching them) by simply touching them on the arm with intent.

In this manner and fashion, you can keep others safe and protected.

Babies in gestation already have this code. They will be protected against the virus, and protected against the vaccination.

Code is applicable to all vaccinations.