International Day of Conscience

International Day of ConscienceApril 5 is celebrated all around the world as International Day of Conscience. Declared by the United Nations, this day is observed in order to self-reflect on our life and try and do the right things all the time. The purpose behind this was simple. People’s conscience helps to act upon certain situations in the best way possible. it also empowers to do better in society.


The Federation of World Peace and Love launched a global campaign to declare the International Day of Conscience at the United Nations on February 5, 2019. It was endorsed by 185 nations and was translated into 41 languages. Then, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the draft resolution submitted by the Kingdom of Bahrain called ‘Promoting the Culture of Peace with Love and Conscience’ on July 25, 2019. This declared April 5 as the International Day of Conscience.

Theme and Significance

The purpose and significance of the day to promote peace and love throughout the world. With the right conscience, the greatest things can be achieved and our lives have a new meaning altogether. Everybody has the right to live their own life. With a positive mindset and right conscience, this is very much possible. All we have to do is self-reflect and improve our way of life in the best way possible in order to help the less fortunate.

The International Day of Conscience

The International Day of Conscience is inspired by article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states, “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, are endowed with reason and conscience, and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” It aims to promote a culture of peace based on a set of values, attitudes and behaviors inspired by the principles of freedom, justice, democracy, human rights, tolerance, and solidarity.

The United Nations General Assembly recalled six resolutions that preceded the International Day of Conscience resolution. All are related to international efforts to promote and build a culture of peace. The existence of these past resolution suggests that in launching and promoting the International Day of Conscience we are not inventing the wheel, but building on what others have tried to do before, albeit in a more consistent manner.

The current COVID-19 pandemic, which is affecting people and communities across the entire globe, does not recognize boundaries or frontiers, and affects us all, regardless of race, nationality, religion, ethnicity or gender. This global pandemic necessitates a global solution.

We are part of a human family, connected and bound by something far more powerful and significant than what divides us. This is the core foundation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the driving force of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Many take sweet diction and elocution as important. Of course, they are, to some extent; but, the sweetness of the words must be there, whenever the speech is recalled to memory. It should not turn bitter with the passage of time. Then only are those words the divine nectar. Now, the sweetness does not persist; it turns bitter soon. The reason is there is no co-ordination between the speaker, the subject and conduct. Therefore, instead of divine nectar, the words now become false, not true. The impression will be changeless and permanent when a good subject is clothed in a fitting style and presented with appropriate feeling on the basis of actual experience.

What spiritual aspirants have to do now is this:

  • First discrimination is to be developed; that is to say, the capacity to distinguish the eternal from the transitory, and to decide which is worthy.
  • Second, a sincere attempt has to be made to experience what is so chosen as worthy and true.
  • Third, that attempt should not be given up; whatever comes in the way.

These three can be called genuine penance. From this penance alone is born real Peace and Joy.

Now, everything from the Ant to the Almighty is undergoing some change or other, every minute. There is no object, no living thing that is an exception to this law. Creation is ever changing. But this change is of two kinds; external and internal. The external change can be easily cognised; the internal is not so patent, not so easy to understand. That is why it is necessary to first train oneself to understand the external changes which are clearer, and then, gradually approach the problem of controlling the changing interior. Of these two, which ever you are at, do it with a full heart, to the satisfaction of your own conscience, not to earn the esteem of others, or to please them, or to get praised by them as a great devotee. Such an attitude is treason to the inner Self, the Soul. Prashanti Vahini, p8


International Day of Conscience