Astrologers with Bad News and the Avatar of the Age

Once again, you write seeking answers, never seeking within for the answers. You are perturbed by the bad news bearers – those prophets of gloom and doom, disaster and destruction, punishment and apocalypse. We’ll take a look at what the bad news bearers tell and whether or not we should all abandon hope, run and hide in holes under the ground, just like the nuclear shelters in the backyards of the 1950’s! Do we really need to do this? Or do we take a hint from the meanderings of a certain President and every now and then, point – and with a look of exultation and mad glee on your face, yell Fake News!!!? Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has a lot to say about this day and age.


My Dear,

Once again, you write seeking answers, never seeking within for the answers. You are perturbed by the bad news bears – the rude, profane and cynical news pallbearers of the Internet, always prophets of gloom and doom, disaster and destruction, punishment and apocalypse. Methinks you need to occasionally take a hint from the meanderings of Trump and every now and then, point – and with a look of exultation and mad glee on your face, yell Fake News!!!

I wish you would start with Sai Ram, and invoke the energy of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He has not left, he has not gone anywhere, his chemical body could no longer sustain life; he received a pacemaker and was on life support for breathing. He gave up the body on 24 April 2011 and took up his light body. He has not gone anywhere, he is merely in the next dimension. You know that he gave instructions to BV Narasimhamurthy, Warden of the Hostel, to prepare quarters for him in Muddenahalli, and there is evidence – multiple forms of evidence that he takes his rest there and from time to time, consumes some of the food left for his sustenance.

Love is the most important sustenance to Sri Sathya Sai Baba – in his light body – this is what He thrives on. And whatever you give out, you get back. If you give out love to Sri Sathya Sai Baba, then you get it back manifold, heaped up, pressed down and overflowing out of your own heart. You know via the work of Howard Murphet, and RJ Karanjia in the book ‘God Lives in India‘, that through the multiplication of love in this world, thermonuclear war would be averted. Swami frequently told, “No nuclear war” and left it up to his devotees to create vibration of love worldwide wherein that would be stopped.

Swami told, ‘Start the day with Love, Spend the day with Love, fill the day with Love, end the day with Love‘ … why are you not starting with Love? What is the matter with you, so filled with fear?



After writing to you this morning, I went to transcribe a reading. The astrologer has just come back after ten days in Tamil Nadu and is not a happy man.

We are now two weeks way from the 30-day phase of extreme earth changes that are predicted in the Panchangam. The astrologer is now convinced of momentous changes in India, related to suddenly rising ocean levels. He is convinced that Chennai would soon disappear into the Bay of Bengal, as would Vishakapatnam, site of India’s major East Coast naval base. He now believes that even his home taluk – some 80 kilometres from the coast, could go under.



If memory serves me aright, here is what your astrologer wrote:

Predictions for Karthigai Masam: The Vakyam Panchgangam shows that 28 days of the month of Karthigai starting on 17.11.2017 upto 14.12.2017 will be a most dangerous period for the entire planet. In Vakyam Panchangam, Surya will be conjunct Saturn in bhava of Kuja, Mars. Saturn and Mars have perpetual enmity. Mars is lord of Vrishika, Scorpio. No friendship, no friendly drishti nor glance. During Dakshinayana, malefic planets are stronger. Disasters will include destruction by fire. Soon after December 7, a great explosion will be heard coming from the south east of India. This will be from the direction of Malaysia, Singapore, Penang, Sri Lanka, Andaman Islands Java and Indonesia. This will be followed by earthquakes. There will be natural destruction in a south east direction (Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and in a south west (South America, possibly Chile). There will be an earthquake in Delhi, India, and also in South India in the proximity of Kanchi-puram, Vellore, Sri Perumpudur, Ambur, Bangalore and Hosur. There will be severe hailstorms and storms in general in Indonesia, Japan and the USA. New diseases will erupt. Animals will also be affected. Many will die. Muslim Middle Eastern countries will suffer a financial crisis. Some governments will face financial collapse. In December, a revolution is possible in Turkey.



We are in the middle of Kathigai Masam. In fact, today is Karthigai Purnima, full moon day. The predictions refer to a month by name Mrigasiras. You must understand that when your astrologer consults the agastya naadi leaves, he is working with a much older panchangam by name of Vakyam Panchangam, which is focussed on physical sighting of the stars according to trigonometric calculations of olden days. Vakya, because the calculations were memorised and called out aloud.

So you will understand that the astrologer is using a very old panchangam. I am not aware of any indications from the agastya naadi about Sri Sathya Sai Baba. This astrologer has never mentioned this to me. It seems to me that both this jyotisa and the Agastya Naadi ignore the presence of the Avatar of this Age. He would do much better loka sevanam – service to the world – if he were to proceed and glean all that the Agastya Naadi has to say about Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Fool you and Fool He, for not doing this. You are both greedy and craven and lust after money. This astrologer is a rupee millionaire and backs the horses. He travels to Singapore and Malaysia when Rahu is favourable to gambling.

Well do you know there are the Ari Shadvargas, the six enemies of man. There are also the FOUR DIRECTIVES OF SRI SATHYA SAI BABA and one of these is no gambling.



This breaks my heart, for some of the most ancient temples in the world are in this verdant corner of India. I spent a week exploring those colossal stone structures a year ago and was convinced that they were built by giants using unknown, advanced techniques. Yes, I have no doubt after seeing them that giants walked the earth in those days. Were not Rama and Hanuman all of 30 feet tall?

Dwarfed by the colossal colonnades of those awesome structures despite my nearly six feet, I was convinced that those temples were built by giants for giants.



Yes, well, they were indeed 30 feet high. There have been multiple big bangs, My Dear. The periods of creation are called kalpas that have 1000 cycles of each yuga the length of which – in time – is in multiples of hundreds of thousands of years. All this has been before, and it will all come again. Sri Sathya Sai Baba – often called “Swami” lives in multiple universes and has names and forms you and I cannot begin to imagine. One of them is FODHSE (a somewhat Swedish-Norwegian pronunciation) and he is known by that name in the constellation of Bootes. Well, we call it Bootes, THEY might call it something else. There is much we are ignorant of, and much change is coming that we might take up our true heritage as denizens of this galaxy (a dark corner of the Universe), nay, this Universe. You do not know how blessed you are to live in this Universe – there are multiple Universes that do not support life as we know it. Life that has consciousness, self awareness and the capacity for discrimination and detachment. I am not talking about life-forms possessing a torso with two arms, two legs and five digits.



My astrologer also says that the days of Kanya Kumari and Rameshwaram in the extreme South of the peninsula are numbered. He says all this will go in the 30-day period between the middle of November and the middle of December, only weeks away. I am praying that his interpretation turns out to be wrong.

Most disturbing of all is that he is now convinced that the whole of Kerala is about to disappear. Truly God’s Own Country, that magical sliver of coastal India. I cannot imagine India without this storied corner.



You know, that lady by name Mata Amritanandamayi, when her ashram was being built, they dug out the foundations and found precious gems, gold and silver, suwarna, underground. Along with murthis of many divines. She told that the shoreline had changed. In those days, the shore was there and temples had been buried far beneath the sand, yugas earlier. Amma took possession of all these objects of gold, silver and panchaloha. You say one place is “Truly God’s Own Country”, why do you discard the rest of the Earth? There is divinity and glory of the Divine everywhere if you but change your vision so that you see with the eyes of compassion and love, instead of the jaded, jilted eyes of kalaha yuga – the era of discord and conflict.

In one divine discourse, Swami told, “This world is Light.” There is nothing but light.

This world is light; there is light everywhere, and due the force of mayashakti that you and I – and everyone else – are born with, we see this world of nama-rupa, names and forms. It is the three gunas, with their admixture ( the state of impairing the quality or reducing the value of something) and blends that cause us to see, hear, touch, taste and smell the elements and their nefarious combinations that build this world of Maya that we live in. So many take this world of Maya as real, and that there is nothing further to aspire to. The human spirit is land-locked to turf and buried in soil to decompose; like all the great millionaires of this world who have near-death experiences – they are attached to their monies and go to the grey place – they come back and proclaim “There is nothing there“. You forget what Sri Sathya Sai Baba told at Kodaikanal, “I let them be near me as a consolation, I cannot give them liberation for they are attached to their money”.

Kodaikanal, where Swami told that the Earth will tilt and the Sri Sathya Sai Sadhana Trust Publications Division conveniently removed all records of this divine discourse of April 1997. You could ask VHP Leader Ashok Singhal, he was there in April of 1997. One day, Swami asked him to give a talk before the divine discourse on that day, and Ashok refused. So Swami did not give one divine discourse that day. Ipso facto several days passed until Ashok repented and addressed the darshan crowds, right there in Kodaikanal.



In my reasoning, only a sudden increase in the tilt of the earth’s axis can cause such a enormous increase in water levels. In esoteric circles in recent times, there has been much talk of an increased tilt of the earth’s axis. One psychic is even predicting a new South Pole where Cape Town is now and the new equator running through Australia, bringing presently frigid Norway into the same torrid latitude.



However, these are not matters for investigation, let alone becoming afeered each and every day the Sun rises. You see, Swami told, “Why Fear when I am Here?

FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real. Fear is a circle which has no end; Fear is a cycle which automatically recurs as it bypasses the intellect; remember, reason is circular in nature and always ends where it begins. Fear does the same thing. Spiritual consciousness and awareness is blocked; with False Expectations Appearing Real, the “what if” dreaded outcome becomes all that is envisioned in the mind and fear follows the imagined situation. Then we end up with people having fear of fear itself. Have you heard of the new fear of Generation Empty? It is called FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out – and refers to the regret of being left behind or missing out on a social media event. What an odd world we live in, Fear of Missing Out! you have that book “The Light Shall Set You Free” … read up on the Law of Attraction. What goes around comes around.



There is a lot of Fear out there. You know, some time back I sent you a quote which referred to fear; fear of the man in North Korea with his bombs, fear of California’s wildfires, fears about the shooting massacre in Las Vegas, fear of the turmoil around President Trump and fears of fallout from the Harvey Weinstein exposure.

It is silly to be afraid for the Sanskrit word for Universe – jagat – means coming and going, means everything is change and will change. Nothing is permanent, sexual harassment must go, President Trump will be properly advised, the wildfires create the opportunity for clearing out and new life, and the Watchers wait and watch the rockets, heralding the presence of the higher dimensions, our birthright. And Swami tells, “Why Fear When I am Here?”

Here is a citation about Lightworkers and Fear:

Thoughts precede feelings by an infinitesimal gap, and when “what if” thoughts are about a dreaded outcome, fear about that imagined situation naturally follows. Change your thoughts! To you who wrote that you fear not having enough money or losing your job, remember that the law of attraction brings to you whatever matches the energy of your thoughts and feelings—let those be of gratitude for what you do have, not fear about what you don’t or think you may lose. If your thoughts are about someone who is seriously ill or injured, pray for her or his highest good and send forth the unparalleled power of love energy, not the potent energy of fear. Do the same for the many millions who are in war zones or living in poverty or are homeless, and also to the dark ones, who most of all need it. And never fear that you are failing as a lightworker because you don’t know your mission—as divine souls created of the pure love-light essence of Creator, simply by BEing you are radiating that essence into the world.

You need to give some reflection to the macrocosm and the microcosm. The human body reflects the state of the Earth. Whatever ills the human form reflects the state of the Earth herself. Where there is disconnection, we are disconnected from the Earth. Where there is gas and flatulence, so also, the Earth has gas and flatulence. Where there is strong hydrochloric acid and biliousness, so also, the Earth vomits. The human form has all the elements, fire, earth, air, water and akash, the same five elements the Earth is composed of. Cosmic Sai Baba has told that the Earth is our Mother – where in the world – and he means on which world, in which Universe – would we be without the Earth? Cosmic Sai Baba also tells that the Earth follows dharma; right conduct. So the Earth may – and will – take action to ensure that dharma exists on her surface. And she does this to benefit all those who live upon her surface for she exists to serve, to serve all with love. Cosmic Sai Baba was most explicit about this. The Earth exists in order that she may Love All – Serve All, Help Ever, Hurt Never.



You mention the indigenous Australians “arriving on Planet Earth”. You have not been paying attention. There have been two genesis events on Earth, one Reptilian, the other mammalian. It was the hairy-upstanding-apes of the Dreamtime who were first subjected to genetic engineering and given the crystal light within, what we call the Christ Light or the Atma – with permission of the Source of the Creation of The All – these were the ones who became the progenitors of homo sapiens sapiens. And they circumnavigated the Earth using the natural currents at that time that went around what we call the Pacific Rim of Fire in the form of a figure 8. All this is told in Valerie Barrow’s book, Alcheringa, when the first ancestors were created. If you don’t have a copy – and you should – get one from Sai Towers or from Shanti Library. See here. This was the work of the survivors from the Mission of the Mothership Rexegena. They were betrayed. And very recently, The Source told in one transmission of The Mystery School, “there are many, many hybrids”.

We move on. We do have the gift of co-creation. It is currently switched off. When the junk-DNA is reactivated fully, we will have that gift once again. We will create roadways in the sky, we will create our own weather, we will move to the farthest reaches of the multiversity in an instant. Do you not recall Sri Sathya Sai Baba telling, “Men will have my icca shakti” ???

All is happening at this time for a specific purpose. Keep in mind:

  • Disclosure is coming – circa January-May 2018 … this is disclosure of the spaceships and vessels of the star peoples and the starpeoples themselves
  • Swami is coming. He is coming in his physical form. He will be seen again exactly as he appeared before leaving his body. Read it here
  • With all this fear and worry, keep in mind there is no reason to ever be afraid of anything that comes from spirit because it cannot come and harm the flesh of a human body – however, you need to be aware all the time that there are mischievous problems caused by spirit that are malevolent.

Swami has given you spiritual common sense. You exercise spiritual common sense with:

  • Take time
  • Do not haste, waste, worry
  • Remember God
  • Calmly examine the situation and discriminate right and wrong.

(This is from Prema Dhaara, the letters Swami wrote to his students).

There are events coming. Disclosure of the starpeople and their star-ships is coming, and Swami is coming. The Earth will follow dharma, there may be sorrows. The sorrows, of course, are hard, at times – very difficult indeed – but, if you handle them the love of God you will find that they will become a joy in that you will always be able to handle whatever is put before you. And when I say that, I mean – Life’s Journey.

Cosmic Sai Baba has told about the Earth like so:

This planet itself … … is the mother … … she manifests whatever is put into the earth or even above her call of duty – she is always allowing things to grow, to feed; and many thank her for that, when they eat … So if she is working for the good of all and those in the heavens that are wiser and see no point in fighting or raising weapons to sort out differences – then surely every human upon this Earth could start to begin to see how they can change things very easily – if they change the way they think – and think about each other, and caring for each other ….

And Universal love exists in the Universe – you draw upon that energy – let it flow through you to other humans around you … and that energy will just automatically change any thoughts that are around that is not of good – that is not in the interest of humanity upon this Earth. (source:

There are many people who are afraid. In the citation I sent you earlier, I told that people are afraid of nuclear war, more terrorist events, the uncertainties surrounding President Trump and fallout from the #MeToo exposure of sexual harassment. While we don’t excuse anyone’s behaviour we can take action; we can take action on behalf of ourselves and pray for the slate to be wiped clean. It will be done.

Earth Changes and Your Prayers, Intentions

More importantly, you can use your own energies and strengths to halt the destruction and disasters referred to above and to create an Earth where the transition to the Golden Age, Krittika Yuga or the Higher Dimensions (whatever you want to call it) … Cosmic Sai Baba has told like so:

This is why you are here – to help one another. Realise this – no matter what you do or where you are – it is very easy to assist – to not back away because of shyness or fear – just operate, if I can put it that way, in a kind way and a loving way and just perhaps a gentle touch will be enough to help many people. Many people indeed.

Now having said this you have this language that is within you – a language of Light – it is vision – it is imagination – it is a nation of images. And if you sit quietly, and work with that, you can help bring changes upon this Earth and within yourself – by seeing the event or images changing to how you would like them to be. (source: )



Sai Baba and the Future of India

More than likely, this astrologer has not served you well. He is giving predictions of gloom and doom, which, he tells, he sources from the naadi leaves. I have made reference to the glaring omission of any reference by this astrologer to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the avatar of the age. This is very odd indeed. Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has materialised medallions with images of what India will look like in the future. They do not look like what this astrologer predicts; in fact it looks very much the same India of today.

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba kept his devotees away from Earth Changes – very much so. There were individual revelations and people have put maps out about what the world will look like after the times of chaos are over. Gordon Michael Scallion put out his shocking doomsday maps back in 1987, and this has become the foundation of many a prophecy since, including assertions of prophecy by “Sai Baba”. Which “Sai Baba” we are not told, however, we can affirm that Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has told Scallion’s map is false.

Below is the medallion produced at Ooty in 1976 at the Summer School.



Here is the larger version of this medallion:



Indisputably, this appears very much like modern India with Janmu and Kashmir, Nagaland, Sikkhim, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, like this. The northern states are all there, no diminution of the shorelines, no disappearing Kanya Kumari nor collapse of Kerala as predicted by the astrologer.

There is a transcript of the two events at Ooty here.

There is a Youtube video here.

My dear

Others have come forward with maps of the world, Russians, and people who use pendulums have created their maps also, and asserted that “Swami has blessed this” or “Sai Baba told this is the true map“. As far as I am aware and know, Swami has not materialised. Swami told “For a while, the Ganges will flow backwards” and that he would raise a mountain range in India. What this means and when this occurs, I leave to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Let me return to Earth Changes for a moment. I told that Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba kept his devotees away from this, and away from all matters associated with Ascension. Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in his light body as Cosmic Sai Baba is giving out a lot of information with regard to Ascension, Star People (ET’s), and their arrival here on Earth. Ascension is the raise of Earth from 3D reality to 4D, 5th Dimension, 6th Dimension and on. This in some part, if done in one fell swoop would bring about drastic earth changes and much loss of life. Cosmic Sai Baba has told that due the likelihood of much loss of life, the “one hit” Ascension event has been stretched out over 7 years, resulting in an 8th year of world peace. That is five years away due our current reckoning. See various messages over time, on Cosmic Sai Baba website.



The Role of the Astrologer

There are many points of view about what an astrologer should and should not do. Due the invention of the computer, much of the task of calculation in astrology has been made easy, and the burden of the astrologer is now one of interpretation of data, facts. Let us look at the other side of the coin for a moment – that is – what people are seeking from astrologers. For most, it is simple divination and superstition. Run of the mill astrologers, in fact, encourage this. They advertise on their websites like so: money, career, marriage, children, luck, sex, travel. Like this, they cater to the desires of the masses and tell them what they want to hear as an exchange of value: the client pays money, the “astrologer” tells them what they want to hear.

In village India of the taluks, zilla parishad and the palli, it is quite different. The village jyotisha is consulted for timing of marriage, timing of planting of seeds and harrowing of fields, remedies for doshams and blemishes of planets, health matters, sade sati, like this. Even the priests in the temples give jyotish advice about timing of sanskaras, the sacraments of Hinduism for the newborns, and consult panchangams for the thread ceremony for boys – Upanayanam, and other muhurtas. And often, muhurta is something that is manually calculated.

Astrology is not fortune telling (although the knowledge is often misused as fortune telling, particularly in India). Astrology is a tool for self-knowledge and spiritual discovery. The predictions of learned astrologers are often very accurate, but the “remedy” for challenging predicted unfolding of experience is never any sort of superstitious ritual or potion. You see, astrology shows the patterns of the lifescript as they unfold a pre-planned path toward the Divine. What I have been calling on this website, the “Soul Contract”.

It is the task of the astrologer to enlighten the client that they may answer important questions. Acharyas, Gurus, Swami’s and Paramagurus along with Godmen like Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba tell that we all have important questions to answer: Who am I, Why am I here, Where am I going, How shall I get there? These questions relate to self-understanding and point to the goal of life: union with the divine.

I recently shared on the Internet about the task of enlightening the client; sathyam moolam jagat, truth is the basis of the Universe. I spend quite some time enabling clients to find the truth – particularly the truth about themselves, and I spend time getting them to articulate that. The four basic questions above have to be answered by the client in context of giving any astrological reading. Otherwise, I am failing the client, and risk a load of bad karma that I don’t want. My dear, your astrologer – gifted as he is – would do well to consider these points.

One astrologer friend of mine, Barry Rosen, wrote the following yesterday, about astrology:

Jyotish means light and it is shining light on people’s hidden patterns and revealing them so that they can take responsibility for changing them through new action and choices and awareness. It should also reveal the play of the puppet stings tugging at our emotions and our psychology so that we realise that the planets are hard at work spinning webs of illusion when there may not really be anything there. It is the craziness and blocks of our thoughts and self-doubt that so often causes so many of our problems.

My Dear, repose your confidence in the Lord, say your prayers and recognise that you can create reality for yourself and for others. It need not be all gloom and doom; it can be a world where all live in peace and if there are differences, then those with differences may sit down and discuss their differences and not need to raise a weapon against the other. Cosmic Sai Baba tells you (above) that you can remove much of the fear in this world with your thoughts and intentions. And if you wish to see a peaceful transition to the Golden Age without flooding, lands going under water, destructive earthquakes and volcano’s, then Cosmic Sai Baba tells you (above) that you can create this world – for yourself and for others – with your intentions, with your thoughts and feelings. Do serve the world, do spread good news, do tell one and all that The Source is here with us, protecting us, and leading us all into a peaceful future. The Source is also telling us “we are not alone in this Universe” and we shall have confirmation of this sooner than you think. Remember Julian of Norwich, “but all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.”


 Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba tells, Why fear when I am here?”



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