July 2021 Full Moon – Guru Purnima

Full Moon October 2020The July Full Moon of 2021 will be on occasion of Guru Purnima, sometimes called Vyasa Purnima, the occasion when Sage Vyasa completed dictation of the Bhagavad Gita to Ganesha. It is an occasion without blemish. Guru Purnima is also celebrated by Buddhists in the honour of Gautama Buddha to commemorate the day when Buddha gave his first sermon at Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh, India.

The Full Moon of Guru Purnima presents us not only with the festival of the Guru and the scribing of the Bhagavad Gita as dictated by Sage Vyasa, but also some curious issues along with much strength for those in their senior years.

The first issue brought forward by this Full Moon concerns influences over the personality. The rising sign is late, very late, and so we have two signs trying to claim the influence on the personality: the energy of Libra, and the energy of Scorpio. In a sense there are influences trying to take over what is a time of weakened personality. This is somewhat verified further into these notes, and a meditation is given to this effect.

When we move to the second house of this Full Moon, we encounter the Rahu-Ketu axis, the head and the tail of the dragon residing in a 2-8 axis and bringing afflictions to several matters. Ketu in Scorpio in the second house can be in a confused state of mind. Where this is a house of increase and gains ruled by the fire planet Mars, Ketu is both confused and suspicious of any gains. Ketu, remember, has no head, and so is ensconced in an interior world of his own. He disregards the dollars, the treasures, the moneys. Ketu is aspected by Mars here, so has greater strength. Ketu’s Lord is in the 11th, another house of increase. This means Ketu can settle down and concentrate on interior reflections about the wealth of inner, internal qualities within, and so obtain strength and success. Concentration brings success to any activity.

We move on to the next house with planets and we encounter Moon and Saturn in 4th house. Moon, fortunately, is beyond the orb of Saturn (9°), so in a sense, while under the influence of Saturn and Moon will behave a little like Saturn, Moon as presiding deity of the mind can craft its own course. There is an interesting quote here with reference to Moon in the 4th House:

“Millions of our citizens do not now have a full measure of opportunity to achieve and to enjoy good health. Millions do not now have protection or security against the economic effects of sickness. And the time has now arrived for action to help them attain that opportunity and to help them get that protection.”

The Aruda, the face to the world of this house – at this time – is of the 6th house, the house of illness, disease, enemies and service. Certainly there is worldwide illness at this time; the pandemic. There is also the place of community service and having management of one’s own mind. The higher your thoughts and feelings, the more you give to the world. The Sanskrit saying is Yad bhavatum, tad bhavati, as the feeling, so the result. Here, we may have protection from sickness. How? This can be a creative tension. We can take up our familiar habits, home rhythms, schooling, and defence of the land. We can be emotionally sensitive to local, familiar needs, and respond in kind. We can be strong in a time of pandemic and its terrible challenges, and decide: “I will be comfortably settled, nested, habituated to familiar rhythms of home, shelter, protection, schooling and my boundaries. Walking your inner talk, your inner resolutions gives strength to others, not only just those around you, but this strength goes to the Akasha too, where the Lord of the Universe takes this – your energy – and deposits it where it is most needed.

Now, there are those who say that Saturn and Moon must not join – particularly where education and learning are concerned. If we were looking at a child’s astrological chart, then yes, this matter would come to the forefront of the reflections. But now, we are looking at a Full Moon chart in time of pandemic. The situation at hand is totally different. Saturn has an interesting message (never forget, the Planets send energy to raise us up, to pull us down. It is important how we take up the energy of a planet, and never forget that Saturn is the only planet with GOD in its name – Saneshwaraya!

Saturn in the 4th house betokens fear of losing things. Fear of loss, ejection, punishment. Saturn in the 4th house hears, You follow the rules, or else we (the parents, caretakers, gate-keepers) will eject you from the home, and freeze your access to our cultural roots, farmlands, protective shelters, and vehicles. Well, if you want to live in fear, that is what Saturn will give you. If you want to stand in your strength, your self-discipline, your self-control AND your self-respect, and proceed slowly, you can follow your choices, your inner guidance, your soul strength without fear of punishment, ejection, rejection, turned out of home. Turn this fear into slowly moving out of the ‘rut’ of the pandemic and its grasp, its forced routines, its obligations. You go one step at a time – this is what Saturn is good at – then you can take up Saturn’s energy in a positive way and forge ahead with self-respect, self-discipline, self-confidence.

In the 5th house we find Jupiter, the Guru of the Gods – on this day of Guru Purnima – retrograde in Aquarius, aspected by Mars and Venus and under the sight of Saturn, owner of Aquarius. We keep in mind that Jupiter multiplies things, multiplies energy. This is a neutral environment for Jupiter, as Jupiter and Saturn are neutral to one another. Mars, on the other hand, is injecting the warrior drive and energy to get things done. Jupiter may say, “Time waste is life waste”, where Saturn tells, “One step at a time, one thing at a time” which, in part, is part of the warrior manifesto. We might say, “Start early, drive carefully and arrive safely”.

Having another look at the energies swirling around in the 5th – this is normally the house of children, birth, raising, schooling, educating, communication: all these issues around children. The role of children at this time of pandemic is to secure their education, to secure their learning be it suspended, home schooling, or attending at school. Children need to forgo the customary peer relations and focus on their future. Approval, admiration from peers, applause for sporting or other prowess are not relevant to education at this time. Love, reinforcement, positive messages and motivation are more important. That message that is given to elders applies to children as well. Youth is a time where – if self discipline is internalised and practiced, then the remainder of life will be sweet and successful. That message of the elders?

“Na Karmanaa na prajayaa dhanena tyaagena ekena amrutatvamaanasuh”; Immortality can be attained, not by ritual deeds, nor by birth, nor by wealth, but only by sacrifice and renunciation.

Coming to the next house with a planet, we find the shadow planet Rahu presiding in the 8th house. Rahu is malefic and afflicts any signs and planets associated with him. So the 8th house is one of hidden metaphysical issues, a house of mystery and misery. To ward of misery against the cycles of time and seasons, we put away for a rainy day. Rahu in the 8th house destroys these savings, the herds, hoards, holds, heaps, stacks, stashes, where we have been diligently acting to store, restore, save, conserve, reserve, preserve. The excesses of Rahu is compounded by aspect from Jupiter, who is largess, expansion, consumption, expenditure of that which is stored. Jupiter multiplies the effects of Rahu by strong aspect. Looking to our inner self, it takes patience, purity and perseverance to maintain, sustain, retain, contain the effects of Rahu. The time of affliction is strong; the time of willpower and endurance must also be strong. Rahu will not follow dharma. So YOU must do the right thing and be an embodiment of dharma!

Speaking of dharma, in the 9th house (dharmasthana) we have Mercury! And Mercury is also Lord of the 9th, so a most beneficial planet here. Moreover, the aruda (face to the world, appearance, disposition) of Mercury is that of the 1st house (soul, personality) and the 11th house (peers, social networks, connections, building of bridges into other domains of life and experience)… a bit of work here for Mercury. Recall that the 1st house is on the border between Libra and Scorpio, and so two signs are trying to grasp the energy of the personality (which is somewhat depleted). Here, Mercury has the capacity, the strength, the connections, the messaging: I am dharma! I am spiritual! I am strong! Take it up, it is what Mercury is giving out at this time. Mind you, Mercury can be fleet-footed, full of theories and ephemeral sophistry, so take the base message of the 9th house and stand on that. Don’t let the winds of pandemic, panic, pandemonium blow you about in this air sign!

Mercury can give out a strong message, albeit a message that can be lost in the winds: listen carefully and take the message within: I am generous with my time, talents and resources; I am vitality in the body; I am restored energy whenever I touch base with the Source of the All, and the 9th house is exactly the place to do that!

Now we look to the 9th division, what is called the Navamsha, to see what is indicated for those in their senior years.

When we look to the Navamsha, the first thing we notice is a *strong* Mercury in a crowded house: Saturn, Venus and the Lagna (rising sign) are all here. Saturn and Venus are benefic here; they are friends so lend positive energy to a neutral but very strong Mercury. This is a strong house; here, the Older are the Stronger.

The next house with a planet is the 4th, and here, we find the Sun. Again, Mercury is Lord, this is Mercury’s stronger house. Sun is the second significator of the soul, so we take strong significations for home, hearth, security, land, possessions and vessels: summarised as a strong personality in matters of possession and territory. The Sun in this house helps us to move forward with strength of belief, strength of personality.

The next house with planets is the sixth, where we have Ketu and Jupiter retrograde. Retrograde planets are stronger, for retro-grade means “do good” in translation. The 6th house is the house of legal matters, enemies, illness, disease and service. Here, the headless Ketu, inwards looking, is looking to the depths of health and worries about what it means to maintain good health. Jupiter – as we have told – is the multiplier: wherever Jupiter is, Jupiter is multiplying the impact of that house. This is the house of legal matters, enemies and gossips: watch what you say. It can come back and bite you. Never speak ill of others, for the energy goes to them and affects them. One of the best pieces of advice given by a counsellor was “if you have problems, go and do community service in that exact place where the same problem exists”. “Learn to live with problems, learn to see the way out of problems, learn humility and give others the benefit of your selfless service.”

Now we are going to go to the 11th house where there is a fairly important situation: Mars is in the 11th house and Mars is Lord of the 11th house. Invincible, you might say (Recall Helen Reddy: “I am woman, I am strong, I am invincible!“) So we have Mars dominant in the place of social environments, social connections, with a strong ability to connect with his or her own kind. Mars is reaching out to communities of interest with a strong drive to action. Where are you strong? Which community of interest do you reach out to? What is your message there? At this Full Moon, this is a time and place of gains (11th house), of street-cred (11th house) of unique wisdom at the centre of earning capacity (Mars in 11th house). We said before that older is stronger in this evaluation of the Navamsha. You might say, “Old is Gold!” for what Mars is offering at this time. Possibilities exist in economic gain from connectivity, economies of knowledge and commodities exchange, friendships, distribution and extension of opportunity, from community-networks, social movements, markets, fund-raising. Gains and strengths are given (by the Old is Gold tribe) to others by way of network empowerment. The energy can go both ways and be used to raise others up. Consider.

We spoke of a meditation, and psychic pests. We have been told that there are more souls disembodied on the lower astral trying to get their jollies off you when you derail yourself and fall off the path. You full well know that deceased drug addicts go and sit inside the young trying drugs for the first time and suck out the high the young first experience. (This gives rise to the term “Chasing the Dragon”, for you never get back to that first high again: you are marked out with holes in your aura, which are simply invitations to deceased drug addicts to come and sit inside you the next time you hit up…)

We need protection
. The Hierarchy have shared with us that the time of Full Moon is a time of very strong energy, and we can take this energy, and meditation for our own benefit, and offer the energy gained to the Source of the All that it might be used to benefit others. Herewith, one simple meditation of protection from psychic pests (and others who float about on the lower astral)…

  • Lay flat on a bed or on a floor.
  • In the imagination, create a protective pyramid of white-light around oneself.
  • Place the base of this white-light radiant pyramid of protective energy below oneself, approximately three feet below the body.
  • The pyramid dimension should be approximately three feet larger than the physical body length as well.
  • For example if one stands 2 meters tall then the base of the pyramid will be approximately 4 meters wide.
  • In the mind, simply enlarge the pyramid until it provides the protective size and height to remain as a geometrically intact pyramid shape containing the physical body nicely with a pleasant, secure buffer around the body.
  • Charge this pyramid with the energy of safety, intelligence, and divine guidance.
  • Intentional thoughts create reality.
  • The pests will be repelled by the wave frequency of this healing light and will cease to be bothersome.
  • The person can be sitting, standing, walking, or laying during creation of the pyramid.
  • It can be calming to create this white-light pyramid in the mind before drifting off to sleep.
  • It can be created while sitting in an aircraft passenger seat, taking an examination, climbing a peak, driving a wagon, riding an elephant, going to sleep, or standing in queue at the bank.
  • The power of the pyramid is held in the frequency of the intentional thought. When the thought is no longer held in the mind, the pyramid
    simply dissolves.

Full Moon October 2020