What is most comfortable for you?

What is most comfortable for you?Some people – well intentioned – tell you of this treatment or that meditation, and urge you to take up their experience or a new path. Is this spiritually right for you? Only you know. The Source has shared that your personal spiritual path is what feels most comfortable to you. (This is not letting you off conscience; conscience is the impression / communications from Source within you).

What feels comfortable? That is your only guide.

If someone tells you that you must do this to connect to the spiritual realms or yourself, please review that information within your being. If it feels exciting to do so, that is part of your new path. But if it does not, realize that such actions might be perfect for the person suggesting them, but not you. You are a unique being and no longer fit within spiritual activities designed for all.

If a friend or significant other pushes you to try this or that, you might feel guilty for not doing so or wishing to do so. Stop the guilt.

Again, if that spiritual action is appropriate for you, you will complete that action or at least complete as much as feels right. You are no longer part of the group process that was once 3D.

Many connecting with the spiritual realms tout this or that cure – an action that might work wonderfully for them, but not necessarily for you. Listen to your heart, your inner being before taking the time and perhaps financial resources to explore those options.

There is nothing wrong with providing spiritual guidance. The difficulty is when you return to the 3D belief that someone is more wise or skilled than you. Those skills you admire might be important for your role – or not. Or skills you can obtain without their input. Maybe those skills are unnecessary flim-flam. Or skills necessary for your next step forward. Only you know – not your friends or family.

So do not feel the need to jump from this program to that or, more importantly, feel guilty that you do not. Perhaps those techniques will hinder your personal evolution – or not. Only you know. And the part of you that knows is within.

You no longer need to ask the Universes or humans if they think you need to do something. They are not you and never will be. You are you – with the most appropriate guidance within.

Perhaps you feel a need to pray to the Universes, humans, or others to assist you in a forward movement. That is far different than waiting until they approve for you to do so – forcing you to take this step or meditate in this way – before you are allowed to actualize your dream.

You are the CEO of you. Others can provide information and input, but you and only you make the final decision regarding the correct application of any information from humans, the Universes, or others.


What is most comfortable for you?


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