The Still Point

The Still PointFor those who live on the surface of life with all its flotsam and jetsam – and marine litter (plastics, mainly) – it would appear that matters are rising to a crescendo. We have global warming, fire-storms, drought, civil war, nations testing nuclear arms as a show of strength and this virus mutation has caused hospitals to be overwhelmed. First responders are becoming exhausted and gripped by compassion fatigue. Where is the still point, the place of being and awareness of our true nature? Where is the still point of this turning world?

There are things that each and every one of you can be working with to bring that own special space into reality. This explains three important aspects about the future and where you are as Lightworkers right now, for you’re in a very key position. Many of you may think that you do not have much to say about what’s happening over here or that situation over there, but actually you do.

Sacred Space

There’s a very special connection that everyone has deep within, although few people actually exercise it. It’s usually those with a spiritual intent, whether they call it prayer, meditation, centring or whatever it is, who are creating a sacred space. The sacred space in many people is where you connect, and it allows for some very magical things to take place. Most people think, “Oh, we’ll go into this space and I’ll be able to retreat from the world for a while. I’ll be able to recharge my batteries by disconnecting from everything and just going deep inside.” Even though that’s the common understanding, that’s actually not what happens. Sacred space is there for you to imbibe yourself with your own energy, to literally recreate you, to strengthen and adjust your body suit.

Web of Love

You gain something from your sacred space every time you emerge out of it. But when you’re in it, you have broader opportunities for connection. As we mentioned, most people don’t try to connect when they’re in that state, because it’s a very relaxing and safe space. Yes, you can retreat and just let go of everything in that wonderful, sacred space. Yet, you also have that opportunity to connect on a very deep level. That is something that’s starting now, and a higher level of existence is forming as a result. There’s something now taking place on planet Earth that we’re encouraging each of you to do, and that’s the web of love. That’s the second point of today. The web of love is simply a connection of the hearts. You all have it all the time, but it’s only activated when you think about it or activate it with your intent. How does the activation work? When you intentionally try to move something from one area to the other, or when you work with it in a different way. It’s very magical to see that process happen and your place has been reserved in these transformative times.

In these times of mastery, you will be presented with all sorts of challenges to master, individually and collectively. So please, don’t judge yourself by how fast something happens over here or evolves over there. Even though you’re sending your energy to heal things, some are on track and their timeline is in order. With that, we tell you that your work ahead on this planet can be done so more easily by simply connecting through your heart. When you go into this deep meditative state and reach out, you will draw beings in. It’s very simple, yet you’re also in an unprotected and vulnerable state, or so it feels. The empathy that you all carry is five to six times the normal levels. Yet know that those feelings of vulnerability may actually be triggers that you set up by contract. Those feelings of vulnerability can trigger hidden strengths and open doors. You are honoured more than you know, dear ones.

The Irreverent Spirit

So, once you go into your sacred space and you feel safe, you’re connecting and reviving your own energy. As you step out again, reach your hands out and allow others to connect. At first you might find that it scares you a bit to do so, but that also brings us to the third point of today. The other piece that we want you to know is that spirit is irreverent. You may think you’re reaching out your hands in this beautiful and majestic time, only to hear laughter. When you may expect to hear the angels singing, you might instead hear HipHop or a reggae beat. We tell you, dear ones, spirit is irreverent. And if you look for that and dance in that music, you will come alive.

And you can have it all, because you hold it deep inside. During these times watch for the irreverent spirit, laugh with it, dance with it, play with it, and know that when you’re in that sacred space it will stimulate your spirit. It takes your hand in difficult times and even makes you laugh. When you’re trying to find this sacred space and nothing is working, try letting go and experiencing the irreverent spirit. It will balance your energy, as laughter is the language of angels.

Every time one goes in and connects, the connections grow a little stronger. You have the opportunity to bring everything up. We know it’s a heavy weight and it isn’t easy, but wait until you see what’s coming. Magic is closer than you may think, so enjoy the journey. Dear ones, know that you’re never alone. Just listen over your shoulder. Oh yes, we may whisper or we may laugh heartily. Whatever it is, enjoy the journey. And if at any time we find you getting too serious, we will send a Deva to tickle your funny bone, just to remind you that it’s a beautiful game you’re playing. Treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.


The Still Point


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