Imagination – the nation of images

Imagination - the nation of imagesImagination is the nation of images. Imagination can create books, plays, films. Imagination can be fun! Imagination can be something we use to create our career. And, magination can be a form of prayer. The World of Light is imaged; it is the nation of images.

When someone imagines something, they are trying to picture something in their mind that they are not experiencing at the moment or that is not really happening. Imagination is a form of creativity, and structured imagination is the way authors, playwrights and script-writers for film and television produce their writing. Imagination can be fun, and sometimes, imagination can cause distress. Imagination is also a form of prayer when directed at (God-Goddess, Source-of-the-All, Heaven, World-of-Light) the Creator of All that exists.

Imagination is the ability to form mental images of things or events. It is a form of inner vision, imagery that is not limited to the senses, and not limited to the human body. Our imagination can go out to our energy field, our imagination can reach the world of light, and imagination can reach the stars.

Imagination is a form of energy. The human body emits different energies – feeling, emotion, the energy field of your aura, energies that are expressed through body movement, through action, speech and colour. In particular, the colour of the clothing we wear.

Everything from the world of light is imaged. It is the nation of images – and of course that means – imagination is not to be brushed off. Because it is – EVERYTHING – a nation of images.

This means that whatever we imagine, we create. We first create for ourselves by imaging and feeling.

Sending of images to the world of light is a form of prayer. Sending images in prayer is the science of Prayer, for the images are reflected back to you from the world of light. Images are a form of the language of light.

The Language of Light

You have this language that is within you – a language of Light – it is vision – it is imagination – it is a nation of images. And if you sit quietly, and work with that, you can help bring changes upon this Earth and within yourself – by seeing the event or images changing to how you would like them to be.

So focus on the Source of All Creation – that is all you have to do – and if you want to call it God – then please do. If you want to call it The Force – then please do. If you want to call it the Angelic Realms – there are beings that work very closely to that Source and they will assist you. So call on them to help you to change. To manifest the creation that is in your mind – it is possible.


Imagination - the nation of images

Think of these clouds. Use your FREE WILL to CHOOSE to IMAGINE clouds full of rainbow colours. Colours of the Highest Healing capabilities.

What you feel is what you draw to you. What you think, you create. You create your world, your environment by what you think, feel and do. Your imagination is a divine gift: imagination is the nation of images. And the nation of images is the world you live in. That which you think-feel-do ~ you CREATE.

When you see clouds, reverse the image using your imagination. Raise the energy of the clouds to the highest level: Stop, pause, and imagine the clouds are all colours of the rainbow! Colour your clouds in the mind’s sky and in the sky of your heart! As you feel, so you become. Continue to do this day by day and your life will change, you will rise to the higher dimensions, you will become a universal source of healing. Heal our planet using your mind’s eye, and your imagination! Discover all the colours of the rainbow that will lift your spirits.


Imagination - the nation of images
Imagination – the nation of images




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