Karma, Incumbrances and Ascension

Karma, Incumbrances and AscensionCosmic Sai Baba has always said that everyone is a God being. So if you think of that – it might be a little hard sometimes because of incumbrances that are still in the body that exist from other teachings or beliefs from other times – or even in this lifetime. They could let all that go. Everyone on this Earth at this time can move forward. And they have all agreed to come, to help one another.

Now is the time of Ascension – where we may (if the choice is within us) expand our consciousness from 3rd dimensional reality to the wider, all-embracing 5th dimensional reality. The energies flowing from a core of Suns going back to the Central Sun of all Universes is now flowing through our Sun – Sol – to the Earth. All the Earth is being raised to the 5th Dimension. This includes us – the human race. If we make the choice, we can leave all the negativity, all that we inherited, all that pulls us down and traps us in a lower dimension – we can leave all that behind.

Going from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension is like standing on a precipice. We can look behind us and see all that traps us, all that pulls us down, all the negativity we have felt, have been drowned in, all those tears and disappointment and crushed hopes. We can turn – in our imagination – look back at our past at all the black, dark clouds of disappointment, violence, threat, abuse, injured feelings. Why did these things happen to us?

We turn and look to the other side of the precipice, the place of Ascension, the higher dimension – where everything is harmony, peace and understanding. People learn to live together, discuss their differences and never think to raise a weapon nor harm any other person as a form of settling their differences. Here, there is hospitality for the stranger, care for those who are in need, honouring of the elderly, along with love and protection for all children.


How do we leave all this darkness, all these chains of karma and suffering behind?
How do we leave all this darkness, all these chains of karma and suffering behind?


Everyone is born into a family, and inherits karmic impressions or incumbrances from their parents, their elders, and indeed, as the Bible tells us – unto the 7th generation in the past. Our family, our grandparents and our ancestors all have influence upon us. We are raised in an environment of love, of family traditions and often – in the circumstances and history of our family. Some are born in farming communities, some are born in guilds such as artists, painters, craftspersons, tradespersons, glaziers, plumbers, like this. Some situations fit us well. Other situations can be a hindrance to our fulfilment of our desires, our satisfaction, our prosperity.

The circumstances now exist for all humans to choose for the better of the All. For their own betterment and Ascension to higher dimensions, for the good of others, for the creation of an Earth where all thrive and prosper with flourishing. Ascension is available to all, and we can make the choice now, for human life has evolved to a point where this is possible. We can choose the good, the peace, the uplift, and leave the dark, the pain, the suffering behind.

However, sometimes people are caught up in situations in life that stop them, or, cause problems so that the power of where they are – takes over and they make decisions that are not right for everyone. Not for the good of the All, but just for the good of the few. There is no judgement. We have had our learning experiences, we have had the experiences we signed up for in soul contracts. We are the witness to what the body has experienced. Being the witness, there is no judgement of persons nor circumstances that assailed us, that afflicted us. Life is like a play; we have walked across the stage. The curtain has fallen, the curtain is ready to rise for the next act, Act 2. The 5th Dimension, our personal Ascension.

Everyone has free will as we have have been taught – many, many times. And this is up to you to make the choice. Everybody in the human race has moved forward in evolvement and has become the same – as far as the evolvement of the human race. It is possible for everyone to communicate and find understanding with differences – difference of knowing, difference of ways of doing things, beliefs and caring. It does not matter what colour your skin is – all the body functions are the same.

We are all born into situations with karma, or incumbrances. Incumbrances are burdens, loads, hindrances, oppression, impediments, handicaps and other forms of interference in our lives. These can be our own personal karma or incumbrances from the past (and from our ancestors) or they can be karma and incumbrances from the activity of the body in this life. Some of this is personal, some of this is from our ancestry. Whither the source, the time is now to take up what is on offer and to release all incumbrances and create our personal body of light – and become enlightened.

Now is the time. The karmic chains can be removed. The incumbrances can be shed. The energy flowing from the Grand Central Sun of All Universes makes this available to all, NOW.

Now, it is time to release all incumbrances upon your body that have been held – and is no longer necessary. Remember that. It comes from your DNA and your RNA and your – as we mentioned – influences from your parents and your parents parents – and as you can imagine, going back further into your ancestors. It needs to be cleared and it will be readily cleared if you have that choice within you – and you ask your God self to assist you and to release all that has passed in every way and offer yourself in service.

Because who you really are is not totally in your earth body – you exist with a soul – and a light body – and an oversoul – if you like – and that connects you to your God-self, and THAT, is who you really are.

The World of Light is the Nation of Images. You may set aside some special time for this, and think of the World of Light where your Oversoul – the fullness of who you are – resides. You can send the images – you can imagine – the darkness, the DNA, the RNA – all being cleansed of karma and incumbrances – and being returned to you to illuminate your light body and enhance your consciousness.

You may use your imagination and send the images of your uplift, of your cleansing, of your healing of all incumbrances and karma to the name and form of the Divine you are most comfortable with – the Divine Mother, the Goddess, the Lord of Creation, the Preserver, the One who resides in Every Heart, the Creator of the All, the Lord Jesus, Mother Mary, Rainbow Serpent, Brigid, Asgard, Heaven, Paradise, Valhalla, Buddha, Avalokiteshvara, Devi, Isis, Kali, Krishna, Osiris, Shiva-Shakti, Yahweh and Zeus. The World of Light accepts all Religions and every call for help is always answered.

Ascension is the time when our consciousness can expand from 3rd dimensional experience to the 5th dimensional experience. This is a return to our birthright as human beings filled with light energy, the light that flows to us from the Source of the All. It is this light that is the light of our soul, our Oversoul. This light can be accessed by our imagination, and sent to the world of light, so that we may all leave negativity, incumbrances, the darkness and impediments – hindrances of our karma, our DNA, our RNA – behind us forever as we ascend to the higher dimensions.


World of Light
It needs to be cleared and it will be readily cleared if you have that choice within you – and you ask your God self to assist you