Holograms of Light; Negative Holograms

Spirituality and Holograms

Spirituality and HologramsLife is Light. So long as there is Light there is life. We have experience of this phenomenal world, it is created a mass hologram by the thoughts, words and actions of those taking birth. The light is within; manipulating the light without are the bad news bearers who create holograms of despair, hopelessness, abominations and destruction. The Light within us – the human is the HUE-man – the One imbued with the Light of the Source of the ALL can conquer this darkness, these negative holograms.

Holograms of Light:

This world is light: all that we see is illusion, and not the reality. Why do we see the world as it is (apparently)? It is because when we are born we are born into the mass hologram that humans have created, sustained and fortified by their thoughts, words and actions for millennia. We have created this world we have been born into. The Soul is in the body; the soul itself is uncreated light and life-force. Sai Baba tells,

The embodied soul is by its very nature eternal and immortal. It has no beginning that can be calculated. It has neither birth nor death. It is self-effulgent. It is the knower and the knowledge, the doer and the enjoyer. Whether bound or liberated, the soul has all these characteristics intact. In every act, the soul has to involve the body, the senses like the ear, etc., the vital airs that operate in the body.

Sai Baba goes on to explain that which we experience in life. It is the principle of free will:

Just as the activities in this life are determined by the nature of the activities in previous lives, the activities of this life do determine the activities of the next life. The Divine decides the place and time, the circumstance and the consequence in accordance with the nature of the activities presently undertaken. God has the power to shape the nature of man but, He does not exercise that power and mould it differently. He leaves it to the free will of the individual, which has to learn the lesson by experience.

We are here to learn our lessons and progress from experience to understanding. We stand under an experience and allow it to shed its light upon us. Hence, we come to understanding. We learn that everything has a foundation of love. Just like human birth, we are born with love, we are nurtured with love and our parents and carers impart values to us with love. We are in a school of love, here on Earth. There are others who seek to join us in the school of love.

A School of Love

This planet is a school of love; many beings in many worlds seek birth on Earth so that they may have human emotion and feeling, and the experience of love in a family. Emotions are deficient among many of the star populations for a range of reasons. Yet, for evolution and merger with Divinity, the experience of love is necessary, as Divinity itself is love: Pure Love.

This planet does have a purpose – it is definitely a school and you may see it as a game – and in some ways it is because everyone – for every life force upon this planet is also connected to a larger aspect of who they really are, and so you could call it something like a game. It is not a total hologram but who every Soul is. But the personality or that aspect of the Soul is existing on this Planet. Not to just help that Soul but to help others around them.

What the Star People are seeking

There is a time when you will be free of every attachment – the emotions that you have experienced in your Soul Story and your life now – and then as you free yourself you can move into this calm pond of love and light and frequency and living in a way that you will be very at peace with yourself and everything around you. This is the lived experience of love and light that the star populations are seeking. It is true: all life seeks to be born on Earth, experience human love and love of family, and then be reborn again on their own worlds, and to take the experience of love – especially love in a family – back to their homes, the stars, the planets. (Jalarm/The Mystery School)

A Human is a Light Being – they are all the same. They all operate the same, they have the same lungs – and they have the same organs in their bodies and they have the same ability to move and take action. Their emotions are very similar. It is a place of love here. It has been created for that reason to help people to experience, particularly for those that do not yet understand what it feels like to feel pain. But coupled with that is work and with that work comes a beautiful feeling of life and tenderness and caring. So remember that – that is why this planet exists and why it was first created in the first place. It was no accident – it was purposely formed by the Higher Beings from Nations that want only to bring and teach knowledge and understanding for all the people who are willing to come to evolve, to experience and to love one another.” (Jalarm/The Mystery School)

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Man today has largely lost his human qualities of Truth, Love and Peace, Right Action and Non Violence. Here is a bulb and a wire; current flows through the wire lighting the bulb. In the same way Divine power exists in all. If there is to be a garland, there should be someone to make it. bulb of light In the body you have a mind and a heart, but it is the Divine current that illumines them. A light could be dim due to the wattage of the bulb; likewise the spiritual power in the body can become weak. Our inner Divine light should shine brightly and be developed through expressing more and more Love. April 16, 1996

We commenced with “This world is light”. There is light within (from the Soul) and light without. The light within us shines more brightly when we express more and more love. Our home, Earth, is a School of Love where we – HUE-mans (the ones imbued with the Hue of Light) and our fellow Star People – can experience love and emotions, and take these experiences with us, whereever we go. This world is light: phenomena and objects experienced outside of us are made of light. These are called holograms. We look to the nature of holograms.

The Nature of Holograms:

R2D2's famous hologram of Princess Leia in Star Wars
R2D2’s famous hologram of Princess Leia in Star Wars

It is said that this world is an illusion. In many respects it is, although we touch things, feel hard objects and soft objects, feel the wind on our face, the sunshine that warms us. Illusion, you ask? Yes, it is illusion, and the illusion is caused by thoughts – the thoughts of many over millennia. There are levels of reality, dimensions of existence. There are layers within dimensions, and layers within frequencies. Everything is energy, and thoughts are a form of energy that coalesce, take form according to will, desire, wish. We create our life, our experience, our holograms by what we think, say and do. Some holograms were created by the Star People.

There were holograms wherein the star people appeared on Earth – long before the creation of the human. Many star people came in hologram form, taught the human about fire, circumnavigation of the Earth, and how their ancestors came from the Stars. With the Fall of Atlantis, the star people left and the Earth fell – from the 4th dimension to the 3rd dimension. The planet nearly died, sunlight was obliterated for thousands of years and humans returned to the caves. The floods receded, the dry land reappeared and the dove returned with the olive branch. Mankind left the caves and returned to terra firma. It was then that the negative holograms were created: fear and the absence of love. Compliance was obliged: do this, achieve the desired results, obey the leaders. Wars, conflict and violent disorder are created by negative holograms.

Discrimination and discernment are necessary before taking in information, before taking up action. It is a time when a new energy is coming upon this Earth, and it is so:

It is the time that actually uplifts the consciousness so it returns to a time when this planet was operating in a different consciousness level. It was a time when many from other worlds visited regularly – there were some that stayed and created civilisations upon your planet but there were others that came – left – and came again. Sometimes in the early days there were wars about ownership (of this planet) but this has fortunately moved on now. There is (now) merely a time of evolvement upon this planet. That the consciousness of life forms has moved to an evolvement of ready to move and uplift into the new dimension that this planet is coming into – which aligns it with all suns that go back to the Source of All Creation. This Source you call GOD. (The Mystery School/22 August, 2016)

The Negative Holograms

forgery proof hologram station
Forgery proof hologram station

It has been suggested that in the last 15 years, the kinds of changes that we have lived through include: “financial meltdown, climate breakdown, COVID lockdown, racial throwdown, religious letdown, rights breakdown, and technology showdown.” While some rush towards the Moon and Mars, the future is rushing towards us: a future of disorder, catastrophe, disaster on many levels – personal and public. Did we really create this? Are there lessons for us in what is happening outside of us? Is it all of our own making? Keep in mind that who we are in the big picture is not operating under the same laws of the physical dimension. In other words, there are cosmic forces exerting an effect on us through subtle channels, and these are beyond logic, reason, and scientific evidence. There are those of a lesser light magnifying negativity, creating negative holograms. What are negative holograms?

Everything is energy. Every thought is energy. We may mould, shape and form energy into creation. Thoughts create reality. Technology provides mankind with opportunity and choices that may not have relevance with true humanness. This is why technology is sometimes called tricknology. With the rise and rise of film, theatre, radio and television, social media and streaming media, it becomes possible for people to leave reality and embody a virtual reality, that which is created by technology. Virtual reality may present holograms – false reality that does not convey, channel nor communicate the true nature of our world, the world of light, the world of truth, goodness and beauty. Many have become addicted to drama and conflict, heavy metal and a meaningless modern bop that does not generate a peaceful energy-frequency-vibration within the human. This is not true humanness.

Holgrams are (artificial) creations in the light. Our world is our story, our narrative. For, what we think, tell and do creates reality. We create stories with feeling: happiness and sadness, joy and despair. As the book of Ecclesiasticus tells, there is a time for everything under the Sun. There aer those (people) (beings) (forces) that tell a different story, a story of financial ruin with inflation, recession, stagflation. They deny the looming climate disaster for our Earth and continue to create, build and fund fossil fuel industries. They defend products that are harmful to human health and pursue litigation that ensures that they may continue like so. They have profited from the Covid-19 pandemic, they have profited from lockdowns and the breakdown of the supply chains. They are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse with the addition of another rider: DISINFORMATION


The 5th horseman - disinformation

There is so much disinformation – and misinformation – present that people cannot tell fact from fiction, truth from untruth.

It is this disinformation that the bad news bearers use to create holograms of despair, hopelessness, abomination and destruction of the world as we know it.

Yes, life is change and change is hurtling towards us. As one great thinker and mentor told,

“Life is change, and to be perfect is to have changed often”

It is in our power to choose the change we want. It is in our power to be the change we want to see in our world. It is in our power to turn off the bad news. It is in our power to remember and recall that we are beings of love and light, graduates of the School of Love. It is in our power to ignore the negative holograms – and to pursue holograms – ways of being, ways of living – ways of information and that lead to light and love.

The following mantra has power and efficacy to overcome negative holograms:

I am the Light

I am the Love

I am the Truth

I am


Fishing in silence in blue water under heavy blue sky and majestic clouds over Visayan Sea in ethereal atmospheric conditions.
There are many layers within dimensions. Within those layers, there are holograms – and some are created by those of a lesser light. Which world you experience – and the emotions that go with this experience – is the fruit of your choices. The Source has given all free will. We are free to create our reality, we are free to choose light and love

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