Peace and the Androgynous, the Transgender

Trans in SportThis is a time which may appear as a time of great darkness upon Earth. Whatever it may appear as, we have to remember that there is only atma in this world and the mind that we are born with sees only illusion. Moreover, our reactions to what is moving in front of us in the stream of illusion elicits reactions from us. It is meet and fitting to remember to be the witness, whatever the media presents. In this talk, we look to androgynous – transgender children, youth and adults.


At this time of Ascension – the rise of the Earth and all that exists upon Mother Earth – to the higher dimensions, the 5th and on, we keep in mind that the Hierarchy have told – through various channels and mediums that all who are born after the year 2000 have access to additional spectrum and wavelengths of light. These children – and young adults sometimes called Gen Z – are the ones who will lead their elders by the hand, gently into Ascension, the expansion of awareness, the expansion of consciousness.

These children – and young adults sometimes called Gen Z – are the ones who are exhibiting androgyny – the quality or state of being neither specifically feminine or masculine. Others are born and realise that internally, they are gender diverse and some change gender through hormonal therapy and sex assignment surgery. There is no error in androgyny, for angels are androgynous, neither male nor female. Those Spirit Guides, Masters and beings that are channelled are all beyond gender but take up gender roles and images in order to be perceived and grasped by those whom they attend. We need to consider that those who are androgynous – the young children and youth – are perhaps closer to the spirit world – just like the angels – are not cause for disgust nor diminution of their personality, their livelihood.

The western world and its cultural bindings regard human life as binary – one or the other. The scriptures of the religions of the west (and perhaps the Abrahamic faiths) also place humans in binary roles – one or the other. Other religions (of the East) can be seen as more inclusive of all and do not exclude nor judge on the basis of gender. One has a spiritual discipline, a personal spirituality, a spiritual practice. That practice – the personal relation of the adherent to the divine – is not open to judgement or criticism from anyone.

Moving beyond the transcendent domain of life to the temporal, when we encounter androgynous or transgender persons, this experience may be beyond our ambit of personal experience, ideation, reflection or encounter. When presented with this, some may react with rejection, dismay, criticism and judgement. It is hard to be the witness when you are confronted with phenomena outside your personal experience. Reaction is normal, exclusion, judgement and criticism are not. That is why when it comes to common sense – and spiritual common sense in particular – we are asked to take time, do not haste, waste, worry. Remember God and calmly discriminate right and wrong. This would also apply to your personal performance character – the maintenance of your integrity in thought, word and action.

The media is presenting international and national bodies banning transgender athletes and competitors in varia sport competitions and events. It will take time to settle and it will take time to arrive at a discernment of dharma, righteousness and right action in this matter. That is why the dicta commences, Take Time: Take HIS time.

From Bhagavatha Vahini, Chapter 10

Arjuna paused a little to overcome the grief surging within him and then, he began his account of the events. The other three brothers drew near and heard the tragic tale. “I learnt that day that not even the tiniest event could happen unless willed by Krishna. I got fully convinced of this. He is the the holder of the strings that move the puppets and make them act their roles, but, He seats Himself among the spectators and pretends He is unaware of the plot or story or cast. The characters cannot deviate a dot from His directions; His will guides and determines every single movement and gesture. The varying emotions and events on the stage by which the drama unrolls itself affect the hearts of those who witness the play, but, they do not cause a ruffle in the heart of the One who is the holder of the strings and moves the puppets across the stage.

He decides what this person should say or that person should do and He prompts in them the appropriate words and deeds. And, the consequence of the karma performed and inherited by each individual from previous lives also adds its quota to this destiny.

Nothing can ever happen without His express command. No one can cross His will or act against His command.

This world is the stage on which each one acts the role He has allotted him, on which each one struts about for the time given by Him and each one has to obey His instructions without fail or falter. We may think in pride that we have done this or that by ourselves, but, the truth is, everything happens as He wills.”

There is a divine purpose in what is happening, and it will lead to a future for human life on this planet when no one will pick up a weapon to harm another nor use violence – or rejection – to make their point. Humans will sit down and discuss their differences and part with amicable understanding of another’s experience and their life story. They may have discussion and agree to disagree, but there shall be no lifting of weapons, no threat of violence or rejection. Ascension is an era of peace, harmony, cooperation and understanding of the other.

These children – and young adults sometimes called Gen Z – are the ones who will lead their elders by the hand, gently into Ascension, the expansion of awareness, the expansion of consciousness.


Take his Time

Image Credit: Copenhagen Post/Ted Eytan