The Double Rainbow

 rainbows were seen at Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace
At the passing of the Monarch, rainbows were seen at Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace. It is said that the passing of this Monarch will bring about great change in how the world is viewed. It will also bring about change in how we view our own selves. For we are the ones we have been waiting for. Divinity is within the human, not in the skies nor in any far off place called Heaven, Nirvana or Chandra loka. Rainbows signify hope.

The passing of this monarch brings to mind a clear perception of a ruler, a leader who had – and presented to her commonwealth and to all nations – a clearly defined royal character and integrity. The precept, the example, the clearly acted out human and regnal values that remained constant throughout her reign. This was her strength, this was her power, this was her integrity – all held with humility in a life of dedicated service. a swadharma we can all clearly see and point to. It is said in sanatana dharma, as the leader, so the subjects. We all draw benefit from the life this person lived.

Truth is the basis of the Universe, and that truth resides in our own hearts. Narayana Suktam tells us the worshipper of the Supreme Narayana need not necessarily look up to the sky to behold Him and adore Him. One can as well see the same Narayana within him/her self, in his or her own heart. While Narayana creates the world from outside, He also impels everyone through feeling and action from within. Through every nerve-current, life flows and vibrates. This vibration, this flow of life, is the chaitanya, or Consciousness, of Narayana moving in creation. Narayana is adored as the One Being extending beyond Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, Indra and all the gods and angels, while Himself appearing as every one of them-the Imperishable, Self-existent All. Whatever all this universe is-yacca kincit jagat sarvam-seen or unseen, in its depths or merely heard of, Narayana is within and without all these, enveloping everyone.

In this the Golden Age, there will be a transition from Darkness to Light. In that transition, we may encounter distortions of truth. The TV series The X Files opened saying “The Truth is OUT THERE”. Nothing could be further from the truth. When the media – television, print, radio, social media sites and chat rooms propagate bad news and distortions, recall that propaganda is information spread in promotion of a cause, whether that information is verified or not. In the war against the Truth, we have the humans and the machines. Machines don’t give a human response, human beings do. There is the value of human life – what we call the inalienable dignity of the human person. It is the human person who is capable of morally evaluating an action and its outcome. The moral response is the human response. Machines are not capable of this.

Machines don’t distinguish what is true and what is not true. Machines simply deliver data. It is up to you to evaluate the data, the information that is placed in front of you. If you remain in alignment with your truth, you will receive the protection of truth. This is atma balan, soul strength. Soul strength gives you both common sense and spiritual common sense and enables you to apply your discrimination to information presented before you. Whatever claims are made in any form of media, recall that it is a message given by someone who has interpreted illusion, maya. This world is illusion and the only thing that really exists is the Atma, and the intellect derives over 80% of its illumination from the Atma, for it is nearest to atman itself.

Sri Sathya Sai has told us many times, the soul can be dimmed by the mind being attached to the senses, the desires and acting / reacting without discrimination. The intellect becomes stronger, the soul shines more brightly when we follow simple spiritual effort, simple spiritual discipline and self control. In a word, sadhana. You are asked to be in the world, and not of the world. You may remain in the calm, the tranquillity of the soul when you are close to the soul, when you are close to your true nature. You are close to your soul when you keep the name of the Lord in the mind, you are close to your soul when you engage in selfless activity, free from the fruits of that action. You are close to the soul when you recognise the Source of the All in everything that you see, hear and feel.


Separator with Leaves

The Sastras, which are texts supplementary to the Vedas, declare that God resides wherever six excellences are evident: Enthusiasm (utsaha), determination (sahasam), courage (dhairya), good-sense (sad-buddhi), strength (sakti) and adventure (parakrama). The inaugural prayer of man has to be directed to God (Ganapathi) to gain these six gifts which can purify consciousness and reveal the Atma. One has to undertake the discovery of one’s Atmic core, with bravery in the heart; this is no exercise for cowards. Wicked persons, waverers in faith, doubting hearts, woeful countenances, are destined to go through life as rogis (sick persons) and not yogis (dwellers in Atma).


Rainbow outside Buckingham palace
Rainbow outside Buckingham palace


Double Rainbow outside Buckingham Palace.
Double Rainbow outside Buckingham Palace. The rainbows are a symbol of Hope. They bring Joy to the Heart