Book Notes: The Way of the Forest

The Way of the ForestJudy Carroll is an Australian who has written of her encounters with beings from higher dimensions, what some would call “extra terrestials”. Her encounters have principally been with the Zeta Reticulans, commonly known as “Greys”. Judy Carroll calls these beings her teachers. What have they come to teach? That humans are members of a galactic whole, races birthed by the love of the Source of the All. These beings teach that we are on a journey of return to the Oneness of Divinity. God is love, and our path through life ought be a Path of Peace.

The Way of the Forest
Judy Carroll, 2022
47pp, PDF, free

The Greys’ work involves being catalysts for evolution throughout the Universe. They are here now to assist Earth-plane humanity in breaking down barriers of the mind to allow expansion of conscious awareness to take place. This is not an easy process – it does require help, and it’s the next vital step in our evolution as humans of Earth.

It is natural to be afraid of life-forms from other places that don’t look human. (The Greys’ are mantis-like in appearance.) One teacher, Serapis, tells that some of the fear also stems from the fact that we come among you as ‘mid-wives’ to assist in the birthing of your consciousness into the new Age. This birthing process involves freeing your minds from the limitations of Earth-bound third-dimensional reality to enable you to access the more expanded awareness of Cosmic Reality. But as you well know, the act of giving birth is rarely easy, and is not a task to be undertaken alone and unaided. The next step in your evolutionary path involves expansion of your conscious awareness from Level 1 to Level 2 of the Human Ladder.

The next message is from Maris, another teacher. Maris tells, within the Grey Consciousness we refer to the Universal Cycle, or Human Ladder. This is a path of spiritual evolution through which souls expand and unfold into what could be termed Cosmic, Universal or Divine Consciousness. These terms are completely interchangeable because the Universe IS Divinity, Oneness or God if you prefer. God is the Consciousness of the Universe and the Universe is the Consciousness of God.

What follows is a series of messages that Maris – and others – have been giving from 1989.

(from) The River:

By looking at the river, one can begin to understand the physical illusion of Time – of Past, Present and Future. A single drop of water in the river is at a certain point at a specific time, just as part of the soul’s awareness places itself in a certain portion of Time and Space. But remember, that tiny droplet of water is not the whole river; it is just a very small part of it. If you observe the river, or the Soul, as a whole, which you must do in order to gain a true perception of reality, then you will see that it is in all places and times at once, always in the Present.

(from) Friends in Spirit:

All of you have many helpers and teachers in spirit, but each and every one of you has one special Guide and protector who is with you always, well aware of what you are feeling and experiencing from day to day, knowing your deepest thoughts and needs, and giving you help, protection and comfort when it is required.

(from) The Way of the Forest:

You must each follow a path through life – some choose the way of the desert and others choose the way of the forest. Initially the desert way seems better. The path is wide, straight and well-defined, the surrounding countryside is open and flat, and the horizon clear, with no obstacles in sight. The sky is blue and the sun shines brightly. What the inexperienced soul does not realize however is that in the desert there is neither sustenance nor shelter. Food is scarce, water almost non-existent, and there is no protection from the endless glare of the previously enjoyable sunlight and clear blue sky. No matter how easy the road, nor how open the countryside, if you have no food to eat, no water to refresh you and no protection from the burning sun, you will not survive. The only hope for a soul wandering in the desert is to find an oasis. It is there that the food and water of life can be found, and sheltered protection as well.

The forest path, although at first seemingly difficult, frightening and mysterious, abounds with plenty. Food in the form of various fruits and plants is there for the taking; all you need do is reach out for them. There are also herbs growing wild by the wayside to heal you if you become ill, and fresh, clear streams aplenty to quench your thirst and refresh your tired body. The thick trees and dark places which at first seemed impenetrable and mysterious now provide you with wonderful protection, coolness and a safe place to rest. When you learn to interpret the signs and language of the forest you will never lose your way, because Mother Nature herself will guide and keep your feet firmly upon the path.

The way of the desert represents a materialistic life; the way of the forest is symbolic of spirituality. Although the desert road seems tempting and easy in its straightness and openness, in reality it leaves you hungry and empty of nourishment and refreshment, and also unprotected against the elements and dangers that are around you.

(from) A Teaching on Oneness:

Your lives upon the physical plane are exactly like the characters in a stage production. Before you reincarnate you must prepare for the role you are going to play in your coming life. You study the country and culture that you are going to be born into, and also your prospective parents and family – in other words, the role you are going to play in the next life; but all the time you must bear in mind that it is only a role; a part in the Play of Life; and you are only acting – it is not the real you.

When you die and return to Spirit, it is just like the actor removing their stage make-up and costume after the performance, and going home. Once you are home in spirit, you can relax and be yourself again. It is then that your True Self can be seen, without the theatrical costume and make-up of race, creed and culture. To truly express the coming New Age, all the people of Planet Earth must learn to be brothers and sisters, regardless of your country of birth, your creed or your language.

The Need for Discernment of Spirits:

You speak on Earth of the New Age – the Age of Aquarius. As with all belief systems and concepts, there are always those who approach from a solely materialistic and selfish angle, in order to exploit others who are weak-minded and easily led into believing everything that they are told, particularly if they believe that these messages come from Spirit. Understand that not all in spirit are high-minded and pure. There are many who derive great amusement from misleading gullible mortals and imparting information which is not necessarily true or in your best interests. Yes, the New Age is bringing back to consciousness many ancient wisdoms and teachings that have been long-forgotten and lost, but still be wary. Learn to think for yourselves and do not believe all you are told, even by so-called Spirit Channels. Some of these are evolved souls who are motivated by love, but many more have only greed, ego and the need to control others as their motivation. Do not be easily fooled! First look to the channel for their degree of purity, unconditional love, humility and unselfishness, and understand that like attracts like. The physical channel will reflect accurately the spirits who work through them.

(from) The Caterpillar and Karma:

In the ways of nature all is laid out before you, there for the taking when you are ready to receive it. For example, your slow and often frustrating progress through many various lives lived upon the physical plane, gradually leading you ever-upwards towards the freedom and joy of spiritual unfoldment, is well-illustrated by the lowly caterpillar weaving itself a protective cocoon in which it can safely develop and prepare itself to eventually emerge into the beauty and splendour of a butterfly.

The caterpillar, wrapped tightly in the protection of its cocoon, may be likened to a human being living upon the physical plane wrapped up in the cocoon of their karmic web. Although it is both confining and constraining, that web of karma is most necessary for the soul’s growth and development. Just like a butterfly, the human spirit would not have the opportunity to grow and mature if it did not suffer the constraint of karmic bonds to bind it and hold it down upon the physical plane. Without its cocoon of karma in which to grow, it would remain like a caterpillar, undeveloped and earth-bound, trapped within physical form and never reaching its full potential as a resplendent Being of Light, possessing the freedom and expansion of Cosmic Awareness.

Humans are not the only ones that walk on Earth. There are hybrids, children of both human and star-people parentage; there are star people walking around in human bodies, and there are more star people in the higher dimensions – perhaps occupying the same space as ourselves, yet, we cannot see them. Their purpose?

Our special work is to raise and harmonise the vibrational energy frequency of the inhabitants of the planet, for as the frequency of Earth is heightened and refined, so must the energies of those living in your world be heightened and refined as well.

The Star people continue: At this time of change many more of us are returning to the Earth plane in human form; in a physical form that all can see and relate too – not just those who have clairvoyance and psychic sensitivity, but all humankind, and most especially those ones whose inner sight and senses are not yet developed. These are the very ones in need of most help and guidance. If they cannot perceive us plainly then how can they be reached for teaching and guidance? Time is short and they too need awakening.

On Negativity and its fruits:

Energy is drawn to where mind/conscious awareness directs it, so if the mind dwells on negativity – failure, fear, guilt and worry, then that is precisely where all your energy goes. Negative thought patterns are passive and draining, so your energy is siphoned off into nothingness; nothing will be achieved, which then creates more worry, failure and frustration. On the other hand, when energy is directed into positive and loving thought patterns, it is activated and strengthened, enabling much good to be accomplished.

Negativity is complacent and submissive, like a jellyfish being washed to and fro by the tide, with no self-motivated will to move. It is static and non-productive. Positivity must be actively chosen. You must open the door and invite God to enter. This is an individual, free will choice for each and every one of you.

A Droplet of Water:

Think of God as a glassful of water and yourself as a soul being a droplet of that water. This drop of water decides that it wants to know what ‘physicality’ is all about. To do this, it weaves itself a dream, an illusion, of physical existence. It doesn’t need to leave the glass to do this, because being a droplet of God Essence it is omnipresent and can create any experience that it wants to.

However, the problem it comes up against is that the illusion of physical existence it has created for itself seems so real that it becomes lost and trapped within it. It forgets that in reality it is still a droplet of water in the glass. Other droplets of water are also sharing this illusion, caught up in it and not wanting to let it go; not wanting to ‘wake up,’ and so they all remain trapped in their dream, all feeding each other’s illusion of separation and the ‘reality’ of physical and even astral-plane existence, which is yet another illusion created by the mind.


We have made some selections from the messages shared by Judy Carroll and her teacher, Maris – and the others who gave messages. These messages – although from the Star Nations – echo the messages of the great spiritual teachers on our planet – ones such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and many others as well. Those of the Star Nations tell that their ways are ways of love, gentleness and peace, which are virtues that all these great teachers have tried to impart to the people of Earth. It is only by following a path of peace that we may ever hope to attain reunion with the the Oneness of God.

We heartily recommend The Way of the Forest.
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The Way of the Forest