The Golden Age

The Golden AgeMany speak of the coming of the higher dimensions, the 5th Dimension. For some, it is the great restoration to a time before the Fall of Atlantis. Others call it the Age of Aquarius, others say it is the Golden Age, and some others tell it is the Return of the Light. Whatever the name, the recognition is in the heart: a return to an era of peace and harmony, wherein people will live with harmony and love; and there will be discussion and debate instead of discord and war.

When the Golden Age dawns there will be harmony throughout the world and love will flow everywhere. Today you cannot visualise such a state because there is chaos everywhere, fighting, scheming, hatred, evil; all the negative emotions are in the ascendant. But eventually change will come… Soon those seeds will begin to grow and what emerges will brighten the world as the beauty of the absolute truth begins to reach so many people. It is a process, which takes time, and the new Golden Age will evolve gradually… Let the divinity within shine forth and become one of the beacons to light up the world and hasten the arrival of the Golden Age. It is there now for some, those enlightened souls who have already reached the state of God-realisation; it is that awakened state that will lead to the New Age. (Sathya Sai Baba, Sai Vandana)

Many people say there is going to be a global disaster. We have passed through Ebola, Covid and its lockdowns, the Global Financial Collapse, 9/11 and the nuclear threats of North Korea and toward Ukraine. This mass belief in disaster results in feeding a negative thought-form, independent energy, outside of the human person who is doing the thinking, which multiplies with every other person adding thought to this issue. It also feeds on fear of the future, and a fear of the unknown. Holding such thoughts exacerbates fears about climate change and global warming.

FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real.

Everyone has the opportunity to enter the new Golden Age. But each one has a choice, the free will, to decide his own future whether he wishes to continue living in the wilderness, a life of illusion, or move forward along the spiritual path and enter the Golden Age.

There has been an observable acceleration of natural disasters and loss of life. We can look to global warming, changes in the weather patters, seasons coming later and later each year, the hole in the Ozone layer, the rise of Alzheimer’s Disease, HIV / AIDS, Mad Cow Disease in Europe, along with SARS and MERS respiratory diseases. Life is a never-ending catalogue of the illness of modern life.

Sathya Sai Baba has spoken about this incidence of disaster and disease.

‘In the vast cosmos, man is like a speck. Essentially, there is no conflict between man and creation. Just as a child is entitled to the milk from its mother and the bee is entitled to enjoy the honey from the flowers, there can be no objection to man enjoying the resources of nature. But as a result of uncontrolled desires and reckless exploitation of natural resources, Nature is exhibiting frightening disorders. Natural calamities like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions , droughts and floods are the result of disturbances in the balance of Nature caused by the reckless exploitation of natural resources. Mankind today appears like a foolish man who is wielding the axe at the branch of the tree on which he is sitting.’Sanathana Sarathi, March 1997, p58

Transformation of the Soul

Many systems on Earth are changing. Crypto-currency, inflation, global recession all point to a need for change in banking and political circles. There is a need for leadership to come from statesmanship qualities to help guide this Earth and its people upon it … into the New Age. The Golden Age. Statesmanship is wisdom in the management of public affairs; it also has an aspect of diplomacy: diplomacy in communication, diplomacy in attitude. Such leadership will seek to discuss differences instead of raising weapons and going into conflict with another nation or state. This is the promise of the Golden Age, hence change is needed in political circles.

There has been much talk about The Golden Age: what it is exactly?

Golden would suggest richness – even money – and wealth. But wealth can also be seen in itself measured by knowledge, by compassion and love for one another. Think of the joy one feels when meeting people who are charitable, who serve others, who help those in distress. The Golden Age is also a wealth that comes from within: a transformation that emerges from the soul.

It is a change in character of each soul that exists in an Earth body upon this Earth. Everyone upon this Earth as a Soul. The soul can grow and develop character and with that a wealth is given to each Being in the knowing and the love of God. For in that growing they become close to the Creator of All. The Creator that has created the soul that they are.

With this growth, there will be many things that will not exist any longer.

‘Today ninety-nine people out of a hundred people are only looking after the body and its happiness, looking after the growth of the body. All the time, they are considering what position this body can get in the surrounding environment, They are not devoting any part of their time to make some enquiry and understand and take care of the soul that resides inside this body. Like a tree that does not bear fruit, like a fruit which has no juice in it, like an animal which has no intelligence, like a cow which dies not yield milk, what is the use of your being born if you do not understand the purpose for which you are born?Summer Showers in Brindavan, 1972, page 49

The prime object will be to consider one another and to respect one another. People will act from the heart and assist one another, to love one another, even though some may find it a little hard to accept each other. This is The Golden Age – when people respect one another and honour one another. This is the wealth that exists and with it for the people upon this Earth. For with that growth the energy will go out and touch other races that exist within the Cosmos.


Era of Gold

Our Purpose

This planet has a purpose in the galaxy: that purpose is to provide a home for all races that do not know of love – love of family, kith and kin; love of neighbour and friend; love of society, race and culture. There are many races in the Cosmos: some do not have human appearance, yet, are far advanced technologically. The Indigenous Australians have stories of encounter with those from the stars: the Wandjina. Beings from the cosmic races take birth on Earth – either as human or hybrid, experience the love and security, the bonding and richness of family life. When they pass over, this experience is taken back with the soul to their home star or planet, to begin to infuse LOVE in the star races. It is meet and fitting to recall that Lord Krishna teaches in Bhagavad Gita that the feelings and the mind accompany the soul to the next body. This is true for the star people as well.

Another aspect of The Golden Age is the influence of the Sun and the influence of the Spiritual Sun which exists, just as each soul is in existence. The soul lives between the 9th and 12th vertebrae and resembles an inverted lotus bud. Looking inside the bud, we see a self-effulgent flame, that provides the heat and divides the food to all parts of the body. The soul has an aura! The aura of each soul will then be perceived as Golden … this also is representing The Golden Age. For not all souls have the aura of the Gold.

The spiritual Sun and the real Sun of the Earth people will come together and link with a core of Suns that come from the Source of all Creation. As these two solar bodies match all beings upon this Earth will operate from a frequency that is all knowing and wiser. This will mean change within each soul but it will be not so difficult any longer.

Today, it is critical to be talking about The Golden Age – for it has already begun because the energy is already influencing and infiltrating the Earth’s atmosphere, which is like the aura of the soul. The atmosphere is the aura of the Earth’s soul.

The energy will gradually penetrate everything, everything, upon this Earth. This, then, is The Golden Age. There is preparation taking place now in many places upon this Earth – such as the Stargates opening to this new energy. It is the same as many souls are opening to this new energy, that is coming upon this Earth that will actually change the frequency upon this Earth. It has been called a “quickening” and indeed it is.

This change to life on Earth – the mineral domain, the plant and insect domains, the domain of water all over our Earth, the animal and human domains – will herald much transformation from within to without. The truth is that what is within you is what is without. The seen reflects the seer, so the task of transformation to having an aura of Gold, a life of inner wealth and riches in this Golden Age will have significance for you, your family, your ancestors and those in the future who will look back and revere you that you walked on Earth in this time of transformation.


Transformation of Earth

Image Credit: Pixabay/Joe, Pixabay/ttwan