555 Gateway – Lemuria

555 - Lemuria GatewayNorfolk Island: On this ancient rock in the South Pacific, a Lemurian Crystalline City of Light, a group of Guardians gathered. The potent dynamic of earth light Guardians together fulfilled our collective human destiny was coded within us as part of our soul’s contract. The actions of the Guardians strengthened the network of light all over the Earth to open portals which elevated energies of light and brought forward the return of the Lemurian Energy.

Two major grid points are connected by the first leyline Icosahedron 1, and it is no coincidence that the 2023 Cosmic Consciousness Conference was celebrated at Norfolk Island – a tiny, enchanted island of Lemuria. People living on Norfolk Island felt the wave of energy that we emitted from Uluru at the December solstice in 2020 as we welcomed in the Age of Aquarius.

Norfolk Island is part of ancient Lemuria and has sequestered the ancient Lemurian energy since the Fall of Atlantis. The volcanic rock rises up out of the Pacific Ocean like a majestic cathedral, providing dramatic landscapes, lush tropical forests, green rolling hills and spectacular coastal cliffs, with skylines dominated by stately Norfolk Island pines.

Isolated in the South Pacific, originally inhabited by Polynesians and being a part of Western Lemuria, this ancient rock in the South Pacific is also home to a beautiful Crystalline City of Light.

Ancient Lemuria

Jalarm, the great being (from the Hierarchy): He of high vibration and source-consciousness channelled the following,

Earth was very different in the time of Atlantis, and Lemuria also. It was a time of great evolvement upon the planet. There are something like 300,000 years of your time. But I hasten to not talk about time so much because from the Star Worlds, the measurement of time is very different from what it is measured here upon your planet Earth. But that is not a judgement: it is just a way it is done here on this Earth. However it was a long time and there were many races that were coming, and going, from your Earth. Very interested in its evolvement and the way it was, its beauty, its way of living. If you look into the way the Lemurian actually lived with great care and love and also connection to everything upon this Earth so that there was no separation – so it held all together. It was a period that was good. And the Star People that came, come from different planets and they actually helped to introduce technology that was not yet taken up in your planet. Source

Questions about Ancient Lemuria:

Andromeda Val explained:

Having said that you are asking about Lemuria which was at time that existed even before what is known as the time of Atlantis, or the Atlan People, Atlantian People and we did discuss that in our meeting last time. So, I would say there were a time of Lemurians that were really, shall I say raised in consciousness that were more from the Indigenous people that really had this deep understanding of that they had come from the stars in the first place and they always lived and worked and communicated telepathically with the Star people and followed guidance very clearly from that point.

They were operating very successfully that way before the Atlantian people came. But they intermingled and knew of each other and worked with each other. They did not argue or raise weapons and so they lived harmoniously. And it would be very nice to see the Humans living that way again. But again because it has fallen now into a layer of consciousness that makes it hard to understand that in actual fact all Humans have come from other places.

So the Lemurians, as I would say, are very loving, compassionate people. They lived quietly, they lived with direction from the Star people, they did agriculture, they looked after the land, the Earth and they honoured all nature that was upon the planet and still do. They also, many of them, still have the ability to communicate telepathically with each other even on this planet until it fell to the 4th dimension and then the 3rd dimension which limited everything very severely. But, we’ll talk about that more if you would like. But I would like to suggest that the Lemurian were people that you would more or less find on islands in the Pacific and other Asian races. Source

Where, exactly, was Lemuria?

Lemuria was once joined to Australia, and thereafter, separated. Jalarm is speaking about King Tut and his travels.

King Tut and his voyage when he travelled to what we now know as Australia. You understand (at that time) it was (a journey to) Lemuria … (source)

Jalarm goes on to explain that people of Australoid, Polynesian and Melanesian appearance and colouring were part of Ancient Lemuria: (keeping in mind that everything that is here on this planet was brought here from somewhere else)

It is I Jalarm – yes indeed I think it is time for me to talk again. Yes, the people who have the dark hair and dark eyes and white skin – do come from within your galaxy. It is not a planet that is often spoken of amongst the people here on Earth – but those people did come to the Earth and they did live here and they did undertake some genetic engineering. And this was done at a much earlier – shall we say more Lemurian time and this was after the evolvement of man to human from the Pleiadian story – and so it was as I would say Lemurian Time.

The dark hair and the dark eyes are evident in many of the so called Melanesian or Polynesian – even Australian Aboriginal (Australoid) Beings – that live in this corner of the Earth which was ancient Lemuria. The skin became slightly lighter because of the genetic engineering from the starpeople who had white skin. Source

Leylines and the Planetary Grid

The Irish called these networks of energy fairy paths, and the Germans called them holy lines. Greeks called them the sacred roads of Hermes. The Chinese called them dragonlines, and the Aborigines call them songlines.

They make up the planetary grid – a vast network of sacred geometry vibrational energy conductors. And where a collection of these lines meet, there is an extremely intense energetic field. Plato called the planetary grid “the ideal body of cosmos.”

Many of these points are in remote places or in the ocean. Norfolk Island is on the line to Grid Point 45, which emerges from Grid Point 44, in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia. The wave of energy from the Solstice of 21 December 2020 and the following Great Conjunction and ancient ceremony linked to Rainbow Serpent and the core of Gaia was felt on Norfolk Island.


Leylines and Grids on the Earth

The Roadmap

The roadmap to Earth’s new pathway into light, and humanity’s hidden heart of ascension is the 5Rs.

But what are the 5Rs?

  • Reclamation
  • Rise
  • Return
  • Reset
  • Re-evolution

Reclamation is an ancient term that has its origins in protest, appeals at law, the action of calling or bringing back from wrong-doing. What was the wrong-doing? The Ego of those psychic engineers who tried to harvest an asteroid into orbit around the Earth as a second satellite. This action brought the Fall of Atlantis and the end of Ancient Lemuria. The Earth nearly died, there was no sunlight for thousands of years and mankind retreated to the caves. The Earth fell from the 5th Dimension to the 3rd Dimension. Reclamation in this instance is reclaiming our birthright as Starpeople, reclaiming our presence, our energy-frequency-vibration in the 5th Dimension.

Rise as a noun brings the sense of a spring or bounding upwards. Ancient uses of this world spoke of the rise of the Sun, the Moon and the planets above the horizon, both in day-time and night-time. To rise is to have the capacity for upward movement, ascension, transference to a higher level. For those who think we drop our corporeal 3D bodies and move to light bodies – this is an illusion. What the Source-of-the-All seeks in women and men is capacity: this capacity is power for or power of rising to higher layers of consciousness. There are layers of consciousness; there are layers within layers of consciousness, just as there are spheres (worlds, universes), and spheres within spheres. So let’s think about Rise as Sacred Industry: the ability to produce; equivalent to ‘full capacity’, a rise to our full personal capacity.

Return in obsolete middle English spoke of “A Day of Return” … this brings to mind the Old Testament sense of “the Day of the Lord” where the One who revealed “I AM who AM” calls people back to the Covenant, that irrevocable binding where two halves become One. So we can look to Return as a return to our soul contract. The two halves are our Oversoul – which exists in the Light – and our embodied soul on Earth: we have a soul contract with our Oversoul, that higher part of ourselves. We contracted to take birth, to undertake certain tasks, to meet with certain people and to raise the consciousness of all on Earth. We – by our living, loving and laughter rise the network of light all over the Earth – including Gaia/Mother Earth – to the higher dimensions (5th and higher) and to the higher layers of consciousness. We Return to being a people self-aware of our energy-frequency-vibration.

Reset is the act of receiving, of being sheltered, of refuge, harbour, succour. For many, reset has intimations of “starting again” … mayhap we are starting again, starting afresh as people recognising our starry origins, our so-called “junk dna” is really rainbow DNA and that we are one with the Rainbow Children. All children born since the year 2000 have access to the wider and higher frequency of light and colour. Light when it goes faster than light does not disappear. It simply moves to another dimension. Light also has feeling and consciousness. The Great Reset is that recognition that we also are people of feeling and light-consciousness, and we have that capacity to set energy into motion, e-motion. The consciousness can move to any place, any dimension, faster than the speed of light. This is the great awareness, this is the great Reset.

Re-evolution is not revolution. The word revolution recalls battles, chaos, moments of violent rifts. There have been 5000 wars on Earth since the death of Krishna. Yet, the term evolution is associated with development and growth. Re-evolution tells us that human advance – physical, mental, social, intellectual and personal – is a comprehensive transformation encompassing the awareness that comes in all the domains of human activity, and those domains yet to be discovered by the population at large. You can think of re-evolution as Ascension at large: it encompasses all who live in earth, all life forms from mineral to plant, animal and human life and indeed, Gaia herself. For humans, Re-evolution points to the emergence of psychic skills, ascending to higher layers of consciousness and the gift of knowledge in individuals, heretofore unknown. Re-evolution also takes up the powerful cognitive biases and social conditioning that have fooled us and misled human society and culture when approaching both old and new concepts. Re-evolution is human life without the control of hidden forces.



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