Venus, nobility of Women and Ascension

Venus has given a message … through the channel known as Atmakaraka … for the planets also help the Earthling to evolve to the higher dimensions. Venus is both the planet Venus in our evening skies, and the shakti energy within the human, for the planets distribute light to us and raise us up or pull us down. It is a choice how we use the energy of the Planets. In this message, Lady Venus speaks of the galaxy-wide raising of the dignity of the feminine and the Ascension process of the Earthling.

I am the Lady Venus … and I am pleased to be welcomed here this evening. I am so happy that you have responded to my energy within you. You are all beautiful people.

The Earth is going through a time of transformation and the forces of light and dark approach close toward one another. Despite good intentions, love and devotion, self awareness and inner sacrifice, some will experience this approach of dark forces within themselves. They will be unable to control this impulse from within. However dark some things may appear to be there is always the option of being the witness through such periods of world transformation at the level of energy.

Some have said that the 666 is evil and represents the Lucifer experiment wherein those who chose to walk as their own Creator of All in a creation of their own making put out the Loving Source of All Creation, and so make hell for themselves and others here on Earth. This is not so. The 666 is the raising from the five points of the star to the six points of the star, for the topmost point in the star – shatkona – raises the Earthling to the Divine.

Earth was originally intended to be a Garden of Eden, a United Nations of many races, earthling and star peoples, where many could come and bring light to this corner of the galaxy and create a place of harmony, peace and cooperation. Eden is the star peoples word E-din, a word which carries not only a sound but also a vibration of actually creating a beautiful place for all to live in.

There have been many incidents in recent time where women have risen up all over the Earth in response to the shameful treatment of women – used for male satisfaction and then thrown away. All over the Earth, women have risen up demanding respect, acting with dignity, and espousing the cause of true womanhood and the nobility of women. This is not only happening on this planet; it is a galaxy-wide initiative, for the female of all species deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

I am the Lady Venus; in astrology, I am called Shukra, and my colour is white – bright, luminous, shining – for purity, dignity and respect. My gemstone is said to be diamond and white sapphire, clear quartz and white coral. Shukra also means seed, and is associated with the reproductive fluid semen, which is also white in colour. Shukra is also the name of one of the great Rishis of humanity, well known for astrology, ayurveda and vaastu. As the consort of Vishnu, the preserver, I am known as Lakshmi, and hence, the Venus of Love with many names and many feminine forms in the religions and mythologies of man.
Earlier I spoke of this galaxy-wide initiative of bringing respect and proper energies to the woman, the feminine. The feminine exists in everything that is, for all that exists has the shakti principle, which is my energy in action. There is not any movement in creation without my energy – shakti – of action.

We call forth all peoples to unite under this banner of purity of action; That is all we ask.

I am often called Goddess of Love and associated with sex, amorous activity and pursuit of the bedroom pleasures. Nothing could be further from the truth about Me. Sex simply is, for there are the external genitiala, and there is the need for the human race to continue as it has a great place in the story of the Universe. Many star people desire to be born here, so they may have the precious experience of the love of family, the secure bunds of family love, to grow up with feeling, emotions of loving and being loved.

No one takes birth simply for sex. If you want sex, you will come back as a pigeon, a sparrow, a rabbit or some other animal that is eternally questing for copulation. Human life is much more worthwhile than this mean aspiration. Make your life worthwhile! Women have more inner qualities than men, women have more dignity and innate nobility, women give of their own flesh and blood to their children and will even give up their lives so that the child may live.

The 666 is an energy that comes from Me, Lady Venus and from my planetary form, Venus; it is an energy that raises the little earthling with the Crystal Light within towards their destiny. The 666 raises the Earthling towards Ascension, realisation of inner connection with the Creative Source of All.

I am the Lady Venus, I bless you, My Dears. Bless you.



this material recently appeared on and is © Chris Parnell