Lunar New Year – Time to Shine

The Lunar New Year comes with the New Moon in Pisces, early in April. This lunar new year, it is time to shine: it is time for Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Diamond Children and Rainbow Children and-Teens-and-ADULTS to shine. Your time has come, your mission has begun. It is time to spread your light on Earth. We take our reading from where the Soul of the Earth is located: the Sphinx at Giza.

Through the the work of The Oracle and Jalarm the Atlantean, we have learned that before the Fall of Atlantis life on Earth was vastly different and there were many races of light beings, Star Peoples, living on Earth in harmony. The Star Peoples journeyed to this planet from many different stars in our galaxy, and from other universes. With the help of the star peoples – and permission from the Source of All Creation – the hairy-upstanding-ape like creatures were enChristed with the Crystal Light within.

They came to be called the Hue-man being, for they (we) are beings with the Hue of Light within. The hue of light within indicates that these were the original rainbow people. They and the indigenous peoples, the original peoples, had a rainbow serpent for Creator.

We now learn that more enlightened beings are born – at this time and during the last century – and these are known as Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Diamond Children and Rainbow Children. It is said that indigo children have a primarily indigo aura, and they are the pioneers, the torch-bearers of the Earth’s transformation. Many Indigo children went on to become parents of Crystal and Rainbow children.

Crystal Children have the Crystal Consciousness and hold a specific energy and vibration which prepared the foundation for the beginning of the return and re-activation of ‘Stargates’ of the 4th and 5th Dimensions, from the passage of 21 December 2012. While these children are born in maya, illusion, in this 3D world of shape and form and limit, most do go beyond these 3 dimensional limits of illusion during their lives.

Rainbow Children are now coming into birth for the first time as humans, and these children are born with capacity to see and experience the full spectrum of light. They are also capable of integrating the full spectrum of light in the 4th, 5th and 6th Dimensions within their fully active 12 strand DNA and hence, within their entire consciousness. They possess and experience synaesthesia, where they see music, numbers, touch, feel and smell – along with other phenomena with or as a colour.

The Spiritual Dimension

Divinity is connected to light and colour. The Source of All Creation is pure light; soft, gentle, warm, embracing, nourishing, nurturing, healing light. As human beings, we have being and awareness, and we can be aware of the light within: it is the same light as the Source of All Creation. That creative spark we speak of sometimes, this is the metaphor for creativity that we use from time to time. Really, we are speaking about the light within that creates all the worlds and all forms of light.

This is related to the three simple aspects of what the Hindu people speak of as a God. Meaning The Destroyer, The Creator and the one that holds it all together. There is a need, of course, for a Destroyer. Not to destroy people, but to destroy the energy of the unwanted. Think of the millions and millions of corpses: plant, animal, human. These return to ashes and dust, and the energy goes away. This is a different level of light.

But in the big picture it belongs. It belongs the same as Light belongs to colour. There are different hues of Light. There are different colours that represent hues of light. The Creative Source of All uses that to represent the colour and the stream of a rainbow. Each colour, for that is what you see, represents certain weight and measure and energy and sound.

Indigos, Crystal, Diamond and Rainbow Children, Teens and Adults – are all aware of light, hue, colour and energy streams which represent certain weight and measure and energy and sound.

Keep in mind that vibration has sound – so all this goes to make up Divine light. It is coming from the Sun and because of the energy around the Earth – it can be opened up – in the ‘Stargates,’ where the light filters down into our Earth.

And the light filters to our planet by way of the Sun and the other planets in our solar system, and this sets up the framework and the environment – inside and outside – for the soul contract to unfold during the life journey. To bring it back to where we started, the Soul has the spark, the divine inner light from the Creative Source of All, and we can let our light shine before one and all, for the Indigos, the Crystals, the Diamonds and Rainbows … children, teens and young adults … and their parents … have all come to shine a light for humanity. And it is time to shine.

The Lunar Year 2016

We began in our introduction saying it is time to shine. In this astrological account of the Lunar New Year beginning on afternoon of Thursday, 7 February 2016, we are taking the reading from the place where the Soul of the Earth resides along with the soul record of every soul that has taken birth on Earth are kept, at an inter-dimensional portal under the Sphinx in Giza.

In this account, we will use the term rainbow children as an inclusive catch-all term which includes the Indigo children/teens/adults, the Crystal children/teens/Adults, the Diamond children/teens/adults and the Rainbow Children, the children/teens/young adults/ and those who are their parents.


The Ascendant for this new year is in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, and it is found in the star of Purnavarsu. This star is ruled by Jupiter and has a strong Mercury element. The Deity for this star is Aditi, the mother goddess, the Mother of the gods known as the 12 adityas and she is also the Mother of every existing thing, every being, as Aditi is the feminine creatrix of the Source of All.

This beginning of the lunar new year in Purnavarsu allows the rainbow children to take up their task of revitalising the Earth, the elements of earth, water, air and fire, by way of their natural propensity to be inclusive, to move quickly, to touch all the bases and to spread vitality and energy around quickly. They may take their arrows out of the quiver and fire them where they intuitively perceive the need for the higher energies, the higher colours, the higher vibrations.

This ascendant is aspected fully by Mars, which then lends strength, action, courage and valour in the task being undertaken. The rainbow children may take the energy of Mars, the fleet-footed speed of Mercury and spread energy and higher awareness about them, and do so with the oversight, the strength and blessing of Jupiter, whom we encounter in the 3rd house.

Third House, Leo

The lunar new year finds Jupiter in the 3rd house exchanging ownership of signs with the Sun (the Sun is in his sign, he is in the Sun’s sign, so they exchange leadership; Jupiter is the Boss here and sends his energies forth. There are lots of other energies here in the third house so we take a broad overview.

Jupiter is in the star of Purva Phalguna, which is ruled by Venus, a strong Venusian energy here filled with desire, virility, strong, youthful, carefree, exuberant, zest for life types of people. Purva Phalguna brings forth people who can influence others and deal sweetly with people. This is typical of Venus energy, which is graceful and not confronting. The Deity here is Bhaga, one of the 12 adityas, and the protector of the family. This lunar year will see the families of rainbow children gain protection and expansion.

We see the 3rd house is Leo, a fire sign, which belongs to the Sun and due exchange, and Leo is now belonging to Jupiter, who is retrograde meaning Jupiter is in strength. What strengths does Jupiter give to the rainbow children here?

In this house, Jupiter works at communication, media, administration, and gives optimism to team work, and when success comes, Jupiter gives credit to the team. This is a very good environment for rainbow children – all – to be creative and set out goals to achieve during this year, and bring them into manifestation: the innate knowledge and experience of the higher realms can be “put out there”, communicated, put into the media, spread the message; these are all things Jupiter does with flair and elegance here in Leo. Jupiter is a natural for public relations here, so the rainbow children – one and all – will receive the blessings and assistance of Jupiter to shine their light in this new year.

The North Node

The north node of the Moon, Rahu (sometimes called the dragon’s head) multiplies the energies of its Lord (Jupiter) and any planet it is conjunct (Jupiter). In this expansion of Jupiter’s energy (both planets aspect 5-7-9th signs from them) we see additional strength given to relationships, patronage of the work done by rainbow children, and a strong network of support – peers and friends for the work in hand. As this is done in the world, there will be a strong economic foundation, what is needed will come to hand.

The Fifth House – the house of children, creative intelligence, fame and theatrical productions is a somewhat weak house, suggesting that allowing your light to shine is something you do with humility and not a theatrical production. There will be a need to have the support, love and reinforcement of family and friends. This support has to be reciprocated with self control, self respect, dignity and humility. Egotistical productions and behaviour will not earn you this commitment or support. Read on, for Saturn has much to say here.

The Sixth House

The sixth house – the house of service to humanity – has two tenants; Mars and Saturn. Mars owns this sign, and we find Mars is in the star of Anuradha, which is owned by Saturn. This means that Mars will behave somewhat like Saturn, and as Saturn is Lord of inner discipline, then the energies of this house call for serious reflection and understanding by all the hues of rainbow children.

The sixth house has a double dose of discipline. While the other planets along with the Ascendant all freely pour out energies and give an intensified call to “let your light shine”, and this work is service to all on this planet, inner personal discipline is needed. People who delay gratification of their desires achieve their goals in life. Self control, self discipline and self-respect will bring the results desired.

Else, there may be lack of trust, betrayal, disappointment, people letting one down – even your near and dear.

Self control in the areas of managing money well (the world is experiencing chaos over money at this moment for it is being misused on a large scale; money is God, treat it with respect and honour); self discipline in terms of improving one’s skills, self respect in the manner of making an inventory of one’s knowledge, skill and experience and applying through repetition additional memory and skills. When it comes to spending energy, taking up the task, letting your light shine, it is better to dig one deep hole (invest activity in your strengths) than one hundred shallow holes ( and burn energy for no return). You may exercise self respect by being centered and mentally steady. Meditate. Pray. Show self discipline and be self-sufficient. Do what you can do and do that well; when you are tested at the limits, ask for help; asking “Upstairs” for help is always heard and responses do come.

The Ninth House

In the Ninth House we find the South Node of the moon – Ketu – in the star of Purva Bhadrapada. Purva Bhadrapada gives fire to raise a spiritual person up in life. Ketu, however, tends to ignore doctrine, dogma, and can be dissident, heretical in matters of doctrine, ideology, philosophy, religion. We get individuals who find that the status quo, the established religious paths for humanity are depleted and do not nourish nor sustain the spiritual pathways. It has to be done alone, according to Ketu.

And this means that the Rainbow Children have experienced alienation and lack of understanding when it comes to formal spiritual endeavour. Spirituality is principally based on experience, and the experience of rainbow children is like no other. They know that the Creative Source of All is found in all persons, in all things that exist, and they know the path to reach the goal in these times of Ascension and the 5th Dimension.

Upaketu – an unseen planet – is in this house, exactly 30° distant from the Sun. Here, Upaketu clothes the rainbow children with a new spiritual candour. What is an unseen planet? Let us use an example: Just as we cannot see germs floating around in the air but we see their results – everyone gets the virus – then we know there are things we cannot see but have an affect on us. Unseen planets are like very small things that cannot be seen with the aid of a microscope. But they are there, and they are known by their results. The presence of unseen Upaketu in the ninth house will be known as the fruits of the rainbow children taking up spiritual endeavour. There will be changes and spiritual upliftment from the work of rainbow children.

The Tenth House

In the 10th house, the house of accumulation of wealth in the world as fruit of our skill and activity, we find three planets: Venus, Sun and Moon. The Sun is an important planet, it represents the Soul principle. In this house of responsibility and duty, the Sun indicates that the Soul Contract that all the rainbow children came to fulfil for all life forms dwelling on this Earth, is now due its expression: the Soul Principle tells, “It is time for your light to shine. You no longer need to place it under a bushel.”

The Moon – 100% conjunct the Sun – is the presiding deity of the Mind. It is a New Moon, setting forth new tasks, new horizons, new ways of thinking. In the 10th house, where it is our duty to work and acquire our wealth and security through performance of the soul contract, the Moon demarcates endings and beginnings, public duties (raising the energies to the 5th dimension), and public responsibilities (do this in a disciplined manner).

Venus in the 10th house helps to enable immediate rapport with others. Venus gives an intuitive perception of the special requirements of people coming into the awareness of the 5th Dimension. At the same time, you will have knowledge of the harmonising effects spirituality and learning of the higher psychic skills can have on others. Venus likes to spend money and be the money-treasury for the peer group, the social group, the group being helped and assisted. This is not your task, the wealth rainbow children give is their inner wealth, their inherent knowledge and skills of the world of the 5th Dimension. Take heed of Saturn in the 6th house, or he may take your moneys from you.

The Eleventh House

We turn our attention now to the 11th house and the planet resident here is Mercury, the Lord of the Ascendant. This is a telling place for Mercury, for it tells us we are going to have a lot of conversations. We find people, we meet with people, we know about, we learn from them, we perceive their needs, we understand what perturbs them. Mercury helps the rainbow children to build strong foundations, strong audiences who listen and learn, Mercury builds this experience of community, social and conceptual networks who understand their moving up into the 5th Dimension, who understand what is occurring to them internally, who understand that natural gifts and faculties are emerging from with. Mercury builds the strong neural foundations that bring about understanding for others.

Mercury is in the star of Ashwini, the twins who are healers. Humanity has fallen out of the 5th Dimension and is on a journey of return to their birth right. The Indigos, the Crystals, the Diamonds and Rainbows … children, teens and young adults … are here to help humanity to recover, regain their place amongst the denizens of all the worlds, all the Universes. The do this by their inherent knowledge and understanding that all life is from the Creative Source and is immersed in the creative source. This is their inherent knowledge, the soul contract, the service they take up with their birth for all who reside here. It is their time to shine.


Time to Shine, Rainbow Children

Concluding Unscientific Postscript:

The impetus for this reading came after a dream on 5 April, wherein I was in a sacred ashram, and a child came up to me and placed his hands in mine. (In India, astrology includes palmistry, in fact, palmistry is integral to an astrological reading.) The child was a young, curly haired lad, and shining up through his skull was this light. The light replaced his black curly hair, and became his scalp. He was sitting quietly, and looking at me quite solemnly, and at the same time, he was excited, thrilled. After I finished speaking with him and telling him he would “get a reading” from me, he jumped up and down and ran off to have an adventure.

I was a bit non-plussed after he ran off and wondered what I would do. End of dream.

The next morning it occurred to me to take a look at the astrology chart for the Lunar New Year. The moment I looked at the chart, I became intuitively aware; the dream fell into place. I knew I had to give out the chart for all the children/teens/adults of the Indigo, Crystal, Diamond and Rainbow tribes and tell them it was their time to shine.

© Chris Parnell, 2016. All rights reserved.