The Global Goals of Ascension

Many changes are coming in this time we call ascension. Our self-understanding, our understanding of our origins, and the journey to life and light is before us, upon us, behind us. There is much to reflect on as we consider the impact of Ascension on all who walk on Earth.

We look at the Soul. The soul is said to exist because it is in the language and repertoire of the everyday person. In so many different languages, there is this word for Soul; even the name of our Sun is Sol!

Ascension has many meanings and the future beckons all to the higher dimensions. Human flourishing means we are all bound to ensure that all receive the invitation to participate in Ascension.

Ascension heralds many changes, and many are eager to participate in this raising of the Earth and its life forms to the higher dimensions. Who “gets in” to Ascension, and why? Is it “something special”?

We look to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), the development programme set out for achievement by 2030. We look to the values underpinning these goals, and the relations between the movement toward Ascension and human flourishing, working towards a sustainable Earth in our future. There is only one race, the human race, so we must include all of the human race in any future we build, Ascension, “The Event”, or sustainable future.

Our future is a future of integrity. Hence, the Sustainable Development Goals are part and parcel of any future we create and any habitation that we live, be it in higher dimensions, be it with re-activated DNA, be it with a light body. Ascension is for all, and so we must act as One, and include all in the future of life on this planet.

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