Climate Change

To all of you I say, “Let mountains fall; let the sea overwhelm the land, but do not give up your Sadhana. And, remember, Sadhana is a waste, unless you grow at the same time in virtue and uprightness.” If you give up all and surrender to the Lord, He will guard you and guide you. When you complain, “Oh! He has not guarded me.” I reply, “You have not surrendered.” The Lord has come just for this very task. He is declaring that He will do so; that it is the very task that has brought Him! Of course, you only talk of sharanam, surrender, of placing all at the Feet; but you withhold a great deal. Your minds are wayward like monkeys that skip and jump from bough to branch. Give them to Me; I can make them steady and harmless. When I say, sit, they will sit; when I say stand, they stand. That is what Sankaracharya offered to do; he told Siva that he will hand over the monkey that was his mind to Him so that it might be tamed and used for his Delight. But, it must be a complete handing over; no reservations. -Prasanthi Nilayam 3-2-63

Climate Change Ideas