Planting the Seeds of a Golden Age

As our galaxy and Solar System transited the heavenly conjunction with Tula, the Central Sun of all Universes, new energies were transmitted through our Sun to the Earth. Things get better slowly. We could use ceiling fans as the metaphor…

old era

The black fan – distributing negative energy – is slowing down

The black ceiling fan represents the energies, archtypes, thought-forms and mass-energies over nations from the past, and is still spinning at high speed. It is spinning on the old energy of FEAR … (false expectations appearing real) … but it is getting no more new energy. That energy source is cut off. The fan will take some time to slow down and come to a halt. As people continue to access old, fearful and negative energies, they will continue, for a time, to manifest reality as they experienced it. But the ceiling fan will slow down and come to a halt. What is this ceiling fan powered by?

The key between the human persons and beings of other races and kingdoms, is that humans may make choices about how they are going to live, what they are going to experience, and the world they live in. Thought creates reality, and thoughts suffused with emotions and feelings multiplies the power of the thoughts and returns to the sender, fulfilled. Thought creates reality. On the subtle level (not discernible to human eyes) there is a tapestry of energy and thoughts wrapped around the Earth. This tapestry contains a putty-like etheric substance which, when sufficiently energised, returns to its sender, along with all the other persons additions to those thoughts. This is how mass-shootings and killings take place. We are all —in part— responsible for what happens on this our planet Earth, our home.

So you will understand that the black ceiling fan is whirring around fed by our energies. Our fearful thoughts along with the six inner enemies of man – lust, anger, greed, attachment or infatuation, arrogance, and jealousy. Every human being is engaged in a battle with these insidious inner enemies. To win the battle, we must change our thoughts for the better; thoughts about ourselves, and thoughts about others and our environment. Otherwise, we are clinging to the negativity of that black ceiling fan. There is no need, really, to hurt ourselves and cut our noses off to spite our face? The new energy is there, we can choose to change, we can choose to say no to the past and create a new life, create a new world, create a new reality to live in. We can choose to live in the fourth dimension, the fifth dimension of light and love, we can choose to live with the gift of Ascension.

new era

The white fan is the energy of the fourth and fifth dimensions
– it is gathering speed slowly

Living in the fourth dimension, living in the fifth dimension of light and love, living with the gift of Ascension creates new inner experiences of this 3-D world. We know that thought travels instantly, and creates reality. We know that when we send love to someone, it travels to them and enhances their lives. We know that focussing on the Source of these energies, they may flow through us to all aspects of our world; the minerals, the plants, the animals, the sea life, and to the human. We can change ourselves, and when we do so, we change the world. The seen reflects the seer. As you think and feel, so you become.

We may help speed up the rotation of the white ceiling fan. We may flood this Earth with healing, blessing, light and love in our daily meditation, prayers, songs and ceremonies. Each time we do so, we change the energies in that tapestry of negativity surrounding the Earth; we place some light in that, we place some healing in that, we place dissipation in that tapestry with all our positive thoughts. Simply, what you and I do in the here and now, makes this world a better place. We have the watering can in one hand, we have the seeds in the other hand. The Earth has been furrowed, we may walk forth through the fields and plant our seeds of light and love, and water them. We shall soon see new sprouts rising up to the light of the Sun. A Sun which has been enhanced and transformed by the new energies flowing through from the Central Sun of all Universes.

So we have disconnected the power to the old, the black ceiling fan. We have turned on the power to the new ceiling fan, the white fan which spreads the energies of Ascension, the energies of the fourth and fifth dimensions. The fan is gathering speed slowly, the energies are slowly being dispersed. Those who have lived in a dark basement for eons may occasionally see light through the cracks in the wall. The light is outside, someone from outside is saying, “Hey, come out into the light!” People who have lived in a dark basement of fear and negativity and their own inner demons may well shudder and turn from the light. The hand of love, the hand of friendship, the thoughts of positivity and love will slowly help them to come out of that dark basement into the very light itself of the fourth and fifth dimensions.

The Golden Age of humanity has begun; the sunlight is available, the seeds have been planted, the new energies of the Fourth and Fifth dimensions flow through to us. It takes time for the seed to grow roots, sprout, take up the nutrients and energies it is being showered with, and to grow, blossom forth. The Golden Age of humanity has begun!

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