Uluru and the Autumn Equinox

Uluru and the Autumn Equinox

In our article Understanding the Fourth Dimension, we mentioned the energies flowing in from the Core of Suns, the Source of All.

The new energy has been coming in for quite some time. It reached the turning point with the alignment of the Sun with the core of suns, then it reached back to the creation of all. This opened up many opportunities for all aspects of creation, and all forms of life in all the kingdoms, mineral, plant, animal and human.

This energy has first come to various grids in our atmosphere, and then descended to stargates on the Earth where the energy is distributed in a balanced degree and quantity to places all over the Earth.

Photo of Ayers Rock - Uluru taken at sunrise from Ansett Lodge

The new energies are distributed through stargates like Uluru

Since then, that new energy of the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions has been flowing very well onto this Earth. And places like Uluru is a direct stargate that allows the energy to come in.

Further balance of energy is to come.

The Autumn Equinox will acutally bring balance to the Earth core – for the energy has not quite penetrated to the depths of the Earth, to the centre and this is actually what is happening during the Equinox due on 21 March. It will be a minor shake up of the interior of the Earth, at the core, but it will actually then, along with other stargates that have opened up – like Uluru – bring balance to the Earth. And from there, much energy will flow in a freer fashion around the Earth.

In a recent transmission, Cosmic Sai Baba made reference to the assistance we may render to the Earth and to the Climate and what is in the atmosphere through Ceremony and Song.

The climate that is in your Earth atmosphere … can be changed by your thoughts and your ceremony and song, which helps to change the energy so that the Earth’s energy or the Earth’s climate is not so severe. You can actually make it so that it is more gentle. And with rain it can nourish the Earth; and with the Sun it cannot necessarily be too hot … all this can be changed … by the measure of your thoughts upon this Earth. The consciousness of the thought … which exists here on your Earth planet.

Uluru image taken when it was cold and raining

Our thoughts can change the climate and the planet

The Earth herself will benefit from Ceremony and Song to “anchor” the energy and with love, direct that anchoring right to the Centre of Mother Earth herself, to her very consciousness. After all, as Cosmic Sai Baba has reminded us, time and again, “Where would we be without the Earth our Mother?”

Ascended States of Being

Central to this ingress of the Golden Age, the release and flow of energy of the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions from the Central Sun, the core of all creation, is ascended states of being for all Humanity. A number of stargates around the planet are places where an ascended state of being already exists. Uluru is one such stargate, indicated above. The Spirit Being Alcheringa confirms this.

Alcheringa:”Indeed there is My Dear, I know that you have received messages about the ascended state of being … …  and I would like to say that the ascended state of being already exists in Uluru and the surrounding areas. There are other places around the earth that are also in the uplifted frequency of Light and Love. When people visit these places, these sacred places, they experience the energy and it touches them … it touches their heart …  it touches every body cell, every part of their physical body and helps to lift.

Alcheringa recommends that if people are unable to visit such sacred places, then they may go in spirit:

So I would like to encourage everybody to visit sacred places if they can …   and if they cannot physically actually go there …   Then to sit quietly in a meditative state and gently roll their eyes towards the heavens and see themselves at a certain place that they have decided to go to in their mind.

For it is the consciousness of the soul that is taking them on the journey and it is equally as beneficial to the people to experience being there. It will be a sacred journey …   it will be a blessing …   and if they keep the brain away from that consciousness they will experience many things.

So we place before you the opportunity to do service for the Earth our Mother and create your sacred ceremony and song and join all lightworkers in “singing” the anchoring of energies through to the core of Mother Earth, with love. Love and Gratitude for the life the Earth our Mother gives to us all will benefit all on this Earth and speed harmony, cooperation and understanding to the peoples of the Earth.

Uluru taken in the afternoon, looking rusty

(Bob Wright) This is Ayers Rock in the afternoon. Note there are no trees yet. Taken from sunset strip – where tourists gathered to take photos. Over the years it has become like a meeting of the League of Nations – in the middle of nowhere. View larger version

(Images used with permission)

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