The Nation’s Karma: The President

The Inauguration of Donald Trump as 45th President of the United States is the commencement of his term of office. We take the inauguration chart, and compare to Trump’s personal chart to see how Trump will lead the nation through the forthcoming four years. Vedic astrology is first an account of time, events and karma being experienced. Here, we look to the karma indicated by houses, planets and signs and make some observations.


In 2015, the United States of America entered a Rahu mahadasha, and this influenced the candidates in the electoral race to the office of President. It was a torturous journey for many of the pillars fell by the wayside to a race between the final two candidates, Trump and Clinton. Despite all that was revealed (and glimpsed through the smokescreens of Rahu) Trump prevailed and was elected President of the strongest and most powerful nation on Earth.



It was recognised some time earlier when the race devolved to two candidates that there needed to be some correspondence between the birth chart of the candidate and the birth chart of the nation. There was a “fit” between the elected candidate and the nation with earlier elections: Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan and Carter. In this instance there was a direct fit between the chart of Donald Trump and the US Kelleher chart; there was no such fit with Hilary Clinton. Astrologers were debating the correct birth time for Hilary Clinton right up to the day of election.

In the Charts, Jupiter is vargottama in Virgo. This gives Jupiter some additional strength. The main chart has an ascendant ruled by Mars, and Mars, lord of the 1st House, is in the 12th house. In the navamsa chart, Mars enters debilitation, making for an internal weakness for the USA – keep in mind, the chart is the unfolding of karma and we look to how Trump will lead. Trump’s Jupiter is vargottama with that of the inauguration, in the second house. The second house betokens wealth, status and relationships with country and with neighbours. It seems that the wealth the nation derives from its leader comes from his skills in dealing with the mood of the nation and with trading neighbours. Keep in mind that Trump is a successful entrepreneur.



We see in the main chart that Venus is conjunct Ketu in the 11th house, the house. Venus rules inspiration, refined emotions, imagination, and renewal of life and spirit. Ketu on the other hand, has no head, and therefore no outward going vision. This suggests a time of refinement of the self-identity of the nation, a recasting of the relations of the nation and government internally. Where 11th house represents governance, legislation, business and lobby groups, the relations to the “forgotten people” (who put Trump in the leadership position) will require the fine touch of Venus after a period of introspection and re-evaluation of the goals of government. At the moment the relationship is somewhat poisoned but change is coming. Where Ketu is normally giver of poisonous events, in this instance, in this time, Ketu takes the nation deeper into reflection on events. (Ketu temporary lord of Shatabisha in parivathana exchange with Rahu). Donald Trump’s Mercury is 11th Lord and has enemies on every side. However, the Lord of 11 is in the 11th house for Trump, making a very strong case for connections between groups, fast communications, and fast decisions which will leave people gasping. Rahu helps Trump be a master manipulator of the media. Watch.

A situation called sade-sati exists for the nation. This is the relation of Moon to Saturn, with Saturn in the 2nd house from the Moon in the main chart, the navamsa and the success chart, D10. Due this situation repeated in several divisions, attention must be paid. The Moon is the presiding deity of the mind. The mind is a bundle of thoughts and experiences suffering in the world. Relation of Saturn one house from Moon, conjunct Moon, one house past Moon – is said to be a relationship of suffering, deprivation, penury and poverty. The senses are assailed by the condition of inner and outer desolation and poverty. Much attention has been given to Donald Trump’s eclipsed Moon and the role of the nodes in his chart, which are extraordinarily strong in this personal chart. Connection of Moon to the condition of sade sati at inauguration is the connection of Trump to durance vile, the suffering of the mind of the masses and what their experience is. Trump as leader will indicate that citizens take personal responsibility for their situation and manage their thoughts and create prosperity and abundance instead of wallowing in misery. Misery there is now (sade sati tells this) but the misery does not have to stay. Ketu with Trump’s moon will push the leader into telling the masses they are responsible for their own choices, and their thoughts. They may create a better reality.



The Sun of the inauguration chart is in the 10th house, aspected by the 10th Lord who is in the 8th house. In Trump’s chart, the ascendant lord (Sun) is conjunct Rahu in the 10th house. The USA entered the Mahadasha (ruling period of a planet) of the shadow planet Rahu as of September last year, while 10th lord Mercury is conjunct Rahu in the 8th house. This all confirms the role of Rahu in giving the USA the leader it is destined to have for the next 4 years. In the great success chart (D10) the Sun is conjunct Mars and Rahu in the 2nd house, giving indication to the subtle situations where Rahu is a help rather than an hindrance in the following fields of activity for the nation: negotiations and relations with other trading nations, the stock exchange, the treasury, and international trade itself. Trump has almost the same situation in his own D10 chart with Sun and Rahu with ascendant. Parashara does tell – as does BV Raman – that in such situations, Rahu may give elevation to the person rather than ambition which destroys itself, as Shakespeare has Macbeth remark upon.

Mercury in the inauguration chart is in parivarthana with Jupiter – that is – exchange of Lordship of a sign. Mercury becomes temporary ruler of Sagittarius whilst Jupiter takes lordship of Virgo. Many take Mercury as a guru and giver of intelligence, dhi. Not so, the native’s intelligence is a function of the atmakaraka (soul principle) relation to mind management (Saturn) and the state of the Moon – the presiding deity of the mind. Mercury is 3rd and 6th Lord in the 9th house, which says something about resistance to disease and epidemics (very little in this case). The divisional charts show Mercury as Lord of the 9th House and Lord 12th House in three divisions (D9, D10, D45), and the same occurs twice in Trump’s divisions (D10, D45). The indications are that matters of the 9th and 12th houses will require attention during the term of the Trump Presidency. For the 9th house, the significations are the judicial system, endowments, science, import-export, foreign missions and diplomats are coming up for concern for the nation. Trump has Mercury in the 11th house, Gemini, the house of income, gains and future plans. Expect Trump to make very quick decisions with regard to matters pertaining to the 9th house. Crimes and criminal investigation are reposed in the 12th house and it is interesting that Trump was very quick off the mark (with Mercury speed) visiting the CIA on inauguration day and reassuring them he “has their back”.



We note the Ascendant is in Aries with the Ascendant Lord Mars in the 12th House. There are no planets conjunct the Ascendant, and it is aspected by Moon and Rahu. Clear sign that the Rahu mahadasha will continue to have influence in the public domain affecting condition of the country, law and order generally and the public mind (influence of Moon). There will be suspicion of lies, manipulation, smoke and mirrors. Fake news will continue to be hounded, as will the works and presence of spies – both nationally and industrial spying. Due this internal fragmentation, the reputation of the country may well take a nose dive. Trump has his ascendant and Mars over the inauguration Rahu in the 5th house, supposedly the house of intelligence and clever thinking. Trump’s Mars in Leo will continue to drive confrontation – sparking ugly, fire-fuelled confrontations with mass media and steer the direction of the mass media away from the public domain’s unhealthy obsessions with suspicion of lies, manipulation, smoke and mirrors along with fake news. Trump has assailed the media about fake news and will continue until he gets the message he wants out there, clearly.

The myth and legend of Rahu has the demon Swabharnu present at the churning of the ocean, where from came many gifts; the last was the pot of amrit, the nectar of immortality. The demons stole this nectar and agreed to share with the gods. Rahu left the demons and attempted to obtain the nectar by way of trickery. The Sun and Moon told Lord Vishnu, the head was separated from the body. This is literally, a separation of head and heart. This is the main illness of modern life, reflected in the Mahadasha of the United States under the Trump presidency. It is not without coincidence that Trump brings a young family with him into the White House and gives them tasks, indication not of simony but rather, example of the connection of head and heart. A leader has to lead by example.


 Trump uses hand mudras while he is speaking suggesting the presence of a divine oversight with him.



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